Are These Range Hoods Made in the USA? (13 Brands Checked!)

Where Range Hoods are From

Range hoods in the USA are one of the budding markets. 

Their history dates to the 1890s, when most kitchens in Europe carried these beautiful accessories. At the time, blowers were unavailable, and the need for good ventilation in the kitchen was developing. 

As today’s kitchen is now being taken as the room where food is prepared and eaten, the heat for preparation became a cause for concern. 

Smokes, lack of gas ranges, and most food cooked with wood necessitated revamping ventilation in the kitchen.

In many states in the United States, owning and installing a hood range in the kitchen is a legal requirement. Since then, the market for this vital equipment has significantly increased, with the US market size estimated at a whopping 4.45 billion in 2020. 

Industry-leading range hoods like Ancona, Broan, Cavaliere, Hauslane, Proline, Winflo, are manufactured in the USA. Other household names like Cosmo, Elica, Vissani are made in China. Zephyr is made in Italy, and Victory range are made in Canada.

There are many brands for the range hoods in the US, but these brands we’re about to discuss are among the top-rated range hoods in the US. 

Read on to get details on where they were made and their history.

Where are Ancona Range Hoods Made?

Ancona range hoods are among the highest-rated hoods in the United States. 

The company has been producing quality home appliances for 30 years, and their range hoods carry their signature mark. 

These range hoods are produced in the United Kingdom from the design to the final packaging of the product. 

Ancona Range hoods are a trademark of AMS Inc. The company makes the product and transports it through its extensive distribution network in North America, Asia, and Europe.

The range hoods manufactured come in different finishes, designs, and specifications. 

It is a famous brand known for quality after-sales services with many advisors who help you pick the right Range Hood for your home. 

Where are Broan Range Hoods Made?

Broan Range Hoods provide just the right amount of satisfaction to grace this list. 

The company is involved in the Island Mount and Under Cabinet Range Hoods production. 

Broan Range Hoods are known for high quality, easy to install durable products. 

The business sprang up in 1932 by Henry Broan. 

The range hoods are produced in different locations, including Wisconsin, California, Canada, Ohio, China, Chile, and Mexico. 

Their range hoods stretch from Downdraft, Wall-mounted, Built-in, Island, Outdoor, Under-cabinet, and Professional style. 

Many of their hoods come with intelligent features, including noise reduction and good light bulbs.

Where are Cavaliere Range Hoods Made?

The Cavaliere Range Hoods are made in the United States. 

The hood offers stylish designs, with attention to details and features usually found in expensive Range Hoods.

Something about the brand says it’s trustworthy, and we like to think this is the case. 

The prices are affordable, and we think it’s because the company has been around for 13 years, offering modern features. 

Some of the other features are dimmable lighting, and it can fit up to 9 ft ceilings. 

Where are Cosmo Range Hoods Made?

Cosmo Range Hoods are another brand that is steadily taking over the market. 

They are produced in China with durable materials, high power, and stability. The company has its headquarters in California, where it markets its range hoods to the American market. 

The company was started to produce budget-friendly range hoods for customers. 

The materials for production are sourced from different parts of the world and assembled in China. They are shipped to the United States. 

The Range Hoods are produced at acceptable standards for people on a budget but still want a stylish Range Hood.

Where are Elica Range Hoods Made?

Elica Range Hoods are produced at different locations. 

The company has different manufacturing plants in seven different factories in the following locations: Mexico, Italy, Poland, China, and India. 

A good percentage of the range hoods are produced in their factory in Mexico. 

The company was founded in ErmannoCasoli in 1970. It was passed to his wife after dying of a heart attack and later to his son. 

The company brought a new style in 2004 with the introduction of OM hood. In 2018, 33% of the company was sold to Whirlpool of India.

Where are Hauslane Range Hoods Manufactured?

Hauslane range hoods are designed in San Francisco. The materials are sourced from different locations, and the hoods are manufactured in China. 

The company produces sleek, powerful designer Range Hoods that are perfect for kitchens. 

The company was started in 2018 and produces different specifications of between 30-inch and 36-inch configurations. 

All their hoods are designed with a three-way unique venting system to fit in different ducts and are highly affordable.

Where are Kobe Range Hoods Made?

Kobe Range Hoods are made in Japan by Tosho & Company, the parent corporation to Kobe Range hoods. 

After the Hoods are made, they are transported down to the Kobe headquarters in Arcadia, California, distributed to the US markets. 

The Kobe company was founded in 1998 and delivered high-grade Range Hoods to the market. 

Its parent company has over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing home appliances that match specifications in Japan and other parts of the world. 

Their product is energy-saving and runs with low noise.

Where are Proline Range Hoods Manufactured?

Proline range hoods are manufactured with high class in the USA, specifically Salt Lake City (two different factory sites). 

The brand produces portable products, which can be easily fitted into the kitchen. The specifications are also excellent for the price attached. 

The product is also noiseless with a 1.2-7 sones sound level and is highly efficient.

The company was started on July 13, 2009, by Mark Zuro and was registered with the National Kitchen and Bath Association in September of the same year. 

Their Range Hoods are designed to be mounted over barbecue grills or kitchen stoves.

Where are Victory Range Hoods Made?

Victory Range Hoods are manufactured and packaged in Canada. 

The company’s range hoods are produced with a 5-year warranty, which I think is one of their selling points. 

The company was started in 2007 by Vlad Tanushev, who is currently the president and CEO in Vancouver, Canada. 

Victory boasts ample warehouse storage space of over 25,000 square feet in Port Coquitlam, BC, where they store their range hoods. 

They have an extensive distribution network that transports the hoods throughout North America. It is also registered in Canada and the United States.

Where are Vissani Range Hoods Made?

Vissani Range Hoods are manufactured and assembled in China. 

The company produces different hoods, including kitchen wall mount, wall mount, San Diego, and Cape Town range hoods.

They supply different parts of the world, including America, Europe, Finland, Hamburg, Cairo, Australia, and Kazakhstan. 

Asides from the production and sale of range hoods, the company also functions as an agent in China for customers to different products.

Where are Winflo Range Hoods Made?

Winflo Range hoods are produced in Bartlett, west of Chicago. 

They are produced by Winslyn Industries, a well-known manufacturer in the United States. 

The company was started in 2016, focusing on producing and supplying high-quality, customizable kitchen products, including Range Hoods. 

The industry is built on an expandable 32,000 square foot factory in Bartlett. 

In 2020, the industry relocated to Batavia to a new 150,838 square foot facility.

Where is Zephyr Range Hoods made? 

Zephyr range hoods are manufactured at two different locations, one in Taiwan and in Italy, with a majority produced in Italy. 

Their products have a good performance, high value, and are durable. 

The company was launched in 1997 by Alex Snow to produce function and style in one product.  

With the features attached, their products are a bit pricey. Zephyr boasts of a 7,000 square feet showroom in San Francisco. 

From 2008 to 2017, Zephyr had been involved in a series of expansions. 

First, it introduced Robert Brunner, founder of Ammunition Design Group. It also releases some fire collections to improve efficiency in its Range hoods.

Where are Zline Range Hoods Made?

Zline Range Hoods are manufactured in China, with some parts assembled from different locations, including the US, Germany, and Italy. 

However, the Hoods are designed in the USA. The finished products are sent off from their different warehouses in Ohio, Tennessee, and Nevada. 

The Zline company was founded by Andy Zuro as a family business in 2005. 

The company was the first to manufacture wooden and copper designs on its hood products, allowing next-day delivery.


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