Are Proline Range Hoods Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Proline Range Hoods

Keeping your kitchen free of grease and smoke is way easier with range hoods. These optimized kitchen appliances keep your space cleaner and fresher. Proline range hoods count among the most popular range hoods in the market today. But aside from their popularity, are they really worth your hard-earned dollars?

Proline range hoods are efficient and durable, thanks to this manufacturer deploying professional-grade 304 stainless steel and 430 stainless steel in their hood construction. Being portable, they easily fit into your kitchen space. The ventilation model is impressive, the same as the filters and noise level. However, for all this wealth of functionalities, proline range hoods are relatively expensive and among the high-end range hoods in today’s market. 

Where are Proline range hoods produced?

Proline has established its reputation as one of the leading American-made range hoods. The manufacturer has an operational facility situated in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

For the last decade and a half, Proline has run its design, manufacturing, and distribution from the United States.

Are Proline range hoods efficient?

Proline range hoods stand out for their energy efficiency, with good extraction rates and a range of speeds that allow you better optimized your energy consumption. 

The charcoal and baffle filters Proline commonly deploys are highly efficient. They excel at trapping moisture, grease, and otherwise dangerous substances, disposing of them outside. 

Are Proline range hoods noisy?

If you have been around noisy and rattling range hoods, then you would better appreciate the noiselessness of Proline range hoods. 

These hoods typically come within the sound level of 1.2-7 sones. The Proline PLJW 129 Professional Wall Range Hood is one of the relatively loudest we have come across within the Proline range, with a sound level of 7 sones. 

This is not too outrageous, given that this specific range hood is optimized for professional use. For context, 7 sones is more like the sound of light traffic.  

Which CFM range do Proline Range Hoods have?

Proline is one of the range hood manufacturers that put substantial emphasis on the ventilation capacity of their products. This explains why Proline range hoods come in an admirable CFM (cubic feet of air moved per minute) spectrum of 400 CFM-2000CFM.

Depending on the range hood type, Proline models optimized for domestic or family use typically come around 600CFM, with the professional models averagely furnished with around 900-1200CFM. 

Which installation type do Proline range hoods have?

Most range hood manufacturers produce either plugged-in or hardwired range hoods. All Proline range hoods deploy three-prong plugs, except the Proline PLJL Hurricane.

The Hurricane insert is provided with a power cord fixed to the hood. This model has no plug and is typically supplied cut for ready hardwiring.

Take note that all Proline plug-in range hoods can be converted into hardwired system systems if you choose to.

Are Proline Range Hoods cheap?

The truth is Proline range hoods are not the cheapest in the market. Depending on the type and the level of sophistication you want, Proline range hoods come within a cost spectrum of $150-$800. 

While this is the average, some special Proline models come just short of $2,000. The Proline 42″ PLJW 109 wall range hood is one of the most expensive we have seen, commanding a steep price of $1,890-$2,200. 

But then it is easy to forgive the steep price when you consider that this range hood is outfitted with an exquisite 2000 CFM dual blower and comes with professional-grade steel, 20w Halogen lights, with the model being convertible to a recirculating and ductless ventilation system.

However, it is comforting to know that you are not paying unnecessary middleman commissions when you pay for Proline range hoods. Unlike some manufacturers we know who sell through profit-obsessed distributors, Proline sells directly to you. Some of this comes at impressive price discounts.

How long before Proline ships your range hood to you?

Proline range hoods are produced and distributed from their Salk Lake facility in Utah. For buyers within the United States, you can generally expect your range hood shipped within 24 hours. 

This shipping timeline is typical when you place your orders between Monday-Friday. 

What are Proline’s payback and return policy?

It is not uncommon among range hoods to be delivered defective or not to the specifications you requested. Proline’s policy covers free return within the first 14 days after the product is returned in such scenarios.

Within this window, Proline expects you to examine your range hood rigorously. If after these 14 days, you don’t initiate a return, Proline will request you to pay a 20% slice out of the cost to be expended on return shipping and restocking. 

What type of warranty does Proline provide?

For every home appliance you buy, warranties are a core part of their reliability as it shows the level of confidence the manufacturer has in its products.

Proline offers an attractive 3-year limited warranty on all their range hoods. For the first 12 months of purchase, this warranty covers both labor and parts. However, anywhere after the first year to the third year, the warranty only covers replacement parts.

Aside from this limited warranty provision, Proline also offers a 3-year component warranty. This protects the hood components (especially the electrical ones) from material defects or workmanship shortcomings. Take note that Proline’s component warranty does not cover replacement service items.

Best Proline Range Hoods

For a manufacturer like Proline who has been in the business of range hoods for so long, it is easy to be inundated by the number of models they have in the market. 

Therefore, we decided to make your selection process easier by selecting the best Proline range hoods we have seen so far.

PROLINE PLFW 520 Range Hood

In our perspective, this is the best Proline range hood you can go for if you are on a strict budget. This hood is furnished with a breathtaking LED display that simplifies the otherwise rigorous process of controlling the hood. 

This is thanks to its supply of two brilliant LED lights, whose energy efficiency impressed us as well. This hood comes with up to six-speed settings. 

This range hood is optimized for energy saving, with a 110v-60hz power operating the facility. It is impressive how this hood – which boasts an airflow as high as 600CFM – could have such noiseless performance. 

This hood’s sound levels are tucked between 1.2-5.3 Sones. Note that depending on your size, some PLFW 520 models can deliver output as high as 1100CFM.

But that is not all the PLFW 520 has to offer. We can’t ignore the auto-shutoff functionality that comes with this hood. This contributes significantly to the energy efficiency and safety of this device.


It is lightweight and yet durable

Amazing LED display

Easy maintenance


The attaching crews need to be improved.

Shaped like a honeycomb and can’t be mounted on a wall.

Proline PLJW 185 Range Hood

The Proline PLJW 185 is arguably the best hood you can get among Proline offerings if you are not on a budget.  

It is portable, coming at a comfortable height of 5 inches and sides of 30″ and 36″ respectively. For durability, you get a robust stainless-steel frame that is incredibly resistant to corrosion, even in the long term.

This hood is outfitted with an airflow capacity of 600CFM, with remarkable ventilation capacities when it comes to sucking in all that grease, chemical, and toxicity emanating from fume and smoke. 

Additionally, this range hood adds this luminous splendor to your cooking space, fitted with two 1.5 W lights.

Is it loud? Not at all. We are in awe of how Proline manages to make such a powerful blower (with four-speed settings) with a comfortable sound level of 5 Sones. Even when we ran this hood at its highest speed, the sound wasn’t that rattling or unsettling.


It is really quiet for a hood of its speed

Cleans kitchen with ease

Programmable timer setting

It can be used under the cabinet or mounted on the wall


Quite challenging to sustain peak airflow

Proline PLJW 129 Professional Wall Range Hood

While the previous two range hoods we have mentioned are best for domestic usage, the Proline PLJW 129 is the best Proline hood we have seen for professional use.

With an airflow rate of 900-1200CFM, you agree this guy struts a lot of power. Even with such a powerful motor, this range hood is not noisy. We find its sound levels of 1.3-7 Sones not too discomfiting.

We also admire the lighting, with this range hood being decked with energy-efficient LED lights that illuminate your space even with your typical utility lights turned off. 

We can’t ignore the time-delay electronic touch functionality this PLJW 129 boasts. It made using the hood remarkably easy. 

Also, this range hood lavishes your cooking space with elegance, thanks to its lovely 430 Stainless Steel finish.


Good on the eyes and durable

Impressive airflow rate

Stress-free maintenance 

Reduced blowing out

Easy installation


Not lightweight