4 Problems with Parsun Outboards (& How to Fix)

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When you’re on the ocean, you want an outboard engine you can depend on. Outboards represent an upgrade as they can provide you with the needed speed without affecting the weight and speed of your boat. 

Parsun has become quite popular in the US market, competing with the most prominent brands like Yamaha and Suzuki, with a promise to deliver the same performance for a fraction of the price. Yet, users faced problems with their Parsun engines, so consider these before buying one. 

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1 – Overheating

Having an overheated outboard is every boater’s nightmare. You have to stop your boat immediately and find the root cause of the problem to have it fixed. 

People who bought Parsun’s outboards reported some overheating issues. Although your engine might overheat in hot weather, this is usually a sign of a failed cooling system. 

Every outboard engine has an internal cooling system that keeps the parts in perfect shape. Like most outboards, this one has an open-loop cooling system, which sucks the water and pumps it up to circulate through the internal parts. 

The cooling system might malfunction if it’s clogged. Typically, a filter catches debris before injecting the water into the system. When the filter is unclean or broken, it won’t be able to do this job. The accumulation of weeds and plastic bags around the water intake can also affect how the system functions. 

Your outboard might overheat because of a broken impeller, a small part inside the pump feeding the engine water. As it spins, it sends the cool water to the engine. Over time, the rubber will degrade, so your cooling system might not work correctly. 

Finally, an old or broken belt may cause this problem as well. You might also hear some noise while your engine is running. 

2 – Service

You can keep your outboard in the best shape by maintaining it once a year. Ideally, it would help if you did this before summer, before everyone gets busy trying to maintain theirs, to avoid delays. 

Unfortunately, this can be a problem if you choose to buy a Parsun. Compared to other brands, a few dealers offer to service this engine. So, you need the knowledge to do this on your own to have your engine serviced to be back in the water on time. 

3 – Internal Parts

There’s some controversy regarding this issue. Some boaters believe that Parsun’s internal parts are similar to Yamaha’s, but they come at a fraction of the price. Others think that there’s a difference in the quality. 

They believe that the parts aren’t that reliable at all. So, although you pay less for the engine, you’ll buy another one. 

Moreover, some people need help to maintain spare parts. They are either unavailable, so they struggle to find them. According to Parsun’s website, only two certified dealerships exist in North America. 

4 – Warranty

Parsun outboards are manufactured in China, and they come with a warranty. But you should read the warranty terms carefully to understand how you’re covered. 

Typically, the brand offers a 3-year factory limited warranty. This will protect you against defective parts and poor craft. But you might need more than this to have you covered. It’s less than what you get if you choose to buy a Suzuki outboard

How to Fix Parsun Outboard Problems?

Parsun Outboards might appeal to various users, especially those who find other brands too expensive. So, if you have your heart set on this brand, you can do the following to overcome its most common problems. 

Fixing Overheating Issue

The first thing to do when your outboard starts overheating is to shut it off. You don’t want to run an overheated engine because it will burn. 

This problem isn’t exclusive to Parsun’s outboards. Any outboard engine might be overheated if the cooling system fails. A lot can go on to make a cooling system fail, but this problem is relatively easy to fix. 

The water filter is the culprit. So, you can uninstall it, clean it, and then reinstall it. 

If it’s broken, you’ll have to replace it to guarantee that the debris won’t get sucked on by the cooling system. 

You should also clean the system of weeds and plastic bags that might obstruct its function. 

If the system isn’t functioning because of faulty parts, you must replace them. Over time, the rubber wears, and the impeller and belt won’t be able to do their jobs properly. This shouldn’t be a big issue. 

Handling Service Issues

The lack of authorized dealerships is a big concern for people who buy Parsun’s outboards in the US. However, if you live elsewhere, you might find authorized dealerships close to where you live. 

If you live in the US, this might be a problem. Yet, most people will take their outboards to service centers where they can find someone who can service their Parsun outboard. The company expanded its production capacity up to 100,000 units in 2014, so you’ll likely find a lot of fellow Parsun owners in your area. 

Getting Internal Parts

Due to the increase in popularity of Parsun outboards, this is no longer a big issue for most boaters. Yet, you might still face some difficulty finding internal parts if you need a replacement. 

So, you can overcome this problem by replacing parts from another brand. For example, if you want to replace your impeller, you need to choose a compatible model. In most cases, your outboard will be fine. 

Fixing Warranty Issues

There’s nothing to do after you’ve already bought your Parsun outboard. This means that you’ve already agreed to the terms and conditions of the warranty. 

If this is a significant issue, you can always switch to another brand offering better warranty terms. 

Are Parsun’s Outboards Worth Buying?

A lot of boaters swear by Parsun’s outboards. They’re reliable, lightweight, and affordable compared to other brands. 

If you’re on a tight budget and need a lightweight outboard engine that won’t affect your boat’s speed, choosing a model this brand offers will be your best bet. 

Yet, there are some issues that you need to take into consideration before deciding on buying an outboard from Parsun. The overheating problem is the main issue that users reported. Still, cleaning the cooling system and replacing the faulty parts will work. 

You’ll be stuck with yours unless you can access a reliable service center for your Parsun outboard engine. 

Finding an authorized dealership is a big issue in the US, so you should have access to other service options. 

Wrap Up

Parsun outboards are becoming more popular because they’re lightweight and affordable. Yet, users might be skeptical about buying this brand because of the need for authorized dealerships and the limited warranty. Moreover, overheating issues have been previously reported. 

The truth is that overheating isn’t exclusive to Parsun outboards. Cleaning your engine’s cooling system can quickly solve this problem. Yet, suppose you have no access to a reliable service center to maintain your outboard, you’ll have a problem keeping your engine in shape.