8 Common Problems With Logik Fridge Freezers (Must-Read)

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A Logik fridge freezer is one appliance that isn’t well appreciated until it isn’t working right. And even though there are challenges that your fridge will encounter, there are equally fixes that will get it back to full functionality. 

Some of the common problems associated with Logik fridge freezers include extreme fluctuations in temperature whereby the fridge gets too warm or too cold, the compressor motor operating continuously, and water accumulating in the fridge base. 

Here, we’ll explore some common problems associated with Logik freezers and how to solve them. 

How A Fridge Freezer Work

To get a clear perspective of where things may go wrong for a Logik fridge freezer, it is in everyone’s best interest that we get a brief understanding of the working of a fridge freezer.

“Essentially, a fridge freezer functions by changing its refrigerant from liquid to gas continuously and then condensing it to liquid. “

The refrigerant begins in the unit as gas which is then forced out of the compressor via condenser coils to cool and turn into liquid. It’s then pumped via a capillary to remove contaminants or moisture before going to the unit’s evaporator coils. 

Immediately it gets to your unit’s evaporator coils, it’ll expand and turn back to its gaseous state. In the process, it draws heat from the surroundings and hence cools the things in the fridge freezer. 

The gas will go back to the compressor, and the process repeats. 

For your fridge freezer to operate effectively, do the following three things:

  • Clean the fridge freezer’s condenser coils: With time, dust, debris, and lint from the kitchen might accumulate on your unit’s condenser coils. You just need to take a brush and remove the dust.
  • Set your unit’s temperature to the required level: You need to be sure not to over or undercool the items inside. Undercooling causes food to spoil, while overcooling might lead to the fridge freezer overworking. 
  • Remember to set your fridge temperature to 36-42 degrees Fahrenheit while the freezer to 4-5 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Ensure that the unit is 2/3-full. Everything in the unit acts as thermal batteries, thus reducing its workload. 

Logik Fridge Freezer Problems

Now that we understand how a fridge freezer operates, we can consider some problems it might encounter. Below are the common fridge freezer problems

Fridge Freezer Too Warm or Too Cold

There are various reasons why your fridge freezer is too warm or too cold. First, it might be due to the thermostat being covered or blocked. In such a situation, you should examine the thermostat’s accuracy. 

The unit might also be experiencing a frost build-up. There are also some instances where the door seal might be ineffective. When this happens, you can replace or clean the door gasket. 

A faulty thermostat might also cause the unit to be too warm or too cold. Replacing the thermostat or contacting a qualified technician can help you solve the challenge. 

Logik Fridge Freezer Not Cooling with interior Light Off

Here is another common challenge that you might experience in your fridge freezer unit. The main cause of this problem is a faulty power supply. Here, you need to check the plug fuse, mains lead, and the wiring inside for faults. 

The problem could also emanate from a faulty mains power supply. You can check with another fully-functioning appliance to identify whether this is the problem. 

Logik Fridge Freezer Not Working with Light On

Your unit might fail to work, yet the light is on. In this case, the thermostat might be off or set to ‘defrost.’ You’ll therefore have to adjust it to normal settings. 

You could also experience this problem due to a faulty compressor or thermostat. The solution is to replace the compressor or thermostat. If possible, contact a qualified technician to help you out.

Light Isn’t Working

The problem here could be a blown fridge freezer bulb. You need to take immediate action and replace the light bulb with the correct type. 

It could also be due to a faulty door switch. If it’s the case, you must clean the dirt around the switch or replace it entirely. 

Compressor Motor Operating Continuously

There are times you might find the compressor motor operating continuously. It could be due to a faulty compressor, loss of refrigerant, or a faulty thermostat. 

The solution is to replace any faulty thermostat or compressor. You can contact a qualified technician to help you out where possible. 

The Freezer Requiring Defrosting Always

Here is another challenge that might affect the operation of your Logik fridge freezer. The main cause of this problem is a faulty door seal. To correct the issue, you need to replace the door gasket or clean it well. 

Water Accumulating In The Fridge Freezer’s Base

The problem is mainly caused by a blocked drain tube. You need to remove the debris using a bent coat-hanger while ensuring that you don’t puncture the tube. 

The drainer tube is a rubber cylinder located in the back wall of your fridge compartment. 

Fridge Freezer Producing A Noise When Clicking Off

The main cause of this problem is a faulty compressor. It might be loose, thus banging against the unit’s side.  

You’ll have to disconnect the unit from the mains supply and tighten the mounting screws and bolts. If this happens to be challenging for you, I’d recommend you inquire from a relevant licensed professional to help you out. 

Maintaining Your Fridge Freezer

A consistently cold fridge freezer is a happy unit. Below are maintenance approaches to keep your unit effective and durable:

  • Review the manual for care and maintenance instructions: The truth is that only a few people open the fridge freezer’s instruction manual, leave alone reading it. However, they don’t know that familiarizing yourself with the unit will help you maintain and fix it effectively. 
  • Check the unit’s thermostat periodically: You should set it at -18 degrees Celsius or zero degrees Fahrenheit for the freezer thermostat to function effectively. If the fridge freezer doesn’t come with a built-in thermostat, you can use a thermostat to check the temperature. 
  • Keep the unit’s interior clean: Here, you can use dish liquid and a damp rag to clean the interior of your fridge freezer. 
  • Check the seal or gasket for wear: The gasket keeps warm air out and the cool air in. If it’s torn or worn, the unit will use more energy to function. 

Fortunately, replacing the gasket is easy and inexpensive.


Like other appliances in your home, the better you keep and maintain your Logik fridge freezer, the better it’ll serve you. 

You should therefore note some of the above problems and fix them immediately they occur. However, switch off and disconnect the fridge freezer from the mains for safety purposes before starting any repairs. 

You should contact a professional technician to help you with problems you can’t fix.