Are Clearwater Boats Any Good? 4 Helpful Tips For Buying a Boat!

Clearwater Boats Any Good

Buying a boat is an exciting yet daunting task. You have to find the right balance between affordability and safety.

Clearwater may have caught your attention as you’re researching boat brands for its low to mid-ranged offers.

So, are Clearwater boats any good? What should you look out for when selecting a model?

Read on for my top tips on buying your dream boat!

Clearwater Boats Overview

Clearwater is a family-owned boat manufacturer based in Columbus, Georgia. It says skilled builders with decades of experience make all of the boats. The company offers various layouts with comfort and functionality in mind.

You can fit your family into a Clearwater boat for a day of sea adventure or even use it during a fishing tournament.

According to Yacht and Boat, Clearwater launched its 1900 CC model at the Melbourne Boat Show in 2006. Fishermen and boat enthusiasts immediately loved it, and the company sales shot up!

Today, Clearwater has six boat models in different price ranges from which you can choose.

Clearwater Boats Highlights

Here are some of the features of the Clearwater boats I liked!

It’s Great for Fishing

Clearwater boats are perfect for people who are into fishing tournaments. They come with under-gunnel rod storage and plenty of foredeck storage for fishing gear.

Its 2500 CC model has two live wells for storing bait and any fish you catch. Meanwhile, the 2000 CC has a fishing platform you can use as a comfortable perch.

Clearwater also has the 2300 CC tournament boat if you want more stability. It has a 9 ½ ft beam you can use as walking space. Additionally, it has a double-powered engine so that you can get to the best spots ahead of your competition!

Clearwater Has Affordable Options

According to Bankrate, the average cost of a regular boat can cost up to $75,000. Clearwater offers models that are well below this price.

In particular, the 1900 CC costs around $32,755. It has the following specs.

Length 18 feet and 6 inches
Seating capacity5
Beam7 feet and 9 inches
Weight1620 lbs
Fuel Capacity41 gal
Maximum horsepower150

The 1900 CC includes full foam floatation and a modern instrumentation panel. The hardware is all stainless steel to prevent rust, and there’s an automatic bilge pump!

Overall, this Clearwater boat offers value for money.

The Boats Don’t Feel Bumpy

Riding in a Clearwater boat feels smooth and cuts through the water well. It doesn’t bounce around, which means that handling it is easy.

Plus, water rarely gets into the boat, but when it does, you can stay safe with its non-skid cockpit and self-bailing deck. Even the bimini tops have water-repellent fabric, so any liquid rolls right off.

Because of these, you can enjoy a bump-free boat ride, and you don’t have to worry about slipping!

The Downside of Clearwater Boats

Clearwater has 4.4 out of 5-star reviews on its Facebook page. However, there are a few complaints from customers.

Damaged Hulls

Some customers say the hulls on Clearwater boats are too thin compared to other brands. Sadly, cracks sometimes appear on the hull and T-top.

Another customer complained the lamination on his hull started peeling, and the finish wasn’t smooth.

Poor Customer Service

Two reviewers said Clearwater needs to be more responsive when handling issues and insurance claims.

Some recounted how their calls got ignored.

To add to this, the repair service takes a long time. One customer wrote that his boat has been under repair at Clearwater for almost a year!

4 Tips for Buying a Boat

To help you decide if Clearwater boats are any good, here are some of my top tips for boat buying!

Decide on a Boat Type

Before you decide on buying a Clearwater boat, you should figure out what you want to use the boat for.

There are three main types of boats, and each has its advantages.

Clearwater boats are mostly hull boats. These boats are fuel-efficient and comfortable. They provide plenty of storage, so they’re great for fishing trips!

On the other hand, keel-type boats can weave quickly through the water. These are best for people who need to maneuver around obstacles at sea.

Lastly, masts and sails are tall boats you can use for high-speed cruising.

Check for Certifications

Certification is your assurance that a particular boat manufacturer follows standards. It indicates that a boat is safe, and boat-makers can voluntarily apply for it.

Unfortunately, Clearwater isn’t a 2024 National Marine Manufacturers Association-certified boat.

Look for a Warranty

Warranties are vital when it comes to buying any expensive vehicle.

The excellent news is Clearwater has a ten-year transferable warranty for its hull! The company will repair any damages to the hull and pay for up to 90% of the cost.

Other boat parts, like the steering, electrical, and fuel mechanisms, get a three-year warranty. Moreover, electrical and upholstery have guarantees for up to one year.

Do a Sea Trial

sea trial means you’ll do a test drive of the boat. This is important since it’ll give you an idea of its maneuverability.

While doing the sea trial, you should do the following:

  • Check the full throttle of the boat and listen for any concerning sounds in the engine.
  • Observe how the boat bounces through rough water.
  • Test all the lights, navigation equipment, pumps, and batteries.
  • Try sitting as a passenger to see if it’s comfortable.
  • Get a professional marine surveyor to inspect the boat for damages.


Are Clearwater boats any good? The short answer is yes, it is! It has a 4.4 out of 5-star user rating, and many are happy with its value for money.

Clearwater boats are perfect for fishing and family trips because of their vast storage and stability. It also has warranties for its parts.

However, there are instances where the hull gets damaged, and customer service is non-responsive. It’s also absent from NMMA’s list of certified boats.

The best tip I can give you is to do thorough research and sea trials before you decide on buying a Clearwater boat!