Why Is Bernhardt Furniture Expensive? (Explained)

Why Bernhardt Furniture Expensive

Bernhardt Furniture has become a household name in the furniture market because of its unique designs and style. 

However, furniture pieces from the brand are usually on the higher end of the price spectrum. 

But exactly why is Bernhardt furniture expensive?

The construction materials, first-rate workmanship, and high-quality products make most of the brand’s furniture pieces rather expensive.

In addition to highlighting the price range of Bernhardt furniture, this article provides insight on how to get the best deal on your next purchase. 

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Why You Should Consider Bernhardt Furniture

Bernhardt has consistently delivered high-quality products to customers, and they have kept the standard for over a century. 

Building on over 132 years of experience in the industry, Bernhardt owns some of the most exotic pieces of furniture on the market today. 

Buying a piece of furniture is not based on brand and function alone. Instead, buying decisions are often based on some other factors, including price, design, style, and durability. 

Even though trends influence furniture purchase decisions, price still ranks highest as the factor influencing buying decisions the most. 

The price question is common to most first-time buyers of Bernhardt products. However, below is a detailed overview of the prices of Bernhardt furniture. 

Are Bernhardt Furniture Pieces More Expensive than Other Brands?

Compared to brands like Hickory, Century, or Taylor King, the price of Bernhardt furniture is on the high side. 

But, Bernhardt justifies its prices by working exquisite craftsmanship into its furniture. This drives up the resale value. 

The high standard and style of Bernhardt furniture justify the high prices of its products. 

Besides design and style, Bernhardt builds most of its furniture to scale. 

The furniture maker has large structures and sizeable frames, which means that a lot of materials went into the fabrication of such furniture. 

Price reports from several retailers show that Bernhardt’s prices for beds and sofas are considerably higher than other brands.   

However, the price is justified by the resale value. Demand for used Bernhardt is always higher than most furniture on the resell market.

How Much Does Bernhardt Furniture Actually Cost?

Bernhardt has a wide range of prices for its products. 

Prices vary according to the design, style, and materials used to fabricate each piece of furniture. 

In recent times the company tends to focus more on modern themes. 

Here are some of the popular price ranges:

  • Bernhardt Silhouette ranges from $300 to $2000 depending on design, function, and location.
  • Bernhardt Bed ranges from $1500 to $3000 depending on the design.
  • Bernhardt sofa ranges from $1500 to $4000.
  • Most of the Asian category of the hutches cost between $1000 and $2000. On the other hand, Bernhardt Asian Banquets are priced from $600 to $1200.
  • The price for Bernhardt mahogany china cabinets can range from $400 to $800. Antique Bernhardt beds can cost anywhere from $300 to $900.

5 Advantages of Bernhardt Furniture


The frames used to produce Bernhardt furniture are usually made of hardwood. 

Each frame is fabricated with perfect joints and exquisite finishing. 

From the inception of the company, one of its core values is to fabricate pieces of furniture that customers would fall in love with and keep for a lifetime. 

History has shown that Bernhardt has stayed true to this value to date. Some furniture pieces made by the company in the 80s are still on sale in the used furniture category.

Interestingly, these pieces are still as good as new and will give many other newer products from other brands a run for their money!

Higher Resell Values 

Bernhardt furniture is one of the most demanded products in the used furniture market because of the historical nature of the brand. 

Buyers who love and relish antique décor, are constantly looking to buy pieces with classic designs from the brand. 

This makes the pieces good investments for families who constantly relocate.

It is usually easy to find someone to buy off the pieces of furniture at a great price when it is time to relocate.

Style and Standard

The design of Bernhardt furniture is inspired by French and Italian motifs. 

The shapes and finishing of each piece of furniture stand out compared to others in the same category. 

These unique designs push the prices of Bernhardt to the high end of furniture price point. However, it appeals to people who have a taste for creativity.

Comfortable Experience

The company’s lineup of beds and sofas delivers remarkable levels of comfort.

Each sofa comes packed with well-crafted upholstery. Moreover, Bernhardt has a wide range of fabrics in its collection, giving diversity to the brand’s designs and finishing.

In other words, you are likely to find a fabric that matches your existing interior décor if you choose to go with these elegant pieces.

Solid Build

Unlike some brands with shaky joints, Bernhardt furniture is well known for its solid build and firm structure. 

All the frames are custom-made and built from locally sourced timber. 

This contributes to the durability of the brand’s furniture. Of course, this also justifies the higher price.

What are the Cheapest Bernhardt Furniture Categories?

No doubt, this furniture maker is a major force to reckon with when it comes to making some of the most exquisite pieces. 

However, it also means that most of the brand’s furniture pieces fall on the high side of the furniture price point. 

If you are looking for lower-priced furniture, it is usually a good idea to opt for the used furniture categories. 

However, some interior pieces from the manufacturer are priced at a cheaper range compared to a few other brands.

Here is a small list of some of the cheapest Bernhardt products available:

  • Tyler Metal Drink Table comes in below $1000
  • Romy Swivel Chair Bernhardt Interiors is offered below $1500
  • Silhouette King Panel Bed Bernhardt Furniture is priced below $2500
  • Silhouette Tall Drawer Chest is below $2000
  • Silhouette Arm Chair Furniture priced below $1000

It is not out of place to find several other Bernhardt furniture products priced considerably below the $1000 mark. 

That’s a huge relief since it means that more people can access these high-quality products.

Generally, though, the more functional a piece of furniture is, the higher its price.

What is the Best Bernhardt Furniture for Your Money?

Your choice of Bernhardt furniture should be informed by the purpose of the furniture. It is best to go for a piece based on quality rather than price.

In other words, do not let the rather high price discourage you from choosing a good quality product. 

If you can afford it, always opt for the best pieces of furniture.

The Silhouette Bernhardt furniture products are some of the best designs on the market. Plus, they also come in a wide range of prices. 

But if you are more particular about aesthetics, you can go for the metal furniture by Bernhardt. 

Some of the manufacturer’s tables are excellently designed to communicate antique themes.

4 Tips on How to Save Money and Get the Best Deal When Buying Bernhardt Furniture

The ideas below will show you how to get the best price on your furniture purchase. These points would help you buy durable furniture and save money in the long run.

Get the Opinions of Previous Buyers

Bernhardt constantly updates its designs and products to keep up with changing tastes of consumers. 

Before you buy any product, it is usually best to ask someone who already bought the exact or similar product. 

This will help you know if it is actually worth the price. 

It will also give you insight into the possible issues that may arise from using the furniture as well as how to tackle them or avoid them if possible.

Opt for 100% Fabric

If you plan to own your piece of furniture for longer than 7 years, it is a good idea to opt for fabric upholstery instead of leather. 

Leather upholstery peels off with time but fabric withstands pressure and can take a ton of punishment over time.

Also, it is usually a good idea to go for fabric upholstery if you have younger children. 

Trying to prevent little kids from damaging your expensive leather upholstery is nearly impossible.

Avoid a Combination of Fabrics

Combined fabric tends to pull apart when used as upholstery for sofas. 

If you plan to buy a sofa, consider making a detailed inquiry to know the type of fabric used to make the sofa.

Compare Prices

Prices vary from one location to another. Do your research before buying your furniture. 

Get input from up to three or four locations before you make your buying decision. You can also conduct online price research.

Wrapping Up

Even though the prices of Bernhardt furniture are typically on the high side, the value offered in the long run justifies the price. 

Thankfully, there are several categories of Bernhardt furniture that are still affordable. 

Besides, first-time buyers can opt for simple designs to test the quality of the product.


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