Is Taylor King Furniture Good Quality? (Complete Guide)

Taylor King Furniture Good Quality

Besides the durability of Taylor King furniture, price is another unique factor that differentiates the brand from its competition. 

But is Taylor King furniture good quality?

Yes, the brand makes high-quality furniture in several categories for both homes and offices. Many high ticket office complexes are long-standing patrons of Taylor King furniture. They also have low-end furniture that fits low-budget users.

Keep reading to learn everything you should know about this furniture maker before buying any piece. 

Who Makes Taylor King Furniture?

Taylor king evolved from Taylorsville, a small community in Salt Lake County, Utah. 

The company started as a small family business specialized in the production of furniture for customers in its community.  

The brand was named after the community, Taylorsville, and has been in existence for over 50 years. Its core values are built on quality, strength, and durability. 

The first stream of Taylor King furniture appeared on the market in 1974 and consumers fell in love with the product. 

From inception until now, Taylor King Furniture went from a family-owned company to a nationally recognized brand with visibility in several cities in the United States.

What is Taylor King Furniture Made of?

The types of fabrics and frames used to make the brand’s furniture pieces are one of the factors that set it apart from its many competitors. 

Taylor King pays attention to how a fabric influences the design and its aesthetics in the environment it is meant to fit into. 

There are over 1500 different fabrics in the Taylor King collection, and the wooden frames come in 40 different finishes.

The brand’s pieces are usually a work of art that communicates values and reflects the essence of the creativity behind them. 

Besides the fabrics, the frames used in all the manufacturing processes are fabricated in-house. 

Each frame is produced from locally sourced hardwood to enhance durability and quality.

Taylor King Furniture Categories

Taylor King has about eight different categories in its furniture lineup. Each piece of furniture is designed to satisfy the specific needs of each target customer group. 

In addition, the manufacturer allows customization, where products are custom-made and designed according to customers’ specifications. 

Here are the different furniture categories available from this brand. 

Taylor King Beds

Taylor King has about 23 selections under its bed category. 

Each bed design is identified by a unique name and specific design. A few out of the many bed designs include:

  • Corner Day Bed
  • Journey Wicker Day Bed
  • Riley King Bed
  • Aldrich King bed
  • Hero Queen Bed
  • Hero King Bed
  • Serenity King Bed
  • Serenity Slipcovered Platform King Bed 

The prices of Taylor King beds range from $200 to $1500, so you can find something suitable regardless of your budget.

Taylor King Settees, Chaises, Benches, and Ottomans

If you are looking for a comfortable way to relax indoors or outside your house, Taylor King benches offer great options. 

The brand has quite an impressive list of settees, chaises, benches, and ottomans. With over 40 different designs, it is easy to find something that appeals to your taste and style. 

While nearly all of the designs are great, some of the more attention-grabbing options include:

  • Allen Settee
  • Noble Settee
  • Stone Settee
  • Amanda Chaise
  • Rivard Raf Chaise
  • Briggs Ottoman
  • Adams Ottoman
  • Washington Bench-Carbon
  • Brunswick Bench

The price range for this category varies widely depending on the specific piece of furniture and where you are buying it from. 

But you can find options as low as $150 and as high as $2,200.

Taylor King Chairs

Taylor King has about 261 designs in the chairs category.

That’s quite a lot! 

But it makes sense since the manufacturer targets a wider audience. 

This category has pieces of furniture ranging from Gemma chair-nickel to highly sophisticated designs like Jonesboro chairs. 

Each of the chairs comes with a variation of over 40 finishes. 

The prices range from $300 to $2,500, depending on the design and finishing.

Other categories in the Taylor King furniture include sectionals, stools, and sofas.

What Special Need Does Taylor King Furniture Meet?

Most Taylor King customers buy from the brand for aesthetic values. However, the pieces of furniture are also highly functional. 

The furniture maker has a vast collection of designs that fits every kind of home and office environment. 

So, if beautifying your space with a functional piece of furniture is the primary goal, you’ll most likely find something suitable in the brand’s collection.

The brand draws on over 50 years of experience as a company and has over 100 years of community expertise. 

Little wonder Taylor King crafts some of the best quality and designs of furniture available on the market.

In addition to its high-quality manufacturing prowess, Taylor King Furniture provides on-demand customization services. 

This service allows buyers to own tailor-made products that suit their exact needs. 

One of the noteworthy features of the brand’s frames is their durability. Taylor King frames are made to last for a lifetime. 

In other words, even when the fabric and the cushion of your furniture are old and worn, you can still refurbish the furniture by simply getting new fabrics and cushions.

Also worth mentioning is the brand’s excellent customer service. They also provide consistent training to customers through their media platforms. 

In addition, the manufacturer offers replacement services to customers in need of one.

Pros and Cons of Taylor King Furniture

The number one advantage that Taylor King Furniture offers buyers is variety. 

With several attractive and functional furniture pieces to choose from, you are not limited to a few commonplace designs. 

Besides variety, durability and aesthetics are a big plus with Taylor King Furniture. The brand’s pieces are some of the best you can find anywhere on the market. 

Plus, the finishing is top-notch!

One of the downsides of this manufacturer is that it usually doesn’t make products that go with what is in vogue. 

Taylor King Furniture tends to focus more on creativity than current trends. 

Maintenance is another downside to bear in mind. 

Most of the furniture pieces require special handling and maintenance to keep them in good shape. 

Understandably, this is because of the high quality of fabrics used to make the furniture.

Tips for Buying Taylor King Furniture

Before you buy any piece of furniture, there are a few factors to note. 

With appropriate guidance, you will be able to choose the best Taylor King furniture that fits your environment and meets your needs.

Below are suggestions and tips that would guide you towards making the best purchase decisions. 

Know Your Need

The first thing to bear in mind is to know what you want from the piece of furniture you wish to buy. 

For example, if you want maximum comfort, choose a piece of furniture that serves that purpose instead of prioritizing aesthetics. 

Identify the Positioning 

It is important to note that the beauty of the furniture is enhanced by the space or location it occupies.  

Each subcategory of Taylor King Furniture is designed to blend into a specific environment. 

As you search for the right piece, hold a mental picture of the space you want the furniture to occupy. This will help you make an informed decision about what to pick.

Get Expert Opinion

If you are not very sure of the furniture that will best suit your space, it is usually best to allow an expert to nudge you in the right direction. 

This will save you a lot of time and money. 

Home décor experts usually know the market, design, and interior decoration. Having them by your side would help you make the best choice.

Compare Prices Before You Buy

The prices of Taylor King vary across subcategories. 

Before you purchase the next piece of furniture, look at a few similar products to know if you are opting for the best price in the category. 

Also, if you are buying from dealers, it is usually a good practice to research a couple of dealers to find the best prices.

Final Words

Is Taylor King Furniture good quality? 

Yes, indeed!

From the overview in this guide, it is easy to see why the furniture brand should be on your radar if you want high-quality products.

The incredible comfort that goes into each design is ingenious! 

That’s not too surprising, though, considering the manufacturer has been in the business of making first-rate furniture for over 50 years.

Besides, the vast range of products is highly impressive. In fact, it can be overwhelming sometimes!

This is why the first thing to do before looking at the brand’s offering is to know exactly what your needs are. 


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