Are Parsun Outboards Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

Parsun Outboards Any Good

I’ve used my 15hp Parsun outboard motor on my aluminum fishing boat for three years. I mainly take it out on a lake in South Carolina, where I live. I’ve made many great memories fishing on that lake, with my Parsun pushing me along.

One of my best days was taking my son out for his 12th birthday. We left early in the morning and were on the lake before sunrise. The Parsun started right up, even in the cold morning air. We motored out to one of our favorite coves where the fish like to gather. I kicked the motor into neutral, and we cast our lines. 

The only real issue with the Parsun was last summer when the water pump impeller went out halfway across the lake. Luckily, I always carry spare parts and could replace them fairly quickly. 

Are Parsun Outboards Any Good?

Parsun, a marine products manufacturer selling mainly outboard motors, is reputable for its high-quality but affordable outboards. 

The international brand boasts advanced outboard motor technologies engineered and co-designed by multinational experts. They also feature patented innovations, making it harder for competitors to catch up.

With a wide range of outboards, the brand is a good option. Whether you need a cost-effective and lightweight engine for a smaller vessel or a more complex engine with high horsepower, a Parsun outboard model matches your needs. 

The brand’s motors offer increased durability, low emissions, and high fuel efficiency, so they’re worth a shot.

About the Company

Suzhou Parsun Power Machine Co., behind Parsun outboards, is a European Alliance-certified company that manufactures marine power products. It’s an international manufacturer established in Jiangsu, China. 

After 2001, when it was founded, the company’s network extended to various countries in Europe, Asia, and America. It’s prominent in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

According to MetsTrade, the company is a high-tech enterprise supplying marine power products to various NGOs and government or military projects. 

Its reputation is rooted in its affordable, eco-friendly, and excellent engines. It’s also among the first companies to adopt a cylinder liner-free gasoline engine. 

Parsun reportedly sources material and parts from Japan, the U.S., and the U.K. and applies high-standard, multinational engineering in assembling their products in China.

Parsun Outboards Specifications and Features

With a diverse range of outboards available, Parsun caters to every boater’s recreational and professional needs. There’s an ideal Parsun outboard motor fit for every boat size, type, or usage. 

Learn here about the several Parsun outboard types and models and their specifications, additional features, and benefits. 

Electric Parsun Outboards

Suppose you want to make the eco-conscious choice of transforming your sailing experience into a sustainable activity. The Parsun Joy 1.2 electric outboard motor is a viable option in that case.

Product Specs

The Parsun Joy 1.2 package includes the main shaft, a lithium battery, a charger, and a magnetic emergency stop switch. Here are its specifications: 

  1. 1.2 kW power equivalent to 3 hp
  2. 1440 Wh lithium battery
  3. 36 V Rated Voltage
  4. Lightweight design (less than 20 kg)
  5. Brushless DC Motor type
  6. IP67 Waterproofing
  7. 1700 RPM Propeller Speed
  8. Digital LCD with Backlight Display

Special Features

Check out the unique features of Parsun’s electric outboard:

Fast Charging

The standard charging takes up to eight hours, but you can opt for fast charging, which only takes a maximum of two hours of charging time. 

Automatic Sleep Function

The Parsun Joy 1.2 engine is designed to activate the sleep function automatically when the motor is unused for up to 30 minutes. 

This design helps users conserve power and preserve battery life.

Waterproof and Floating Feature

Joy 1.2 is floatable and waterproof, making it highly durable and corrosion-resistant.

Portable and Easy Assembly Design

You can carry the Joy 1.2 by hand despite its high-density design. It’s lightweight, foldable, easy to assemble, and takes up minimal space. It’s an excellent companion for sea vessels with limited space.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Parsun’s Electric Outboard?

Parsun prides itself on its emission-free and near-silent operating electric outboards. That way, you can enjoy a wholesome fishing experience. 

Electric outboards are more lightweight than fuel-powered ones, so transportation is fast and easy.

Moreover, they make excellent backup or secondary engines that you’ll find helpful in cases of emergency. They’re low-maintenance, easy to clean, and emission-free.

Despite its enticing advantages, the Joy 1.2 presents several downsides, like limited power range, small battery capacity, and limited runtime (only nearly three hours).

4-Stroke Parsun Outboards

Did you know that Parsun is the first manufacturer to mass produce the cutting-edge 115 HP 4-stroke outboard in China? 

Such high-horsepower outboards can support bigger fishing vessels, not to mention that they’re more cost-effective than their 2-stroke counterparts.

Depending on boat size and capacity needs, you can purchase 4-stroke Parsun outboards in several horsepower ranges and sizes. The hp of Parsun’s 4-stroke outboards ranges from 2.6 to 115. 

Product Specs

Here’s a list of specifications for the Parsun F115 EFI outboard motor, one of Parsun’s best-selling units compatible with up to 8-meter rubber or fiberglass boats:

  1. 3L Engine oil capacity
  2. Up to 38.9 L/H maximum fuel consumption (external fuel tank)
  3. Multi-stage fuel system
  4. Remote ignition system
  5. 115 HP maximum output
  6. Full throttle operating range
  7. Up to 900r/min idling speed
  8. Electric start system

Special Features

Here are the features that set Parsun 4-stroke outboards apart:

Multi-Function Handle

Exclusive for the tiller model, this feature has the advantage of easy gear shift and throttle controls and a front-mounted ignition key switch.

Delphi EFI System

This feature, backed by an intelligent control unit system, is present in most Parsun outboard models. 

The EFI system has special control sensors to ensure peak engine performance. Some of these sensors are:

  • Intake Air pressure/temperature sensor
  • Crank position sensor
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Cooling water pressure/temperature sensor
Multifunctional Diagnostic Software

The multifunctional diagnostic software allows tracking of the device status for easy maintenance.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Parsun’s 4-Stroke Outboards?

The 4-stroke outboard is sustainable if you don’t want to opt for electric outboards. 

Because of the electronic fuel injection system, fuel consumption and emissions are much lower. The engine also operates with minimal noise. 

Its highly anti-corrosive paint protection and sacrificial anodes protect the motor from corrosion and elemental damage.

The downside, however, is that 4-stroke outboards are heavier and require regular maintenance due to their complex operating system. They’re also expensive.

2-Stroke Parsun Outboards

Parsun’s 2-stroke outboards have horsepower ranging between 2 to 90. They have strong power output and are easy to maintain due to their simple design. 

Product Specs

Here are the product specifications of the T90 model, Parsun’s largest 2-stroke outboard engine:

  1. L3 reed valve engine
  2. CDI ignition system
  3. Carburetor fuel induction system
  4. Up to 37 L/h maximum fuel consumption
  5. 90 H.P. maximum output
  6. Manual or electric starting system
  7. Tiller or remote steering system

Special Features

The T90 model includes a remote control and a safety lanyard with an emergency shutoff. 

It also features a vibration-reduction system, performing smoothly in shallow waters and various positions. 

The T90 also exhausts through the propeller hub, allowing minimal noise operation.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Parsun’s 2-Stroke Outboards?

2-stroke engines are cheaper because of their basic design. They’re also low-maintenance and easy to repair. 

The downsides of 2-stroke outboards are their poor fuel economy and emitting more carbon than their 4-stroke counterparts, which can harm the environment. 

Despite that, Parsun’s 2-stroke outboards are some of the cheapest but most durable options in the market.

Are Parsun Outboards Worth Buying?

Aside from affordability and good product quality, here are more reasons why Parsun outboards are good:

Parts Compatibility With Other Brand Models but Minus the Cost

You can fit Yamaha’s cylinder block with your Parsun outboard (for some models like the T90) and vice versa since they’re fashioned after the same product design.

Excellent Quality Control Standards

Parsun outboards are European C.E., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and ISO certified. These certifications prove they’re tested and pass all environment, health, and quality standards. 

Manufacturer’s Warranty

All Parsun outboards come with two to three years of product warranty against manufacturer defects.

Designed for Extensive Saltwater Use

You can use all Parsun outboards in saltwater. They use a high-quality aluminum alloy with an anodizing agent coating that protects against corrosion.


Parsun outboards offer excellent quality and performance at a pretty affordable cost. So if you want to purchase an affordable but high-quality outboard, Parsun is a good choice.

They have a wide range of products that aren’t just fuel-efficient but sustainable. They pass quality standards in the U.S. and U.K. and have a warranty.