Oura Ring Not Charging (4 Reasons & Do This FIRST!)

oura ring not charging

Oura is a sophisticatedly styled sleep monitor. It offers data on sleep stages, wakefulness, and a readiness score. The device measures your level of rest using your heart rate and variability.

Although many good things can be said about the Oura ring, the device may occasionally refuse to charge. If you’re used to using the ring often and all of a sudden, your usage is interrupted, this may pose a severe inconvenience to you.

Thanks to our experience using the device and tech knowledge, we were able to find ways to troubleshoot what could be the reason.

4 Reasons Your Oura Ring Is Not Charging

A Readiness Score analyses your Fitbit information to determine if you’re prepared to exercise or should focus on rest. With time, it will assist you in comprehending how your energy levels, sleep habits, and cardiac function from previous days lead to your current energy level.

When your device stops charging most of the time, the issue could be minor. A few reasons are:

1 – The ring is not fitted correctly to the dock

Make sure your ring fits snugly on the corresponding-sized dock. Once the ring is properly positioned, a tiny indicator light will turn on the front of the charger.

2 – The charger could be faulty

Rotate the ring charger 180 degrees, then re-insert the USB-C cord. If the issue continues, try a new USB-A to USB-C charging cable. Finally, try switching on your device. The charger is the culprit if the white LED light doesn’t turn on.

3 – The issue could be with the power supply.

Change your power supply or adapter. The IEC 62368-1-compliant external 5Vdc supply is intended to power the USB power cord. The equipment’s power supply after three seconds should be at most 15W.

4 – Defective ring

Try switching on your device. The charger’s white LED should turn on once and then gradually dim. If your charger flashes, it is working correctly, and your ring is probably to blame for the issue.

How to Properly Charge Your Oura Ring to Prevent It from Deteriorating?

Your Oura Ring can be charged in 20 to 80 minutes, depending on the battery’s condition. To display the current battery level, tap the ring in the Home tab’s upper-right corner.

Connect the USB cable to the charger and a power outlet like a desktop to charge your ring. Your ring should be on the charging station. When the ring is docked, the charger’s LED light will flash. Your ring is fully charged when the light stops flickering. Luckily, Oura has a technology that notifies you through push notifications once the charging is finished.

There are best practices to follow when charging your Oura ring to extend the ring’s life. Remember, the battery is the only consumable part of the gadget and will lose capacity with time. In addition, it is essential to charge the battery correctly because the device’s one-year warranty does not cover it.

Here are the best suggestions for charging your ring.

Ensure your battery remains at 40% charge

Make an effort to maintain the battery level above 40%. With contemporary lithium-ion batteries, it is not recommended to run a device until it dies every time. This causes the batteries to degrade considerably more rapidly than usual.

To check the battery percentage of your Oura ring: 

STEP 1: Launch the app.

STEP 2: Select the ring icon in the top-right corner.

STEP 3: Tap the icon, and the Battery level and other details about your ring will be displayed, allowing you to check the percentage.

To ensure your Oura Ring stays powered on, charge it every day when you get home, or you can carry the charger along and do it while you’re working or watching TV.

Set Low Battery Reminders On

Having Low Battery Alert enabled will prevent your battery from dying. You can do this through the Oura app, which will lead you to get notifications before night when your Oura Ring’s battery is running low. To activate Battery status notifications, adhere to the steps listed below.

STEP 1: Go to the menu by selecting it from the App’s Home screen’s upper left corner.

STEP 2: Select Settings.

STEP 3: Select notifications from the menu.

STEP 4: Turn on Battery level warnings.

Charge Your Oura ring Before Sleeping

Before going to bed, if the charge is under 25%, the device may fail to record the night. If the battery is low, put the ring on the charger while getting ready for bed. 

Take A Break From Using The Device

Put the Oura ring in power-saving mode if you won’t be using it for a long time, like two weeks or more. Like everything else in life, taking breaks allows your device to rest from constant overusing.

How To Prevent Your Battery From Spoiling?

Sometimes, your Oura ring may not be charging since the battery is spoiled. Several sources can bring on battery degeneration. Here is a list of them.

  • Retaining your ring on the charger for an extended period. Extended periods of charging at maximum capacity can substantially reduce battery life.
  • Your ring’s durability may be impacted if you let the battery drain to zero.
  • Prolonged contact with hot or cold places.


An Oura ring is a worthwhile investment. A fully charged ring can often last up to seven days. However, this can change depending on several variables, including the age of your ring, how frequently you utilize daytime functions, and whether you take naps during the day.

Remember that batteries are complicated devices, and various factors might affect how long a battery lasts. As consumables with a finite shelf life, rechargeable batteries eventually lose capacity and function over time.

Your ring will use more power if it actively gathers information from its temperature and LED sensors while utilizing the Live Heart Rate or meditation capabilities.


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