Skullcandy Earbuds Not Charging (Do This FIRST!)

Skullcandy Earbuds Not Charging

If you are having trouble getting your Skullcandy earbuds to charge, don’t worry – you are not alone. Many people have had this problem, and there are a few ways to fix it.

Here we provide a few quick fixes and, if they don’t work, there are some more involved methods that may work. Hopefully, you won’t need to return them for a new pair!

First, Try These Quick Fixes

Sometimes, finding a fix for Skullcandy earbuds that won’t charge is easy. Before you do anything else, try one of these.

  1. Turn them both off. Try turning off both earbuds before putting them in the charging case. Having one “ON” and one “OFF” might be the source of your problem.
  2. Be patient. Before getting frustrated, wait a few seconds to see if they start charging. It may take a moment or two before you see anything happen.
  3. Remove any blockages. Before you charge your earbuds, check the charging pins and case for any debris. Small pieces can stop the buds from connecting to the charger. Once you’ve checked for debris, use gentle blows of air from your mouth into the charger. Then blow onto your earbuds to clear away any blocks.
  4. Check for a snug fit. Ensure that the in-ear gels fit is placed around the acoustic port and fit snugly. If they become detached, it might obstruct the earbuds from lying correctly inside the case and prevent them from charging.
  5. Power up the charging case first. If the charging case isn’t working, ensure that it is powered up. Use a micro USB charging cable to plug in the case and see if that solves the problem.

Next, Try the Flip-flop Method

If your earbuds aren’t charging correctly, you might need to try the flip-flop method. This is used when the left and right earbuds have unequal power, which makes it difficult for the case to charge both pods at once.

If the earbud is not charging because it has an unequal level of power with its mate, remove the earbud with a greater battery level and charge the other earbud alone. It should charge on its own. Don’t forget to place both earbuds back in the case when you are done so you don’t lose them!

If this method doesn’t work, the next step is to attempt the draining method. Read on to see the next troubleshooting method for getting your earbuds to charge.

The Draining Method Could Be the Last Solution

Another strategy is to try the draining method. It should be the last method you try, however, because it requires you to go without your earbuds for an entire day. No one wants that. Still, if the quick fixes didn’t work, and the flip-flop method left you with uncharged earbuds, the draining method might be the solution for you.

In essence, what you are doing is draining the batteries of all their charge and trying to get them powered up again. Here are four easy steps to take to accomplish this:

  1. Remove both Skullcandy earbuds from the charging case and set them off to the side. Take out both, even if only one of the earbuds isn’t charging. You need to disconnect it as well as its partner.
  2. The Bluetooth connection allows your device to connect wirelessly with another device. However, if you want to hear phone calls or videos from your device, you’ll need to turn off the Bluetooth pairing. Be sure to remove the connection so you can still use your phone.
  3. Let them sit for 24 hours. The earbuds are constantly searching for a device to pair with when they’re not in the case, which drains the battery quickly. Even if you’re not using the earbuds, this search mode will use up all its power.
  4. After a full day has passed, the earbuds’ batteries should be dead. Put them back into the case and see if they start charging again.

If the earbuds are working again after being drained, it indicates that the method worked. While the mechanism behind how the draining method works is unclear, many Skullcandy earbud users have found this to be effective.

How Much Time Does It Take for the Skullcandy Earbuds to Fully Charge from Empty?

The earbuds only require an hour to charge when placed inside the case. You’ll know they’re done once the red LED light shuts off.

The Last Resort: Check the Skullcandy Warranty

If you have attempted all the troubleshooting steps and tricks to fix your Skullcandy earbuds but nothing is working, you should contact Skullcandy customer service. All Skullcandy products come with a one-year warranty.

If your product is under warranty, you may be eligible to receive a replacement. To file a claim, please visit Skullcandy’s warranty page.

Getting Back to Business

Every Skullcandy earbud owner wants to be able to enjoy music, podcasts, and even phone calls with their product. When they aren’t charging properly, it’s a problem that needs to be fixed… and quickly. To recap, let’s look again at all the ways you can troubleshoot the problem.

First, try one of the quick fixes. It might be as easy as turning them off before placing them in the charging case or waiting a minute for the charger to begin. Clearing out any blockages that prevent a good connection or a snug fit might be the fix as well. Or your charging case might need a charge. These are all good first steps.

If that doesn’t work, the flip-flop method might do the trick. Only charge one earbud at a time and see if the problem was unequal power between the two. If you are still having trouble, drain both batteries completely by removing them from the case and letting them search for a Bluetooth connection. Within a day they should both be dead and hopefully ready to recharge.

The final step is to hope they are still under warranty. If they are, visit Skullcandy’s website and file a claim for a new pair.

Happy listening!