Is Best Home Furnishings Good Quality? (Explained)

Best Home Furnishings Good Quality

Best home furnishings is one of the top furniture makers in the United States. 

The brand boasts of producing quality recliners, sofas, slide rockers, and chairs that stand the test of time. 

This furniture line started as a small family business that has become a symbol of the American family spirit.

Still, it would be good to know if furniture from Best Home Furnishings is a good buy.

Best Home Furnishings relies on a six-point “Power of Best” foundation. Their products are hinged on the following: years of experience, speed, quality, USA-made, and selection to create the perfect furniture for the American dream household. 

This article is designed for those who want a detailed review of the good and bad of all furniture from the Best Home Furnishings. 

We have also prepared a section where you get essential tips to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a piece of this brand’s furniture. 

Best Home Furnishings: A Brief Overview

Best Home Furnishings have been in the business of producing high-quality furniture for Americans since 1962. Little wonder they are a top choice for people looking to add furniture to their homes.

The brand relies on the versatility of its services to produce the dream furniture for each customer that places an order for their product.

As a family business, Best Home Furnishings sources most of its raw materials from the heart of America’s manufacturing industry, including getting its fabrics, foam, and machinery from different American companies. 

The wood is sourced from the best American forests and processed at a Milling factory located in America as well. 

They take pride in paying strict attention to detail, and their over 800 workers are majorly skilled in producing high-end furniture that fits your lifestyle. 

Over 60 years of experience in the American furniture market has made Best Furnishings a power player, with their delivery top-notch.

4 Common Problems with Best Home Furnishings

With their 60 years of immense experience in locally manufacturing furniture, some aspect of Best Home Furnishings still needs upgrading.

Are you looking to add a piece of this brand’s furniture to your home? Then you may face any one of these problems. You may be lucky, though, but getting the information is still vital. 

Chairs lose Momentum after a While

If you need chairs that will last longer for you, you should be careful when buying from this brand. 

One of the main problems is their lift chairs which may not perform as expected for long. 

There are numerous complaints about their products not lasting long, making it seem that the customers purchased crappy furniture. 

Might as Well Scrap out the Warranty

For a big brand like Best Home Furnishings, it is disappointing that their warranty only spans one year, not up to five years. 

The absurd thing about their warranty condition is that they expect the retail dealer to cover the retail cost and not themselves. 

The limitation of a warranty to just one year could be expected of a small furniture firm and not a huge giant like this furniture line. 

A major complaint of subscribing to the warranty plan is the “Lifetime warranty” only lasts for seven years. 

The warranty is misleading, and if you still want to go ahead with the purchase, you should ask for in-depth clarifications on the warranty plans. 

Poor Quality Control

Purchasing a recliner for more than $1000 should give you the feel of high quality. Sadly, the case is not the same for Best Home Furnishings. 

Customers using the brand’s recliner have complained that the cushion lasts at best a year

Coupled with an inefficient warranty, they are stuck with a bad chair and claim no spare parts because the model purchased has been discontinued in production.

Terrible Customer Service

Undoubtedly, every business has its downs with customer service and after-sales.

Best Homes Furnishings has unreliable customer support that may not give relevant support to its customers. 

Some consumers spending as much as $2000 on the sofa still suffer from rude customer support that is quick in dismissing customers. 

It’s almost as if the customer care agents do not know how the company is run or how a customer can file warranty claims. 

Price of Best Home Furnishings Furniture

The price of the best home furnishings might vary depending on the store. However, most recliners from home furnishing hover around $700 and $1500. You can get a recliner from for as low as $720.

They also have a complete set sofa that hovers around $3000. Users who want a single wide chair can get this for about $600 or more.

Some of their products are custom-made to order with high-quality materials, which explains the huge price. 

Another bright side is that some retailers offer free shipping on selected products that can complement the high price.

Essential Tips When Purchasing Best Homes Furnishing Furniture

This brand boasts beautiful upholstery and creates employment opportunities for over 800 Americans. 

Some tips can guide you in getting the best quality from this brand. Here are tips you should arm yourself with as you purchase the best home furnishing products:

Watch out for High-Performance Fabrics

The fabrics should be high-performance if you want the best out of your furniture. 

Whether fabric or leather, whatever you go for should be able to last for a long time. You can ask questions about the fabrics too. 

It is better to be inquisitive and ask questions when purchasing than waiting in an endless queue for customer care to answer you later because of inferior fabrics.

Plan a Budget

Here’s one factor you should have in mind. Best Homes Furnishing has a lot of beautifully designed furniture pieces. 

You can go to the showroom and see another furniture type, different from what you had in mind. You can spend above your limit and even run into debt. 

It is always advisable to plan the kind of furniture you want to buy to avoid this. 

Quality over Affordability

If you do not want to suffer at the hands of incompetent customer care agents, you should consider buying only quality furniture with high-quality finishing

A sofa or couch should withstand pressure and last for a while before showing signs of damage. 


One of the best features of this brand is the fast delivery process.

For a company that bases its services on versatility- offering custom order services for its customers, it’s admirable that they can deliver your furniture in weeks, not months. 

With a staff strength of over 800 employees, the company promotes the American dream. 

If you need a furniture line that offers custom orders fast delivery to allow you to live your dream, then this brand should be among your options. 


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