5 Common Problems With Giant E-Bikes (+ How to Fix)

Giant E-Bikes Problems

If you’re into riding bikes, then we’re quite sure that you have heard of Giant e-bikes. There is no argument that the company designs and develops excellent electric bikes. 

The bikes are mostly equipped with EnergyPak batteries and proprietary SyncDrive motors developed in collaboration with Yamaha. They are also available in various price categories. For your information, whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, there is always a bike for you. 

However, this excellent quality doesn’t come without challenges. Different customers have raised issues with the bikes, especially with the bike not starting and pedal-assist system (PAS) failure. 

Nevertheless, such issues can be corrected to restore the bike to full operation. Here, we consider some problems that Giant e-bikes face. 

Giant E-Bike Not Starting

This is one of the main problems reported by Giant e-bike users. The most likely cause of the bike not starting is the battery not working effectively. 

When you notice that your bike isn’t starting or is cutting off, start inspecting and troubleshooting the battery. 

Different battery aspects require inspection as we’ll highlight below: 

Inspect Battery Voltage

Every Giant e-bike is designed to start and operate at a certain voltage. If the bike fails to start, there is a high chance of the battery not supplying the required voltage. 

You can use a voltmeter to determine if the battery is at the right voltage level. If you find that the voltage is low, recharging it will help. 

However, if you recharge the battery but lose the voltage quickly, replace it with a new one. 

Inspect The Charger

Another known contributor to the bike not starting is a faulty charger. In this case, the charger isn’t charging the battery at all. 

The solution here would be to inspect your battery charger and replace it in case of fault. In some cases, the battery might not be supplying the required voltage. 

For instance, the bike might require 30V while the battery charger only supplies about 10V. 

Brake Related Challenges

Brake-related problems are among the most common for Giant e-bikes. 

If you drop your bike, there is a high chance of damaging the handlebars. This can be spotted visually by inspecting the brake levers and handlebars.

The motor inhibitor switch will stay turned on if the brake pulls back due to damage. For your bike to function again, you’ll have to repair the jammed brake levers. 

If the bike experiences major damage, you’ll be forced to replace the whole switch. However, the replacement will require a professional mechanic. 

If the brakes fail to function well, inspect the brake pads or shoes for wear signs. If you note any damage, have them replaced immediately. Not having well-functioning brakes can lead to serious accidents. 

Controller Related Challenges

The controller is a critical part of the bikes that function as the operating system. If it has a slight problem, expect your bike to malfunction. 

The controller takes input signals from the sensors and controllers, analyzes them, and determines the ideal way of transferring power to the motor. Since the bike controller serves a major sensitive purpose, any technical glitch can affect the established power distribution and transfer balance. 

We recommend inspecting the controller for any wires that might be disconnected, misconnected, or loose. You should also ensure that the power switch is on. 

If you have done everything possible, but the bike still fails to work, call an expert mechanic to help you. 

Pedal Assist System (PAS) Not Working Well

The PAS puts motor power in the bike’s pedal stroke. However, even when you use your bike normally, the PAS sensor connection will likely get loose over time. This will likely cause the magnetic ring to shift from your Giant bike’s PAS sensor. 

In some cases, if you make some mechanical adjustments to the pedals, derailleurs, wheels, and sprockets, you might experience power supply hiccups. 

You need to inspect and troubleshoot the magnetic ring for damage or dirt to solve the problem. If you identify any dirt on the ring, clean it off. 

If the magnetic ring is damaged, make an immediate replacement. Also, keep the magnetic ring about 2 mm from the PAS sensor. 

You’ll also have to check the PAS sensor connection and if they’re loose, fix them appropriately. Replace the connectors if they’re damaged beyond repair. 

Other Additional Problems

Apart from the problems we highlighted above, some reviewers have complained of minor issues that you might also experience upon purchasing a new Giant e-bike. 

For instance, some have faced punctures after having a few rides. Even though this isn’t mainly a problem with the bike but how you ride it, it’s still something you should be aware of.

There is also the problem of jumping gears. The cables might slightly stretch, causing the chains to take longer to change gear or begin skipping around the cassette. The solution is to screw the barrel adjuster by tightening the cable. 

Some reviewers have also complained of getting pains and aches from riding Giant e-bikes. This can be attributed to riding a bike that is lower than your height, causing you to bend more than expected. 

If you experience pains and aches, order a bike that aligns well with your hips and knees. 

Are Giant e-Bikes Good Brand?

Even though you might face the above challenges, Giant e-bikes are still among the best products you’ll ever come across. 

Some reviewers have expressed their satisfaction with the bikes. One reviewer pointed out that they had too much fun with the bike despite putting it on a medium setting. The pedal-assist system was also intuitive. 

We promise you excellent performance and a great handling experience if you buy the bike. Expect speeds of over 40mph with good stability. 

The Takeaway

Even though Giant e-bikes is a reputable brand, it still presents different problems just like any other brand. 

In some cases, you might find the bike not starting, encounter brake-related challenges, the controller not functioning, or even the PAS not working well. Inspect the bike and do relevant replacements or repairs when you encounter such problems. 

Even with such challenges, Giant e-bikes still stand out thanks to having excellent features. With these bikes, expect excellent performance and a great handling experience. Even if you ride at speeds of over 40mph, the bikes are very stable. 

Follow the maintenance guide if you want your bike to be more durable. And although you can perform DIY maintenance, we recommend approaching an experienced mechanic for assistance.


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