Are Criterion Washers Good? (Explained for Beginners)

Criterion Washers Good

Suppose you’re in the market, searching for a reliable washer to take care of your laundry needs. I’m sure you might be confused because of many washers in the market, with salespersons dragging for your attention. 

A friend told me about the Criterion washers and how well the product serves his family. I thought it reasonable to look at one of America’s most popular brands

If you’ve also come across any Criterion washer, one of the questions you’ll likely ask yourself is if it is high quality?

Criterion washers are among the highly ranked washers in America today. It comes with many features to make your laundry as fast and smooth as possible. Coming from a brand that prioritizes quality over anything else, Criterion may be the solution you need.

That out of the way, the issue still begs the question, how good are Criterion washers for beginners?

 Is it user-friendly or just another one of those complex home equipment that requires a master class explanation.

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Are Criterion Washers any Good?

The Criterion brand is a subsidiary of business giant Menard, Inc. 

Asides from washers, they also manufacture other relevant home tools, including freezers, microwave ovens, and lots more.

This brand is famous for producing different home appliances with the high-quality assurance rating it has received from critics. 

The Criterion washers are produced in the United States. Little wonder why their prices are affordable, and customers trust it more. 

You may not find the Criterion washer in the highly placed, but they are not wrong either. Considering other relevant factors like ease of use, simple set-up, and good quality ratings, there’s no wonder why this brand has a good customer base.

However, certain factors may give this brand a bad reputation. A common complaint among other users is the customer support at Menard, which may scare some newbies away. 

Now that we have discussed the quality of this washer let’s review the specifications of the washers offered by Criterion to buyers. 

Specifications of the Criterion Washers

The washers offered by Criterion come with different specifications. They are tailored in terms of capacity, price, and other factors. 

Here’s an in-depth review of the different offers for washers.

Criterion 4.1 cu. Ft. White Top-Load Washer

This washer is the best seller in Menards store.

 It comes with smooth features like automatic control and load sensing technology, which can alert a beginner if he/she is loading the washer beyond recommended capacity. 

One of the top qualities why this washer should not be ignored is the stainless steel tub, capable of handling much load, saving you time and energy. 

The cleaning procedure can be set up to 8 cycles of cleaning rounds. Besides, the clear glass lid can give you a live view of the process.

Also, the impeller is tailored to wash your clothes with gentle care even when running at high voltage. A good buy if you ask for our opinion. 

This washer can be gotten for $488.61. 


Number of wash cycles8
Door stylehamper
Actual depth29 inches
Actual width27 inches
Control typeelectronic
Dispensersbleach, fabric softener
Weight141 pounds

The Criterion White Top-Load Washer & Dryer Set

This washer and dryer double set is another great offer from Menards. 

Most washers only come with one specific function, where you’ll need to take the laundry out to sunlight. The Top-Load is a good option, reducing the need for additional chores during laundry. 

It’s a good beginner choice. 

However, as a beginner, you may have issues installing it and will need the services of a technician to mount it for you. 

This washer carries an excellent 6.7 cu. ft capacity electric dryer as well as a 4.1 cu. ft capacity top-load washer, great for taking a good load of clothes.

It may not be a bad offer for the price of $977, considering the extra accessories it comes with. 

Even though a technician is needed to install, it makes things simple for a newbie and can save lots of time and energy. Oh! Don’t forget money too.

Tips on Selecting a Good Washer

For a beginner, buying a high-quality washer may be challenging. This is because there is little or no idea what to look out for when shopping for this additional home appliance. 

The following tips are recommended to give a head start when considering a new washer. If the washer ticks the following boxes, you can place an order.

Size of the Machine

While there are different types of washing machines, the location of this appliance is necessary. If you decide the kitchen is the preferred room, a washing machine with a giant load can handle more laundry.

Spin speed

A good washing machine should come with different speed modes. However, no matter the speed, the laundry will still be wet and need to be dried, except you use the top-load. 

Experts recommend not using the highest speed for laundry, though.

Leak Protection

Choose a washer that comes with the extra precautions against leaks. As a beginner, it may be disastrous figuring out where the leak is from if you do not know where it’s coming from. 

Low Operating Noise

A good washer should come installed with noise cancellation, high service life, and protection from chemicals. A noisy washer can be irritating to the ears. A good washer should last between 10-13 years. 

Other important tips to watch out for

  • Price of the washer
  • Warranty
  • Energy consumption
  • Body finishing

Final Words

A top washer should provide succor to your laundry needs. As modern technology comes, a washing machine has become necessary. 

The washers from Criterion are price-friendly, have an adequate capacity, and are easy to use. 

Although you may have a hard time installing one of the models, you should be good to go with the use.

Most of our issue with this washer is the poor customer service at Menards. An improved offer will be a welcome development and provide succor.

All in all, Criterion washers are a good addition for a beginner. That does not mean a regular user won’t enjoy the features it comes with.


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