Are Criterion Freezers Any Good? (6 Helpful Tips) 

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Appliances play an important role in our lives – and the kitchen takes the prize for versatility. We have become somewhat reliant on these devices for everyday use, making them a staple in most homes. 

Just picture life without an oven, blender, or dishwashing machine. Hectic, right? Now picture all the surplus food you bought or the tons of pre-prepared meals and leftovers going to waste because you don’t have an effective freezer! 

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Are Criterion Freezers Any Good?

I (like so many others) didn’t realize the importance of a freezer in the home. My wake-up call came when I ran out of space on my top-freezer refrigerator. I had never paid much attention to it, other than the occasional cleaning. It was just that place we stored frozen pizza and leftovers. 

When I called in an expert, they recommended purchasing another rather than fixing the current one. I noticed it was a Criterion and decided to purchase from the same brand – considering the previous one had served my family since 2005.

So, are Criterion freezers any good?

Yes, Criterion freezers are high-grade appliances that offer unparalleled services. They are manufactured by the best to ensure that quality meets the highest industry standards. Criterion freezers come in all sizes, types, and styles with numerous features to suit all preferences and requirements. 

When it comes to buying freezers, the process can become overwhelming and frustrating pretty easily. But the options provided by Criterion are substantial enough to make the process easier. They are a one-stop shop for any needs you may have.

However, before we delve deeper into the types and benefits you get with Criterion freezers, I will provide a bit of backstory on the brand. Read on for some interesting facts.

Criterion Freezers: A Brief History

The first semblance of the modern-day freezer was invented in 1913 by Fred W. Wolf of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The cooling box was placed in the kitchen while the mechanical bits like the compressor were situated in a different room, usually the basement. 

Since then, technology has advanced immensely. This has given rise to the highly sophisticated models we have today.

Criterion freezers have been in the market since 2004 under the umbrella of the exclusive American home improvement retail company, Menards. 

What are the Benefits of Criterion Freezers?

Before I give you all the juicy tips to help you find a Criterion freezer, here are a few reasons why it is a good choice.


Criterion freezers are made with sophisticated insulation to maintain cold temperatures well for an extended period and therefore use the least energy to function. This helps you cut costs associated with power bills due to reduced consumption.

Wide Range of Uses

Criterion freezers are effective in a variety of industries and settings. You can use them in kitchens, garages, restaurants, bars, and other places where long-term cold storage is required. For instance, two years after replacing my refrigerator, we began home brewing. 

We opted for the Criterion® 10.4 – 10.6 Cu.ft. White Manual Defrost Chest Freezer. The 10.6 Cu.ft freezer holds eight ball locks on the floor and two on the hump—ample space for our poolside brews.

Ample Storage

Criterion freezers, without question, can store huge quantities of food and other items. The different variants come in a variety of sizes and styles to match most storage needs.


Compared to other brands in the market, Criterion freezers fall within the pocket-friendly category. They are known to have extremely favorable prices for the high quality they provide. 

Alluring Design

Criterion freezers, whether upright, chest, or drawer, are designed with the customer’s needs in mind. To properly organize the content, most have at least one wire basket. You can sort different kinds of food ingredients using cardboard boxes.

Are There Different Types of Criterion Freezers?

Yes, there are. In fact, Criterion has a versatile collection of different types, styles, and designs of freezers. We will analyze the top four most common types available.

Variable types of refrigerators. Realistic set on white background.

Criterion Chest Freezer

The chest type of freezer is perfect if you cook dinner on the reg or if you are a doomsday prepper. They are free-standing and open from the top, enhancing accessibility. This, however, also means that they need to be placed at a place with a lot of headroom like the basement, garage, or utility room.

If you are not a fan of canning, ziplock packing bags work just as well. A detachable storage basket gives you customizable storing options. 

Criterion’s chest freezers vary in size to match diverse needs. There are small ones of about 5 Cu.ft. to commercial-sized ones such as the Criterion® 18.3 Cu.ft. White Manual Defrost Chest Freezer (or if you do happen to be prepping for the apocalypse).

Criterion Upright Freezers

Upright freezers are ideal for freezing foods that you need to access quickly. There’s no need to search through mounds of frozen meals like you would with a chest freezer. Other than the organization brought about by the shelving. 

Even though they cost a bit more than a chest freezer, they are a market favorite due to their convenience.

Criterion Drawer Freezer

The drawer-type of the freezer is just as the name suggests – they have removable shelves that provide a means of organizing frozen foods in the freezer. Some models have additional storage baskets that can connect to help you store items you can access quickly. 

Drawer freezers are predominantly found in restaurants and other food service kitchens. They provide quick and easy access to stored meals. Smaller variants like the Criterion® 5.12 Cu.ft. Stainless Steel Undercounter refrigerators can be found in home gourmet kitchens. 

Criterion Compact Freezers

For a freezer to be labeled ‘compact,’ it has to have a total volume of less than 7.75 Cu.ft. (220 liters). It’s one of the most suitable ways to preserve your foods, drinks, fruits, and vegetables during long camping trips. These freezers are also suitable for transporting frozen goods.

Also known as portable freezers, Criterion has different sizes. They have a 1.6 Cu.ft. that’s small enough for a picnic, as well as larger volumes of up to 4.4 Cu.ft. 

How To Choose a Good Criterion Freezer

Size of Freezer Vs. Family Size

There are four basic types of freezers: 

  • Compact (5 Cu.ft.)
  • Small (6 – 9 Cu.ft.)
  • Medium (12 – 18 Cu.ft.)
  • Large (12 – 18 Cu.ft. or 18 – 25 Cu.ft.)

Gauge your needs and take into account not only the freezer’s capacity but also your family’s size and eating habits while purchasing for one. Suppose you shop in bulk or your family eats frozen dinners every day, opt for a large capacity freezer. Also, consider the size of the place you wish to place the appliance. 

When deciding on the size of the freezer you wish to buy, bear in mind the size of your home’s doors. Take into consideration the size of the freezer’s doors and the clearance required in the available area.

The Price

Set a budget and adhere to it to keep your spending in check. It is easy to get carried away while shopping and end up breaking the bank. 

Some types cost more than others depending on features like automatic defrost. Nonetheless, pick units that are energy-efficient to reduce power bills.

Your Preferences

What do you like? Maybe you prefer a freezer that opens at the top or one that you defrost manually during cleaning. You will live with the freezer for the next decade, so choose a style or design that tickles your fancy.

Desirable Features

Ensure your choice has all the features you want. Be on the lookout for things like a power-on light, high-temperature alarm, ample shelving, manual or automatic defrost, and safety locks if you have young children. 

How Much Do Criterion Freezers Cost?

Criterion has some of the best prices in the market. The price range is between $170 for some chest and compact freezers and about $700 for certain makes of upright freezers.

Moreover, they often have Mail-In rebates, which allow you to save on purchases made through their website. Prices are determined by:

  • The model and make
  • The size
  • Additional features

Another amazing thing about buying from Criterion is their credit program. You can pay off your appliances through monthly installments. This is a great help to those who cannot buy the product right away or those who don’t want to put all their money into buying one appliance at once.

Keeping this short and simple: Criterion has cheap freezers with great features and amazing customer service.

The Bottom Line

If you wondered whether Criterion freezers are any good, I hope you got all the answers you need. The brand is notable for its high quality and amazing features. Their simple yet elegant design is functional and easy on the eye – an excellent choice for anyone looking for a freezer. 

Do you currently own a Criterion freezer? We would love to hear of your experiences below.

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