Are Bush Freezers Any Good? (Helpful Tips)


The hospitality of a home can often be traced to the wonders in its kitchen. Behind every wonderful kitchen is a wonderful freezer. Talk about some of the most eminent upright freezers in the market today, and you would be well within your right to mention Bush freezers. But aside from their popularity, are they genuinely any good?

Bush freezers are versatile, rugged but yet easy to use. These freezers are richly stacked with brilliant technologies, top of which is the EvenTemp™ Cooling System. Some of the best Bush Freezers come with Power Outage Assurance, with the freezers keeping your food frozen for at least 48 hours of a power outage. The adjustable shelves of the freezers allow you more flexibility when arranging your freezer’s content.

We have only scratched the surface of Bush freezers. What should you have in mind when buying this type of freezer? We will tell you.

Who owns Bush Freezers, and where are they made?

The name Bush Freezers has a wealthy history, with this consumer electronics manufacturer starting operations far back in 1932. In November 2008, Argos acquired Bush freezers, the former whose parent company is Arcelik.

The bulk of Bush freezers are manufactured in Turkey, with another significant fraction being assembled in China. 

What color finishes are Bush Freezers?

Depending on your aesthetic preferences or interior décor, Bush freezers come in a spectrum of finishes. This cuts across bisque, black, stainless black, stainless steel, and white.

The Whirlpool model predominantly features in Bush’s bisque lineup. You tend to see more of Bush’s Frigidaire models in the black finishes, while white finishes are primarily obtainable in Bush’s Maytag and Amana models.

Which sizes are bush freezers?

Something we relish about Bush freezers is the reasonable array of size options they give you. Bush freezers have a size range of 10-22 Cu.Ft.

The smallest we have seen so far from Bush is the Frigidaire Apartment-Size Refrigerator. This comes at 10.1 Cu.Ft. 

At the other end, the biggest freezer we have seen from Bush is the Maytag Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator. This guy comes at a hefty 21.24 Cu.Ft capacity.

For the height, most Bush freezers oscillate between 65-67 inches. For depth, they are commonly between 30-34 inches.

Overall, sizing shouldn’t be a massive constraint when using Bush freezers. Most of them are outfitted with the innovative SpaceWise® Organization, which gives you up to seven level arrangement options. 

More than that, the generality of Bush freezers is equipped with the Flexi-Slide™ Bin. This makes keeping tall items like long bottles much easier.

How many doors do Bush Freezers have?

All Bush freezers have two doors except the Amana® 14.33 Cu.Ft. White Top Freezer Refrigerator. This Amana model has just one door.

Are Bush Freezers efficient?

Efficiency is a strong suit of Bush freezers. Bush freezers are decked with freezer temperature controls. Leveraging these controls, you can more efficiently regulate how cold the freezer compartment gets.

Yes, Bush freezers have more on the table relating to efficiency. Bush’s famed EvenTemp™ Cooling System modulates your fridge temperature, ensuring uniformity across the board.

Bush freezer’s noiseless cooling is best appreciated if rattling refrigerators have harassed you. 

For improved visibility, these freezers are supplied with BrightSeries™ LED lighting. This is way superior in energy efficiency to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Are Bush Freezers durable?

For all its efficiency, a freezer wouldn’t be worth the investment if it doesn’t last. Bush freezers put a high priority on the longevity of their freezers.

This explains why each Bush freezer goes through a rigorous 42-point quality check to ascertain it can hold up against rough usage for many years.

The Stainless steel models are exceptionally durable. These freezers are made with Bush’s Smudge-Proof® technology, ensuring that fingerprints, spills, and all that ugly mess wouldn’t hurt your freezer external charm.

Do Bush freezers automatically defrost?

Most Bush freezers don’t have automatic defrost functionality. It appears this functionality is reserved for Bush’s high-end freezers.

Only three major models in Bush’s freezer lineup automatically defrost. These are the Maytag® 21.24 Cu.Ft., Whirlpool® 21.3 Cu.Ft., and the Whirlpool® 21.31 Cu.Ft. None of these freezers come for less than $1000.

Are Bush freezers Energy Star qualified?

Not all Bush freezers are Energy-Star qualified.

So far, it appears only the Whirlpool® 18 Cu.Ft. Top Freezer and the Frigidaire Gallery® 20.1 Cu.Ft. Black Stainless Steel Top Freezer have Energy-Star qualification.

How much do Bush Freezers cost?

Bush freezers sit in the mid-range freezer cost category. Most of the offerings from this manufacturer are boxed within $220-$1300.

The Bush frost-free BFF54157 is one of the cheapest in the Bush freezer lineup, coming at a portable $225. The most expensive Bush freezer we have seen so far is the Maytag 21.24 Cu.Ft, coming within the $1300 margin.

Truth is the Maytag® 21.24 Cu.Ft is a beast of a freezer. Yes, it packs Bush’s best features like the BrightSeries™ LED lighting, up-front digital temperature controls, and the EvenTemp™ Cooling System.

What warranty do Bush freezers have?

Generally, Bush freezers are backed with a 1-year parts and labor warranty. That said, Bush offers a mouthwatering 10-year limited parts warranty exclusively for their freezer compressors. How amazing!

Best Bush Freezers Review

In this section, we will examine some of the finest freezers in Bush’s collections. From our experience, combining parameters like efficiency, functionality, and cost, the Bush 60185FFWTD Fridge Freezer and the Bush BFF54157 Frost Free Fridge Freezer are the two best Bush has got.

Let us look into each, shall we?

Bush 60185FFWTD Fridge Freezer 

This is not only the best Bush freezers in the market today but arguably one of the best upright freezers when seeking the best value for your buck. Spoiled with top-end sophistication, this freezer makes kitchen time more enjoyable. 

Let us start with this freezer’s digital temperature control. This makes it less demanding to keep your food at the most befitting temperature consistently. 

Argos was pretty obsessed with spaciousness when making this Bush freezer. This freezer presents an overwhelming capacity of 292 liters. 

For context, this means you can load your shopping bag four times and comfortably keep the combined content in the freezer. 

So if your house is the popular weekend rendezvous for your clique, or you have a sizable family, this freezer keeps enough groceries for everyone. 

We admire this freezer’s compartmentalization, allowing you to sustainably preserve a broad range of groceries with differing storage temperature requirements. 

This includes triple storage drawers and dairy sections, a veg compartment, a deep door (which pretty suits your largest bottles), and a container that chills all too readily. 

Bush BFF54157 Frost Free Fridge Freezer 

If you don’t want a freezer as elaborate as the Bush 60185FFWTD, Bush has got a smaller guy for you. This is the Bush BFF54157.

Coming at a combined capacity of 183 liters, this freezer stands out for portability while not sacrificing efficiency. This can be slashed into 60 liters dedicated to the frozen food compartment and another sizable 123 liters for fresh food.

It boasts a frost-free design, with its automatic defrosting technology ridding the freezer of ice buildup. For energy efficiency, this freezer answers with an A+ design, enabling you to optimize your utility consumption. 

Its noiselessness is another attraction. This freezer has comfortable noise levels of 42dB, making it easy on the ears when in operation.

It has a nice arrangement system, presenting double adjustable shelves. This freezer features an exclusive salad and vegetable section. What is more, this baby easily fits into your kitchen space, thanks to its reversible door design.