3 Problems With Criterion Freezer (Explained)

Criterion Freezer Problems

Do you want to purchase a new freezer, but you’re not sure which brand to choose?

For years the Criterion household appliance brand has manufactured affordable freezers for consumers. This brand is well known in the market for producing a wide selection of quality freezers with attractive features. 

However, as with any appliance brand, they have experienced their fair share of problems over the years. In our opinion, it’s best to know about the issues before you buy a new appliance like a freezer.

In this article, we’re going to look at a few of the main problems seen with Criterion freezers so that you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. 

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3 Common Problems With Criterion Freezers?

Although Criterion freezers have been a satisfactory product for many customers, they tend to have a few common recurring problems. Below we have spoken about these problems. 

1. Temperature Regulation Issues

Temperature regulation issues with a freezer can cause many problems. For example, if the temperature of a freezer fluctuates, it could cause the food you have stored to constantly defrost and refreeze. 

Not only will this cause you to have to replace frozen items often, but it could also be a danger to your health. If you eat food that has been heating and defrosting continuously, you could become sick, leading to severe consequences. 

With Criterion freezers, many consumers have complained about experiencing temperature regulation issues. Some have stated that their freezers only work well enough to cool products and not freeze them. 

Others have stated that their freezers would not drop below a specific temperature setting. Most would only get to zero degrees or slightly below but would often stay above 10 degrees.

Additionally, another problem often seen is when a Criterion freezer completely stops freezing after it has been working for a few months.

2. Scarce Parts Replacement And Fitment Centers

When there are not many readily available parts or centers that can fit the parts, it becomes difficult to fix a freezer. This often leads to consumers being unable to source the parts they need and then needing to buy a new freezer.

When consumers can’t find parts to fix their freezer or anyone to fit the parts, it wastes time and money and can be incredibly frustrating. 

Many Criterion freezers experience part failure, but unlike a few other brands, finding parts for them and centers where they can get fixed is difficult. Often there are no places that sell the parts the freezers need, especially if the freezer is old.

Additionally, few places fix Criterion freezers because they are not as well known or as large as other freezer brands.

This is a big issue because owners of broken Criterion freezers cannot get them fixed and end up having to buy an entirely new freezer. 

3. Ice Buildup Problems

When ice builds up in a freezer, it can be detrimental for several reasons. For example, if you have too much ice building up, you can have less space to store the products that you want to be frozen. 

Additionally, when a freezer builds too much ice, it means that there could be an issue with the built-in de-frost cycle feature; it could also be building up too much ice because the seals on the freezer are not sealing properly and are allowing air to get in. 

Some Criterion freezers have experienced problems with ice buildup. This has caused the freezer to thaw foods when they shouldn’t have thawed. Commonly this ice build-up problem has occurred with the Criterion upright freezers. 

No matter what setting the freezer has been placed on, it still causes ice to build up. The likely cause of this is a problem with the defrost cycle feature. 

What Do Criterion Freezers Do Right? 

Since we have had a look at some of the common problems seen with Criterion freezers, we thought we should tell you about a few of the things this brand does well. 

This brand is popular in the United States and sells a wide variety of products across the country. They wouldn’t be selling as many products as they do if they were not reputable. Have a look below to learn more. 

  • They are affordable: Unlike a few of their competitors, Criterion freezers are affordable and cost significantly less than the big-name brand freezer brands in the industry. 
  • They are energy efficient: Criterion features are manufactured with premium quality insulation materials which is why they can maintain cold temperatures well for extended periods of time while using less electricity. That’s why they are energy efficient and why those who own a Criterion freezer will pay less on power bills. 
  • Provide ample storage: There is perhaps nothing worse than having a freezer that cannot provide ample storage. Criterion freezers come in many different sizes, so you will likely find one that suits your cold storage needs. 
  • Can be used in multiple settings: Criterion freezers can be used in various settings. For example, these freezers are perfect for catering kitchens, bars, restaurants, garages, and other establishments. Thanks to their design and size, they also fit most households, offices, and apartments. 

What Do Criterion Reviews Say About The Brand?

From the reviews we could find, many customers tend to be satisfied with the Criterion freezer they purchase. However, some reviews have stated a few issues that they have experienced with the brand. 

Some Criterion freezers have stopped freezing altogether. This is what one reviewer said: 

“ I Bought a Criterion freezer on the 8-21-21, and by 10-29-21, it stopped freezing, and I lost all my food. I would not recommend this brand.”

Other customers have experienced issues with their Criterion freezers breaking and not turning on at all. One reviewer can be quoted as saying: 

“Do yourself a big favor and save yourself a headache. Do not buy a Criterion freezer. We bought one in August of 2021, and it completely broke down in November. All my food was ruined. I lost not only the money for buying the junk freezer but also $300.00 in food.”

What Are The Prices On Criterion Freezers

As we mentioned previously, Criterion freezers are reasonably priced. Yet, how much should you expect to pay for a Criterion freezer? Have a look below at our list to learn how much you should pay for a freezer from this brand. 

  • Criterion 5.0 cubic foot manual defrost chest freezer: $189.00
  • Criterion 3.0 cubic foot manual defrost compact freezer: $199.00
  • Criterion 15.4 cubic foot automatic defrost upright freezer: $699.00
  • Criterion 18.3 cubic foot manual defrost chest freezer: $799.00


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