Are Criterion Dryers Any Good? (Complete Guide)

Criterion Dryers Any Good

Washing and drying your cloth is one of the essentials and recurring tasks no one can escape, yet people hate. 

Thanks to improved technology, various home appliances can make this task easy. Dryers are one such appliance essential in many homes. 

However, with the myriads of brands claiming to produce a reliable dryer, which can you trust?

Criterion has become a household name when it comes to various home appliances. From a washer to dryer to refrigerator, Criterion has imprinted its name in the heart of various people. 

However, being a producer of many appliances, have they retained quality? 

Can you trust their dryers, and should you purchase them?

Criterion makes one of the highest quality dryers that will meet your cloth drying needs. The machine is available in various sizes with unique features to preserve your cloth. The prices are fair, and users get a year’s warranty on Criterion dryers. 

While many people could be excited at the idea of shopping for new appliances, the choices at times could be overwhelming.

However, Criterion has various dryer options that suit everyone. One can call them a gadget store for everything home appliances.

Before exploring deeper into the types and benefits of criterion dryers, a perfect foundation will be information on the makers of Criterion dryers. 

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Who Makes Criterion Dryers?

Criterion stands out as an exclusive brand of Menards manufacturing company. The firm produces a series of home appliances like freezers, washers, and co. 

Menards offers excellent quality with reliable features, all at affordable prices. The company stands out for top-notch services, and all their dryers are of reliable quality. 

Many people have testified to the excellent quality of their product due to the top performance. Menard stands out as the third largest home appliance industry in the United States. 

As a result, you can trust their products as they have a legacy to preserve.

What are the benefits of Criterion Dryers?

Criterion dryers have some top features that stand out among various dryers available. 

Here are some of the top distinguishing factors of Criterion dryers:

Gentle on Delicate Fabrics

Clothing materials and other fabrics come in various types and conditions. As a result, they need different maintenance care to ensure the quality does not fade. 

Criterion dryers offer various drying conditions that cater to most fabrics like wool, silk, cotton, etc. 

The dryer also has features that prevent shrinkage and help your fabric retain its shape. 

It can keep your wardrobe elegant, and in the proper condition. 

Prevents Fading of Cloths

One of the first signs that your cloth will give out after losing its integrity is faded colors. As a result, your dryer’s ability to keep vibrant colors is good. 

Criterion dryers feature the perfect technology that will supply the right heat amount, maintaining your cloth’s fabric.

In other words, your cloth will always be as good as new every time you wash them. 

With Criterion dryers, you don’t have to worry about wearing faded clothes. 

Accommodates Larger Items 

Criterion dryers come in various sizes. 

As a result, if you wash big clothing materials like curtains, duvet, and other upholsteries, Criterion has the perfect dryer size for you. 

You need not worry about the long hours required to wash and dry these items with criterion dryers.

The dryer features a quick-dry option that can get all forms of moisture away from the material on time

Various features will make the drying of oversized clothing items ease. 

How to Chose a Reliable Criterion Dryer? 

Many factors affect your choice of Criterion dryers. However, we have some pro tips that can guide you towards the option of a reliable dryer:

Electric or Gas Dryer

While you don’t need electricity for gas dryers, there is a vast upfront cost for installing a gas line to the home. If gas isn’t a problem, consider investing in a gas criterion dryer. 

On the other hand, electric dryers are not expensive, but they must be installed. Also, you should factor in energy costs. However, this varies with the frequency of use. 

For both dryers, you need to vent it properly to the outdoors. 

Dryer Capacity 

Generally, you can either have two types of dryers: the compact type and the full size. 

Full type might contain up to 7 feet drum size, while compact type might usually have around three cubic feet capacity.

Whatever dryer size you need, Criterion has something for you. 

However, before choosing based on size, consider the space available for the dryer and how often you will use the product. 

Large families with huge laundry needs will likely need an oversize dryer, provided space is not an issue. However, people in an apartment should make do with a compact dryer. 

Maintenance Habit for Your Dryer 

Dryers are supposed to last up to a decade. However, this is a factor of the maintenance habit and how you use it. 

As a result, here are some recommended habits to keep your Criterion dryer in perfect condition:

Avoid Overloading the Drum

Whatever laundry you want to dry, it should not be more than half of the drum capacity. When the load gets more than this, it stresses many parts of your dryer, especially the suspension system. 

This could eventually shorten the lifespan. 

Some dryer technician has reported that suspension rebuilds are one of the most significant issues that customers have.

This can be traced to excessive laundry in the machine. 

Yearly Cleaning of the Vents

Once in a year, try and clean your vent. This can prevent dryer failure, which can be traced to clogged vents. 

When the vent is clogged, airflow reduces, drying time increases, and the machine overheats since it works in excess. 

As a result, yearly cleaning of your vent is essential, although this is also a factor in your laundry frequency. 

You need to clean the venting tube and the tubes located outside your home. 

Not only will this prolong your dryer’s life, but it will also increase your safety. 

Only Clean Laundry in Your Dryer

Soiled or dirty fabrics can transfer germs into your dryer and all interior parts. This can also clog the vent and reduce efficiency. 

How Much is Criterion Dryers?

Criterion dryers’ come in different types.

There is the electric and gas dryer type. The significant difference between them is the source of power that provides the heat for the machine. 

Both are efficient and will do a terrific job of drying your clothes. 

The type also determines the price. 

On average, however, Criterion gas dryers exist between $500 and $1000, depending on the capacity. 

The price of electric dryers, on the other hand, starts from $400.

You might be lucky to get some discounts depending on the store, promotions, and purchase season. Besides, don’t forget that most stores factor shipping fees into the overall price. 


Without a doubt, the Criterion dryer will meet your needs and last pretty long. 

If you want to know if Criterion is worth buying, we hope this article has given you some direction.

The brand stands out for elegant designs and high-quality features, making it a top choice among users, 


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