Are IceKing Freezers Any Good? (8 Helpful Tips)

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IceKing freezers have been in the market since 1995. Due to the brand’s longevity, there have been endless questions as to whether they are good. 

After years of testing and consulting various users about this brand, this is what we can conclude. 

IceKing offers high-end portable freezers that are worth their affordable prices. Most of their models provide consistent and effective performance while using less power. Satisfied customers praise them for being quiet, making things cold faster, and lasting longer than most comparable brands in the market. 

IceKing offers different types of stand-alone freezers. We learned that customer reviews change a lot based on the particular type a customer buys. To understand how good IceKing freezers are, we will have to explore various types of IceKing freezers and arrays of available features. 

How Good Are IceKing Freezers?

Upright IceKing Freezers

IceKing keeps the sizes of their upright freezers in the ranges between 123.2cm to 170cm in height and 55cm to 60cm in width. As such, they are usually easy to fit through a door and don’t take up much space in your room. If space is a worry to you, this brand offers upright freezers that mind a lot about space.

Just like you will find with most brands, IceKing upright freezers have compartments dividers to help you keep your food organized. In addition, most of them are quiet and consume less power. 

They usually come in a sleek silver-tone or white color. 

IceKing Chest Freezers 

IceKing offers a wide range of energy-efficient chest freezers as well. These models come in different sizes to meet every home, business, and pocket needs. 

Their chest freezers come with robust and lockable handles, strong wire baskets, a range of indicator lights, effective interior lights and automatic defrost sprouts. 

They feature innovative ‘Freezer Safe Technology’ (FST) that ensure they carry out work even in a temperature condition as low as -15 degrees centigrade. For that reason, you can install them everywhere – in your garage, utility room, or garden.

Besides, they come in a wide range of capacity between 51 liters to 560 liters. You can get as small as 35.5cm in width or as wide as 180.5cm depending on what your space can hold. 

Under Counter IceKing Freezers

IceKing also offers under-counter freezers. If you are looking for freezers specifically designed to sit under the cabinet of your kitchen counter or window, you can have one from the IceKing brand. 

IceKing under counter freezers have sizes ranging between 48cm to 60cm. With this range, everyone can find what their under kitchen cabinet can accommodate. 

The good thing is, some of their under counter freezers have a capacity of up to 103 liters, which is large enough for commercial use. But if you want a smaller one for your home use, you can have as small as 54 liters capacity. 

Just like upright and chest models, most of the under counter models are not energy efficient. They also come in white and silver color. 

Tabletop IceKing Freezers

If your space is too small to accommodate all the types we have discussed above, IceKing also offers tabletop. Some of the IceKing tabletops are sizable and can accommodate up to 47 liters. 

How Much Do IceKing Freezers Cost?

On average, chest models tend to be the most expensive among the various types we have discussed above. However, there are chest IceKing freezers that are very simple and can cost as low as $75. 

The upright freezers cost nearly the same as chest models. Under counter models also cost almost in the same range as upright and chest freezers. However, tabletops are smaller and cheaper.

That said, expect to spend between $150 to $400 if you want to have a good chest, upright or under counter freezers. For tabletops, be ready with $40 to $80 for a great IceKing freezer. 

When considering the cost of a freezer, also have in mind the probable long-term cost. From our experience, the more you pay for an IceKing freezer, the more you are likely to save in the long run. 

This is because most of the IceKing freezers (no matter the type) with lower watts tend to be more expensive. Energy consumption is a key factor to consider in a freezer because a heavy-duty freezer will harm your pocket in the long run. 

In addition, most of the freezers with high quality (no matter the type) tend to be more expensive than the low-quality ones. With high-quality freezers, you will incur fewer maintenance fees. 

Are IceKing Freezers Durable

Most of the IceKing freezers are built to last. Some of their chest and upright freezers are made with commercial use in mind. As such, the body is made of stainless steel while the insulation that fills between the outer and the inner part is either fiberglass or polyfoam. 

The components of the cooling system including the condenser, coils, compressor, and fins are either made of aluminum, copper, or an alloy. With these materials, you are sure to have a freezer that will last you for years. 

Just like freezers from other brands, IceKing freezers will last you years as long as you handle them with care. Most parts of freezers are delicate and if not handled with care can easily break. 

Do IceKing Freezers Come With a Warranty?

The good news, all IceKing freezers come with a 2 years warranty. The warranty covers the repair or replacement of major parts and services.

Two years is a good warranty for a freezer given that there are brands that offer only a year warranty.

If you want the freezer rechecked, you can take it to the retail shop where you bought it. You cannot return it to the IceKing company directly. 

What Do Users Say About IceKing Freezers?

IceKing earned mixed reviews on various sites. It is easy to come across as many satisfied clients as the disappointed ones.

That was exactly the case with this brand. While in Amazon most clients tend to lean towards the positive review, the ones we came across on TrustPilot were uniformly negative.

Those who love these freezers find them quiet, easy to transport, and effective in keeping the food frozen. 

However, we have to admit that some clients find them less effective and incapable of keeping things cold. The other most common complaint was the faulty parts.


IceKing offers freezers that effectively serve the purpose they are designed for. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find great freezers from this brand. The good news, they are popular and always available in retail shops. Try one today and you are assured of a high-performing and durable product. 


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