Are Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Good

When handled properly, Chainsaws are one of the most valuable tools for gardening and various woodwork operations. 

Expert wood-craftsmen have advanced the art of using chainsaws to the point of creating a stunning piece of artwork with it. 

How do you know the best chainsaw to buy? Are Troy-Bilt chainsaws good?

Several new chainsaw buyers are bothered about the quality, durability, and efficiency of the saw they intend to buy. 

Troy-Bilt is a versatile tool that helps you handle a wide range of projects in your garden. Their chainsaws come in various sizes and engine power that cater to every category of users. 

Every Troy-Bilt engine is gas-powered, which accounts for the delivery of intense force to the blades. Besides, there is no need for excessive spending on electric power because it runs on gasoline. 

Being a 2-stroke engine, it is highly fuel-efficient.

Here is an overview of the Troy-Bilt chainsaw and a compilation of all the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase.  

The Quality of Troy-Bilt Chainsaws

Troy-Bilt chainsaws deliver the accurate power you need to tackle the project at hand. 

The chainsaw is designed to handle cutting jobs, pruning, and other lumbering functions that you may find challenging to do with crude garden tools. 

It is fitted with anti-vibration kits that make your work much more fun. The chain brake system of the Troy-Bilt chainsaw stops the chain when it’s not in use. 

Troy-Bilt is fitted with a spring-assist technology that allows users to vary the potential energy delivered during the start to create a hassle-free engine start-up.

Is Troy Built Ideal For Beginners?

Once you understand the handling and maintenance of the chainsaw, it is easy and ideal for all types of users. 

However, the chainsaw you choose should be determined by the kind of project you want to work on. 

Chainsaws vary in the power they deliver based on the engine that powers them.

Do Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Work Well?

Troy-Bilt chainsaws are made for a wide range of cutting projects. Generally, all chainsaws are produced to handle woodcutting jobs, and Troy-Bilt chainsaws are built especially to handle these kinds of jobs. 

Troy-Bilt offers a wide variety of chainsaws depending on the need. The type of result you get from the chainsaw is determined by the chainsaw features you choose. 

Using the wrong chainsaw for the wrong job would deliver a poor outcome

It is best to understand the task’s requirements and select the appropriate chainsaw for it.

A good practice is to choose a higher inches bar for a bigger log. 

Troy-Bilt is designed with a higher torque efficiency to handle wet logs, and the weight is lesser compared to other chainsaws in the same category

Overall, troy-Bilt is an excellent chainsaw to work with.

The Warranty on Troy-Bilt Chainsaws

Troy-Bilt products come with two years limited warranty. 

They also offer lifetime support to their customers

One of the most exciting facts about Troy-Bilt products is their customer service

They have a team of well-trained customer service experts who are always on the ground to attend to customer needs.

Is Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Safe?

If you follow the safety procedure outlined in the manual, a Troy-Bilt chainsaw should not give you any issues. 

All Troy-Bilt chainsaw has an anti-throwback and chain brake system that prevent work hazard. It is also best to pay prompt attention to any need for repair and maintenance

If any part needs to be fixed, take care of it immediately. Doing so would keep you safe and prolong the life of your chainsaw. 

Furthermore, it’s best to keep little children away from the area where you are handling any chainsaw to keep them safe and away from potential hazards.

Various Models Of Troy-Bilt Chainsaw And Their Prices

There are a variety of Troy-Bilt chainsaws to choose from and below are some of them.

TB4620C 20″ Gas Chainsaw 

TB4620C is a 20-inch high-power chainsaw with 46cc 2-stroke engines. It is highly efficient and performs excellently with all heavy-duty wood cutting projects. 

It comes fitted with a SpringAssist system which makes the starting easy.

TB4218 18″ Gas Chainsaw 

TB4218 is medium-sized of 18-inches and has a 42cc 2-stroke engine to power the blade.

It also features a spring-assist technology, chain brake, and an anti-vibration kit to make it easy to use.

TB4214 14″ Gas Chainsaw 

TB4214 is a 42cc 2-stroke engine chainsaw with a 14-inch bar. It uses a spring-assist pull start technology and a low-kickback bar. 

The chain is designed for optimized cutting and easy adjustment.

TB4216 16″ Gas Chainsaw $179

TB4216 is a 16-inches bar chainsaw with a 42cc 2-stroke engine. 

It comes with an automatic bar, a chain oiling system, and a spring-assist pull start.

The troy-built collection covers all bars to cater to all customer needs. 

Troy-Bilt has several chainsaw designs in progress to be released soon.

How Reliable are Troy-Bilt Chainsaws?

According to users’ reviews, Troy-Bilt has a track record of producing highly efficient products. 

Once you assemble it as specified in the user’s manual, the chainsaw is ready to use. All mechanical parts function perfectly. 

The main downside to Troy-Bilt chainsaws is the availability of replacement parts. The chainsaw parts are not readily available

However, most of its components can be replaced with Oregon products

Besides this downside, the Troy-Bilt chainsaw is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a lightweight implement for gardening work. 

Are Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Durable?

An average Troy-Bilt chainsaw has a lifespan of 5 years. Users have recorded an average of 12 months of use without replacing any part. 

However, you may need to constantly sharpen the blades, depending on how frequently you use the chainsaw. 

Most Troy-Bilt are used for heavy-duty tasks, which means that the blades would quickly get blunt

Regular sharpening improves the efficiency of the chainsaw. 

Apart from the dull blade, all other parts of Troy-Bilt are completely durable and will serve you for many years. 

Is Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Easy To Use? 

Troy-Bilt chainsaws have several built-in technologies that enhance operation. 

The automatic oiler helps feed oil to the chain and bar without interference from the operator

The built-in spring-assist also makes it easy to start the engine without the stress of repeated pull. 

All Troy-Bilt are lightweight and easy to maneuver. The user’s manual includes many efficient cutting techniques that make it fun to use. 

In a nutshell, Troy-Bilt offers an exceptional user experience. 

Wrapping Up

Finding the right chainsaw that serves your purpose could be a daunting process. 

However, once you find the ideal chainsaw for you, the experience is exhilarating. You may have to try out a variety of chainsaws to find the one that works best for you. 

Troy-Bilt chainsaw offers you a combination of versatility and power. Notwithstanding the quality of your chainsaw, knowing how to use it effectively increases the result derived from the tool. 

It is also critical to imbibe a healthy maintenance culture. Use the right proportion of fuel/oil mixture, and wear protective gear when operating the machine. 

Troy-Bilt provides warranty and technical support that you can access for up to two years from the purchase date in case of breakdown or malfunctions.


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