Who Makes These Outboard Motors & Where? (25 Brands Included)

an outboard Motor of a boat

The outboard motor industry is showing no signs of slowing down. With a current market size estimate of over $5.89 billion, the sector predicts a $7.10 valuation by 2028.

North America bears a large market hand in the industry. Stick around to learn more about the top outboard motor manufacturers. In this post, we introduce 25 leading outboard motor manufacturers.

Who Makes Force Outboard Motors?

The Chrysler Corporation originally manufactured Force outboard motors before being acquired by the US Marines in 1983. Its parent company was Bayliner. Three years later, Brunswick Corporation acquired Bayliner and Force.

The latter’s manufacturing plant is in Fond du Lac in Wisconsin, home to the Mercury Marine outboard assembly line.

Who Makes Coleman Outboard Motors?

The Parsun Power Machine Company currently manufactures Coleman outboards. The production plant is in China.

While this isn’t revealed explicitly, the motor’s owner’s manual has Parsun written on the warranty page.

Who Makes Tohatsu Outboard Motors?

Tohatsu is one of Japan’s oldest outboard motor manufacturers. It started its Marine Corporation side by side with Brunswick Corporation to build outboards in 1988.

That said, Tohatsu outboard motors are all made in central Japan. Since Mercury Marine is part of Brunswick, Tohatsu outboards are often rebadged as Mercury outboards.

Who Makes Mariner Outboard Motors?

Mariner Outboards was an Australian-owned company that sold rebadged outboard motors from the U.S. locally. These U.S.-made outboards came from the Brunswick Corporation.

The latter eventually bought Mariner but kept its name and ran the same manufacturing operations. That said, the production continues in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Who Makes Tracker Outboard Motors?

The White River Marine Group makes Tracker boats that use rebadged Mercury outboards. 

The company’s production facilities are all based in Missouri.

Who Makes Mercury Outboard Motors?

Mercury Outboard motors are all made by the Brunswick Corporation in the marine engine division.

Some older engines, namely the Mercury four-stroke, were created alongside Yamaha. Besides that, most Mercury productions occur in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Nonetheless, some engines with 40 to 60 H.P. are manufactured in Suzhou, China.

Who Makes Nissan Outboard Motors?

Nissan outboard motors are made by Tohatsu in Nagano, Japan. Nevertheless, according to the Nissan Marine website, the company has discontinued its sale of outboard motors from Tohatsu.

Previously, in 1999 to be particular, the company relied on Honda, another giant Japanese manufacturer of four-stroke motor productions.

Who Makes Parsun Outboard Motors?

Parsun is a subsidiary of the Chinese company Eastern Precision. Productions are primarily centered in China, with the assistance of Japanese and U.S. partners.

According to another source, Parsun is part of the U.S.-owned company Montenergy Inc., headquartered in Wisconsin. Parts of the outboard motor are outsourced from Germany, the U.K., Japan, and the U.S. Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturers are responsible for assembly.

Who Makes Aps Outboard Motors?

Aps outboard motors are made by the Parsun company in China. 

There isn’t much information regarding the outboard motor available online. That said, the product’s parts and assembly originate from China.

Who Makes Gamefisher Outboard Motors?

Gamefisher outboard motors are manufactured in Japan by Tanaka Power Equipment. 

The company also has other producers that rebadged to Gamefisher’s brand name. Some of them included Johnson, Mercury Marine, and Eska.

Who Makes Berkley Outboard Motors?

The M1 Distribution Inc. is responsible for Berkley’s outboard motor productions. 

Some of the company’s products are manufactured from Hidea factories in China.

Who Makes Johnson Outboard Motors?

The Johnson outboard motor company started with four brothers, Harry, Louis, Julius, and Lawrence, in Indiana before relocating to Illinois.

They began by producing aircraft and marine engines. By 1922, they branched into the Johnson Outboard Company.

The company merged with Evinrude to create Outboard Marine Corporation. After the latter went bankrupt in 2000, it was handed over to the Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products.

The Japanese giant Suzuki partially made productions between the 90s and 2000. Nonetheless, by 2007, due to low sales, Johson outboard motors were discontinued.

Who Makes Suzuki Outboard Motors?

Suzuki Marine, a subsidiary of the main Japanese company, produces Suzuki outboard motors.

The company’s outboard motor productions can be found in parts of Japan, Thailand, and China. 

Besides that, the motors are sold worldwide in Oceania, Africa, America, Asia, and Europe, earning its high-quality standard.

Who Makes Stinger Outboard Motors?

Stinger outboard motors were likely a product of the Outboard Marine Corporation. 

They came out around the 70s. The company had manufacturing facilities in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ontario.

Who Makes Javelin Outboard Motors?

The OMC made Javelin outboard motors. The production plants were headquartered in Wisconsin.

Some Javelin boats were manufactured in Murfreesboro. The OMC also owned Stratos at the time. After its bankruptcy, Genmar Holdings Inc. acquired both Javelin and Stratos.

Who Makes Lehr Outboard Motors?

Lehr discontinued its sale of outboard motors. 

The company faced issues in sales after producing its propane outboard motor. The product needed to be quieter for users.

Who Makes Sea King Outboard Motors?

Sea King outboard motors began their sale in 1933 under Montogomery Ward. 

The company supplied its marine engines from various sources, including OMC, Mercury, and Chrysler.

By 1986, Sea King outboard motors were discontinued from sale. That said, some of their production plants resided in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Who Makes Shakespeare Outboard Motors?

Parsun, a Chinese manufacturing company, likely supplied Shakespeare outboard motors. 

Some trolling options are available for purchase. Nonetheless, the company’s overall production is discontinued.

Who Makes Spirit Outboard Motors?

Spirit outboard motors are a product of Suzuki productions situated in Japan. A company called Arctic Enterprises Inc. was responsible for the operations. 

They imported the Suzuki outboards and relabeled them for American customers as Spirit in 1976.

After Arctic Enterprises went bankrupt around 1982, Suzuki independently entered the U.S. market under its original name.

Who Makes Hangkai Outboard Motors?

Hangkai Outboard Motors is a Chinese manufacturing brand. The company was created in 2004 and is based in Zhejiang Province in China.

The motors are globally distributed and offer budget-friendly options, including two-stroke and four-stroke options ranging from 2 to 30 horsepower.

Who Makes Maxus Outboard Motors?

Maxus is a Chinese-owned brand. The outboard motor company also has a production location in Indonesia.

It has several motor options, including two-stroke and four-stroke, running between 4 and 40 horsepower.

Who Makes Falcon Outboard Motors?

Founded in 2015, Falcon Boats is headquartered in Newberry, South Carolina. It primarily manufactures bass boats, including models like the F185, F20, and F21.

Suppose you’re looking for an ideal outboard motor to compliment a Falcon bass boat. In that case, we suggest browsing Mercury Marine’s four-stroke options.

Who Makes Hidea Outboard Motors?

Hidea outboard motors are produced by the Chinese-run company Hidea Power Machinery Co. Ltd. Their primary location is in Hangzhou, China.

The safety marine equipment manufacturer LALIZAS imports Hidea outboard motors to multiple countries, such as Croatia, Greece, and South Africa.

According to a Facebook post by Hidea Outboard Motors, the company is shutting down its North American production location.

Who Makes Vortex Outboard Motors?

Telwater originally kickstarted Vortex Marine in 2011. The company specializes in aluminum boats in Australia and is responsible for other brands like Savage and Stacer.

A factory near Parsons manufactures the outboard motors, which has previous years of experience in marine motor production.

Aside from that, Vortex outboard motors offer a budget-conscious option for boating enthusiasts.

Who Makes Evinrude Outboard Motors?

The Bombardier Recreational Products company owned Evinrude. The latter also owned Johnson outboard motors. 

In 2020, Evinrude Marine Motors announced a discontinuation of sales, particularly the E-TEC and E-TEC G2 engines.

That said, Evinrude was a prominent name in the outboard motor industry. The founder, Ole Evinrude, created the first commercially used motor in 1909.

Its factory productions were situated in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Besides that, the decision to close the company came due to the pandemic’s hard-hitting impact on the industry.

According to the CEO and president of Bombardier Recreational Products, José Boisjoli, “We will concentrate our efforts on new and innovative technologies and on the development of our boat companies, where we continue to see a lot of potential to transform the on-water experience for consumers.”

Final Thoughts

The outboard motor industry has vital players controlling the reigns, including companies like Suzuki, Brunswick, Honda Marine, Tohatsu, and Yamaha.

Despite multiple older brands signing out, new players in the outboard motor market emerge as demands for the product remain high.