Is Bernhardt Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Bernhardt Furniture Good Quality

Bernhardt has carved out a niche for itself in the furniture industry. 

The company’s products are renowned for adding a classic look to rooms in homes or office complexes.   

But is Bernhardt furniture good quality?

Yes, vintage Bernhardt furniture is recognized for its high-end values, unique styles, and creative designs. Most of the brand’s customers are influenced by the adorable and elegant designs of furniture pieces.

Read on to learn more about the manufacturer and its products.

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Bernhardt Furniture Background

John Mathias Bernhardt started his company in 1889. He focused his energy on producing quality and durable furniture pieces for both private and corporate customers. 

Since its inception, each successive generation has taken the company beyond what it used to be. 

But beyond keeping the company afloat for years, the successors have also maintained the original vision and standards of the founder.

Bernhardt is the oldest furniture manufacturer in the United States. 

With over 130 years of experience, it is not surprising that the furniture maker is a force to reckon with in the furniture industry.

Interestingly, Bernhardt has kept its factories open in its founding state of North Carolina up to this day.

Is Bernhardt Furniture Good Quality?

Bernhardt furniture uses thick timbers to produce durable works of art. 

The company focuses on making what can be best described as “monuments” for their customers to adore.

But there’s more to good quality than eye-catching designs. 

Thankfully, Bernhardt’s furniture designs and styles go beyond aesthetics to function and durability. 

In fact, some of its products manufactured back in the 70s are still available today for sale as used furniture.

Quality is one of the core values that Bernhardt is popularly known for. 

In the past, the manufacturer used Oak wood to create woodworks; stacking dressers and cabinets into freight rail cars. 

For consumers with a bias for vintage looks, some of the brand’s furniture pieces offer the best traditional styles, especially for home use. 

However, customers are generally more attracted to modern furniture designs of the brand these days. 

That’s not too surprising considering the company’s expertise at altering classic or traditional designs to create a more modern fit that appeals to the changing tastes and social desires of the new generation of homeowners.

Bernhardt Furniture Categories

Bernhardt offers several furniture designs for every room in the home and meets the styles and needs of a wide range of consumers. 

Here are some popular categories available in the Bernhardt furniture product line.

Bedroom Furniture

The manufacturer’s bedroom furniture is made to style!

Keep in mind that this brand specializes in making big-sized furniture. So, many of its bedroom furniture pieces will require considerable space. 

Some of the popular options in this category include the gigantic Bernhardt vintage dressers, massive Bernhardt beds, headboards, and chunky nightstands among several others.

Asian furniture

Bernhardt’s collection of Asian furniture is still as relevant today as it was in the past.  

The Asian furniture category includes pieces made with exotic hardwood with ornamental features and lacquer finishes. 

No doubt, these designs communicate impressive style and high taste!

That’s in addition to their classic look.  

Some of the products in the Asian furniture category date back to the 80s. Many of these furniture pieces feature traditional styling and finishing, such as black paint and lacquer, incised drawings of birds and flowers, and other vintage antiques. 

Many buyers who adore classic pieces opt for products in this category.

Dining Room Set 

Although the company is among the oldest furniture makers in the US, it tends to blend traditional designs with modern aesthetics. 

But the element of scale and size is still preserved in several of its furniture. 

For this reason, it is common to see many products in the dining room furniture category with thick tops coupled with simple pedestal base designs and well-crafted legs. 

The dining chairs are also designed with comfort in mind. They usually have upholstered seats with excellent frames. 

Most of the furniture frames have a theme of the old world. 

To complete the look of the dining room, Bernhardt offers magnificent china cabinets, vintage Bernhardt buffets, and more.

In addition to all of these, Bernhardt offers other furniture designs in its collections. These pieces of furniture are categorized as vintage Bernhardt furniture. 

They are made of high-quality solid wood and include products such as big armchairs, excellent low coffee tables, and beautiful large queen size beds among several others.

Prices of Bernhardt Furniture

The value of Bernhardt furniture varies based on its condition and style. 

Most Bernhardt Asian hutches cost between $800 and $2000. On the other hand, Asian Banquets are priced at around $600 to $1200. 

The price for the brand’s mahogany china cabinets ranges from $400 to $800, while the antique beds can cost anything from $300 to $900.

Common Problems of Bernhardt Furniture 

There is no question about the great products you can get from Bernhardt. However, there are a few issues to watch out for if you are looking to invest in the products. 

Some of the common problems include:

Peeling Leather Upholstery 

Some of the leather upholstery tends to peel off over time. 

However, this is not a problem with only Bernhardt. Instead, it is a common problem with most furniture companies with leather furniture. 

If you are planning to own any of Bernhardt’s furniture products with leather upholstery for a long time, it is best to be aware of this problem and plan towards possible refurbishing in the future. 

Customer Service Problems 

One of the biggest (and perhaps most annoying) problems of this company is its customer service.

Bernhardt is an old-school company. And even in this time and age, the company still holds on to some of its traditional ways.

For example, it uses snail mail for some of its operations to this day!

This creates some difficulty when customers need to contact the company for complaints, assistance, or other reasons.

Difficulties Getting a Replacement 

Some customers also encounter difficulties when trying to get a replacement for furniture parts. 

This challenge stems from the poor communication channel between the company and its customers. 

How to Choose Your Next Bernhardt Furniture

It is easy to get carried away by attractive designs, but buying furniture pieces based on aesthetics alone can be a costly mistake.

Even if you can afford a magnificent piece of furniture, here are some other factors to bear in mind before you make that purchase.

Know the Function of the Space

Most Bernhardt furniture comes in large sizes. 

Make sure to choose the products based on the function of the space where you plan to use the furniture. 

For example, if you are buying a set for your dining room, the function would include the number of people that would use the dining room over the lifetime of the dining set. 

If you are looking at an average of five users at a time, you can opt for a lower-end Bernhardt. 

A large number of people per sitting requires a larger set.

Choose Your Furniture Based on the Size of Available Space

Like the function of the space, the size of the available space should also influence the choice of furniture. 

If you have a small space in your home, it is best to opt for a smarter design. 

Fitting a huge piece of furniture into a small space would throw your interior décor off balance. 

Opting for smart designs would help you create aesthetics and flow.

Your Budget

Consider how much you plan to spend before you look through the different pieces. 

It is a common mistake to make purchase decisions based on trends. 

Don’t make this mistake!

Although many Bernhardt products tend to be on the higher side of the price spectrum, there are still many other moderately-priced options available.

So, you will likely find something suitable regardless of your budget.

It is also advisable to conduct adequate price research and compare prices across categories before you make the final purchase decision.

That’s because product prices may vary between regions. 

Conducting price research would help you save some money on your purchase.

Your Future Plans

Bernhardt products are not only created for functional purposes. Some of the furniture pieces appreciate over time. 

If you plan to resell your furniture when you relocate, it might be a good idea to buy high-end Bernhardt furniture.

Of course, this will depend on what you can afford.

Owning a piece of vintage furniture makes it easy to get a buyer when you decide to resell.

Wrapping Up

Bernhardt Furniture prides itself on its creativity and craftsmanship and has a reputation for making high-quality furniture. 

Little wonder many furniture outlets across the country have several collections of the company’s furniture pieces on display. 

With a mission to create pieces of furniture consumers would want to keep as monuments forever, Bernhardt holds its employees to a high standard of quality and art. 

As a result, the company’s products communicate excellent aesthetics and high quality in every room and space they occupy. 

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