8 Tractors Made in the USA (Quick Facts)

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A tractor is a general-purpose vehicle designed to stand different weather conditions and environments while serving you on the farm.

Many farmers often seek to get themselves a US tractor as they believe in the quality of the parts and the large consumer movement that ensures farmers get exactly what they need.

We surveyed and tested multiple tractors to give you a list of the best tractors made in the US. 

The best tractors in the world are generally made in the USA due to the availability of many genuine parts for assembly, great consumer protection, and competition between brands. Some tractor brands manufactured in the US are John Deere, Kubota, Challenger, Case-IH, Massey Ferguson, Bobcat, Ventrac, New Holland, Power Trac, Tilmor, Tuff-Bilt, CAT Claas, and many more.

Labeling tractors as made in the USA can be a bit simplistic as tractor manufacturing is not that simple. One machine can have many parts made in different countries and assembled in another. 

You cannot even rely on the company’s ownership to determine where they make tractors as they could entirely have all their operations overseas.

We shall simply explore where different tractors are assembled as one tractor company could have operations in multiple countries.

1. John Deere

John Deere is the only tractor manufacturer that is still an original US company. The tractor company was established in 1873, producing agricultural, construction, and forest machinery.

In 1912 the company worked on the first tractor model, the John Deere Model D, which came out a decade later in 1923. The tractor powerhouse has made several other models and tractors.

John Deere has more than 65,000 employees worldwide working on its tractor, but the highest concentration of factories is in the US. Not all models are made in the same locations, and some may even vary in features such as 4WD.

There are four main tractor factories in the US: one in Augusta, Georgia, that produces compact and utility tractors, another in Waterloo IO, producing agricultural tractors. The other two are in Greenville, Tennessee, and Horicon, Wisconsin, making Lawn and Garden tractors.

Nonetheless, several factories outside the US cater to the international market in China, Argentina, Brazil, India, Germany, and Russia.

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2. Tilmor

Timor is another Family owned tractor company operating in Ohio dealing with small tractor units. Their raptor is cheap and suited for the small farmer and producer. 

The tractor manufacturing company is involved in agricultural extension services. The two main tractors they make are 22 Hp and 22 Hp for hard work.

3. Massey Furgerson

Popular for their iconic red tractors, Massey Ferguson is one of the most iconic American tractors. Massey Fergerson was formed from a merger of the Canadian Massey-Harris and the Ferguson Company of the UK  before AGCO acquired it. 

Massey Fergusson has its headquarter in Duluth, Georgia, to handle its US manufacturing operations.

There are various multi-billion-dollar manufacturing facilities in the US with a skilled workforce that produce the beautiful rad tractors for use in the US through a larger portion of the brand’s tractors is made in France.

4. New Holland 

Case New Holland (CNH) tractors are owned by the Italian company Fiat, the second-largest agricultural manufacturer in 2007. CNH had 28,000 employees worldwide working on its tractor production and recording $12.1 billion in global sales.

Prior to its acquisition by Fiat, CNH was one of the largest tractor manufacturers in the US. Currently, it has manufacturing plants in Britain, France, Austria, Brazil, Australia, Uzbekistan, and China.

The tractor company has two brands – New Holland Construction and New Holland Agriculture.

The two brands cover different markets and are stocked in over 170 countries. New Holland tractors range from medium to high capacity tractors with under 40 HP to up to above 300 HP.

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5. CAT

Caterpillar Inc (CAT) is a corporation with its hand in many jars but is most famous for its large tractors, excavators, bobcats, and other agricultural and industrial heavy machinery.

Caterpillar began in the Tractor market in the 19-century producing steam tractors. They have been part of almost all the tractor development in the United States and globally from19th century. 

They were so successful that by 1910 they were already exporting tractors worldwide from their plant in Illinois.

CAT continued to grow, acquiring companies and factories to expand its production to many regions in the US and almost every country.

CAT introduced the Challenger range of tractors in 1970 though the product was marketed in Europe as Claas.

In 1997 Claas and  Caterpillar formed a joint venture before it sold off its rights and plant to class to use the CAT name in 2002.

It also sold the challenger name and CAT name to AGCO the same year, leaving the agricultural tractor business for construction tractors.

Caterpillar has more than 60 primary locations in 25 states in America that handle its tractors’ manufacture.

Most of its manufacturing employees are in the US despite having global manufacturing plants. Large track tractors are manufactured in East Peoria, Illinois, while the Smallest track-type tractors are manufactured in Athens, Georgia.

6. Ventrac

Ventrac is a popular small tractor manufacturer dealing with tractors ranging from 18hp to 25hp. The company has had speedy growth with three model series in operations.

The company follows Marvin Steiner’s footsteps of continuous development and supporting the local community. 

Ventrac has a global customer base while running almost all of its operations in Ohio. Each of the three Ventic tractor model series has more than one model number except the SSV series.

7. Tuff-Bilt

Tuff-Bilt is among the most user-friendly tractors in the USA. They are versatile and support many implements on the field despite being small and lightweight.

The company has had an up and down trajectory. They spent at least 16 years frozen before making another tractor in 2007 since its last in 1989. 

Its versatility and ease of operation have made Tuff-Bilt the best choice for small-scale and large-scale farmers. 

The company has a manufacturing office in  Walthill, NE, United States, manufacturing three different TuffBilt models. The models are designed to work on gasoline, Air Cooled Diesel, and EFI Engine Gasoline.

8. Power Trac

Imagine building equipment for home use and developing it into a large viable business. Power Trac is a family company that began building tractors from a young age.

Power Trac machines are versatile and long-lasting. Most customers love the tractor brand since they deal with them directly rather than with dealers.

The company handles its operations in the low power tractor with 18hp to 65hp. The company manufactures and does all operations from the US but sells worldwide.

Final Thoughts

There are many tractor brands in the USA that are taking advantage of what the US market has to offer. 

Global acquisitions of the native US tractor manufacturers by big businesses like AGCO have made it hard to differentiate one brand from the other as one company has more than one tractor.

Some tractors are made from different locations, while some are just assembled in the US. However, the manufacturing process differentiates tractors made in the USA.





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