5 Problems With John Deere 5090m (Explained)

John Deere tractor 5090m problems

John Deere 5090m is one of the best quality compact tractors that is a great option for entry-level tractor users. 

Despite this model enjoying a lot of praise from users, there are some common problems that some of the users have reported.

Let’s have a look at some of these problems and how you can address them when they arise. 

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5 Common Problems with John Deere 5090m Tractors

1. John Deere Transmission Problem

A notable number of John Deere 5090m users reported transmission problems. The majority of these were farmers who we realized put their tractors to serious heavy working. 

When the tractor is frequently put to extremely heavy work, the transmission experiences a clutch pack to wear. 

If you allow that to happen, the transmission will require a rebuild. But as you can see, this is a problem you can prevent by using your tractor responsibly. 

An intense vibration during operation also loosens or potentially breaks down or simply wears down moving parts. Fixing loose parts is always easy, but when they are worn out, you will have to do a replacement. 

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2. Engine Failure 

The majority of John Deere users report engine failures. John Deere 5090m is not left behind either. 

There are several issues that may lead to engine failure in a tractor, including: 

Driving your tractor with a broken valve

When driving your tractor with a broken valve, The piston can be hammered into the valve and if this is done repeatedly, it can cause metal fragments to move throughout the engine. 

The fragments may make the cylinder head and turbo stuffy. Eventually, a sizable piston will develop in the liner thereby affecting your engine operation.

Repairing this may involve fitting a complete top-end engine overhaul kit, including uprated bolts, plus a turbo as well as piston and liners. For that reason, it is not an easy task and may require a professional. 

Dead battery

For a dead battery, start by cleaning the posts. The posts should be cleaned using an abrasive substance such as a mixture of baking soda and water. 

If that doesn’t work, your battery may be completely dead. Check the warning signs of a dead battery such as swollen cases. You can take it to a mechanic to help you test it. If the battery is completely dead, you will have to replace it. 

Clogged fuel filters or fuel lines

A clogged fuel line and filter have been a major cause of engine failure in John Deere 5090m tractors.

The good news is, you can solve the problem by simply cleaning them or you can replace them altogether.

Overheating engine

Part of your tractor engine can also get overheated making the entire engine fail. Low coolant level is always the main cause of overheated engines which can be corrected by simply topping it up. 

Dirty radiator fins can also raise the temperature of your engine. Always keep it clean to prevent your engine from being overheated.

Jammed fuel injection pump

Dirty emissions, misfire, increased fuel consumption, and the engine failing to start are all signs of a bad injection pump.

Attending this problem by yourself may cost you a lot more money than involving a professional. 

3. John Deere 5090m Brake System Problem

John Deere 5090m models have the habit of the discs breaking up and going around the system. You should not allow the disc to break and if it does, you should change it immediately. 

Discs don’t cost a lot and are easy to replace. But if they are left for too long without replacement, the cost begins to rise.

John Deere 5090m discs were made to last for years if handled with care. But with heavy use, you will have to replace them more frequently.

4. 5090m Series Water Pump

John Deere 5090m tractor water pumps break from time to time. One of the signs is an overheated tractor engine. You realize your engine is overheated when the temperature gauge goes to red. 

Other signs your tractor water pump may be bad include a whining noise that becomes louder with acceleration and steam coming from the radiator.

Just like a bad water pump is simple to diagnose, the same way it is easy to correct. It can only take you not more than three hours to replace. Besides, they cost around $140 only.

5. 5090m Fuel System Problem

Several factors can interfere with the effective flow of fuel to the engine. For instance, air can get trapped in the fuel system or fuel freezing in the fuel tank in the cold region. These are problems that can find you with any other tractor regardless of the brand.

You can use a vacuum pump to remove the air. For the frozen fuel, simply add a few gallons of gasoline to the tank. The gasoline will warm the fuel in the tank and stop it from freezing. 

How Much Does a 5090m Weigh?

The weight of a tractor is a very important factor particularly in a loader or a tractor designed to pull and drive other machinery. Heavyweight tractors are known to lift or drive a lot of weight. 

That said, how much a tractor weighs will depend on what it is designed to do. John Deere 5090m is a commercial tractor and is designed for heavy jobs. 

These tractors weigh around 8157 lbs (3700 kg) which is a lot of weight compared to most tractors out there. 

How many Horsepowers is a 5090m John Deere Tractor?

The John Deere 5090m may not be the most powerful among John Deere models but still boasts great horsepower. On average, they have a rated power of 89.3hp. The maximum engine power can be up to 92.8hp.

This is a bit low compared to that of the most powerful John Deere tractor that boasts around 650hp. But this is enough for commercial purposes.

Does the John Deere 5090m Tractor Come with a Warranty?

Just like other John Deere tractors, this model now comes with an extended warranty that covers beyond the normal factory warranty terms. Just contact your nearest dealer to learn more about this warranty. 

The extended service plan helps you prevent downtime with regular maintenance, expert inspection, and quality. 

You can also get damage insurance that offers protection for damages caused by vandalism, severe weather, collision, overturn, and theft.


If you own a John Deere 5090m tractor or you are planning to purchase one, you don’t have anything to worry about now. We have outlined some of the most common problems and how to address them. 

In case you experience problems beyond what we have discussed, please feel free to share with us or contact your nearest dealer shop. 

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