6 Problems With John Deere 5100m (Reasons Revealed)

John Deere 5100m problems

If you are anything like me, you never want to buy a troublesome tractor. So understanding some of the most common problems you may encounter with any tractor and how to solve them is an important decision. 

For John Deere, 5100m tractors, the most common problems are detected in the engine, steering wheel, gear, water pump, brake system, and Auto Quad transmission clutch pack. 

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a new John Deere 5100m tractor, a used one, or just curious, this article is for you. We are going to address all these problems and how to handle them. 

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6 Most Common Complaints from John Deere 5100m Tractor Users

1. Diesel Engine Won’t Start

This is the most common complaint we came across. Several reasons contribute to this problem ranging from simple issues such as empty fuel tanks to complicated issues such as jammed fuel injection pumps.

In summary, here are some of the potential reasons your diesel engine may fail to start: 

  • A dead battery
  • Clogged fuel filters or fuel lines
  • Damaged or broken mechanical parts
  • Overheating engine
  • Contaminated diesel fuel
  • Jammed fuel injection pump
  • Empty fuel tank

For a dead battery, you should begin by cleaning the posts with something abrasive such as a mixture of baking soda and water.

If this doesn’t work, your battery may be completely dead. examine it by looking at the warning signs such as a swollen case or take it to a mechanic to test it for you.

A clogged fuel filter or fuel line should be the first thing your mind goes to when your engine fails to start. Check if they are dirty and clean or simply replace them. 

If you realize part of your tractor engine is overheated, the simplest reason for this is lack of coolant. if your coolant level is low, simply top up or replace it altogether. 

But other factors can lead to an overheated engine including a dirty radiator fin. If your radiator fin is dirty, clean by blowing the dirt using an air compressor. 

If the issue is with your fuel injection pump, I would recommend taking your machine to a mechanic. Attending this by yourself may end up costing more than when you involve a professional. 

Damaged parts may also be complicated depending on what is damaged. If the part is damaged beyond repair, there is no quick fix for this and you will have to take it to a mechanic. 

Simple cases like contaminated fuel or empty tanks are easy to deal with. For contaminated fuel, you will have to replace it. For an empty tank, just fill your tank.

2. The Steering Wheel is Loose or Rotates Tight 

There are two common problems that John Deere 5100m tractor users complain about regarding their steering wheels: 

  • The steering wheel turns around very easily 
  • The steering wheel operates tight

Steering wheel rotating around so easily may be a result of steering cylinder malfunction. If a steering cylinder malfunction is the cause, you will have to perform the repair. 

The steering wheel can also get loose as a result of a worn-out steering pump. This will require replacement.

You may also inspect the hydraulic oil level in the tank. A low hydraulic oil level can also make the steering wheel lose. If this is the case, you will simply top it up.

At the same time, a low oil level can be a reason for your tractor steering operating tight.  

Other issues that can make your steering wheel rotate tight include open/ unsealed hydraulic connections, defective steering pumps, and power steering defects. So if your tractor steering wheel rotates tight, these are the areas to diagnose. 

 3. 5100m Tractor Gear Fails 

In most cases, when your tractor gear fails, you will realize funny noises coming from the front axle of your tractor.

When your tractor produces a funny sound from this region, inspect your gear and do the replacement if it is the cause. 

4. The Water Pump Fails

When water pumps fail, which is a common problem, the tractor rapidly overheats.

This is the surest way to diagnose a failed water pump. When the tractor gets hot, the gauge gets red and the overheating warning buzzer goes off. For that reason, this problem is easy to spot before any damage is done.

When your tractor water pump fails, you will have to buy a new one and replace it. Water pumps don’t cost a lot and are easy to replace. 

5. Auto Quad Transmission Clutch Pack Fail

Sometimes Deere 5100m Auto Quad can wear out and fail, particularly when you engage your tractor to do a lot of heavy work. 

Though the pack will cost you some substantial amount of money, rebuilding it is not hard. If you are a DIY enthusiast, the project can take around three days to complete. 

Bring the transmission down so that you can access the pack, and rebuild it. But if you are not so sure about what you are doing, you can involve a professional. 

6. Damaged Brake

John Deere tractor parts are built to last and with sensible driving, the 5100m tractor brake can last several years. However, heavy users can cause damage to the brakes very quickly. 

The discs should be changed before they start breaking and going around the system. The discs may cost between $150 to $200 and replacing them can take a day. 

However, the cost may rise when you use them while broken for too long. Besides, if you delay with the broken disc, debris can get into the suction screen in the rear disc housing which will require cleaning. So the earlier you inspect and detect the problem the better. 

How Wide is a John Deere 5100M 2016 Series?

The width of a tractor is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a tractor. In most cases, a wider tractor means a wide ground clearance, and this is one aspect that any tractor user will be happy about.

John Deere 5100M 2016 Series boasts a ground clearance of 17.9 / 454 with a Front Tread Width of 52.8 / 1340 and Rear Tread Width of 53.1 / 1348. This is great coverage and one of the best you will find in the market. 

What are the Average Hours on a 5100m John Deere Tractor?

John Deere 5100m engine is made to last you several hours if well maintained. The diesel engine averages about 6,000 to 8,000 engine hours before requiring more unscheduled maintenance. 

If well maintained, the engine may last longer, averaging up to 10,000 engine hours. Therefore, you need to take care of your tractor and service it properly if you want the engine to last longer. 


There can be many other problems with your John Deere 5100m tractors but the ones we have addressed are the most common.

The good thing is, the most common problems with this tractor are very easy to handle. Where you find it hard, simply contact a professional or you can share with us on this site. 

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