5 Problems With The New Holland T9 (Explained)

New Holland tractors problems

The New Holland T9 is one of the favorite tractors from the New Holland conglomerate. 

As a 4WD tractor, it is currently a leading product in the US tractor market. However, there are a few issues you need to be aware of if you are eyeing the machine. 

One of the prevailing problems is the hydraulic system. You can lose up to 900 fan rpm, which reduces the flow to the fan for up to 6 seconds. Besides the fan issue, the hydraulic filter is another cause of concern with this model.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at other areas you need to watch out for if you are considering the New Holland tractor T9. 

1. Faulty FPT Engines

Normally, the FPT engines that come with the Holland T9 tractors are fantastic and work great at the initial stage. 

Although it could develop a few mechanical faults here and there, that is not really the main cause for concern. 

The real issue begins with the quality of fuel that passes through the engine. 

All it takes is just a little contaminant in the fuel filter and the console will reveal an error message. 

Some farmers make do with replacing the fuel filters. 

However, that is only a temporary solution. The problem will still crop up in the future and create some serious frustrations in the long run. 

While the design of the FPT engine is great, it is highly sensitive. This means it can easily stop working even if there is only a slight fault. 

In other words, you may likely end up making repeated visits to your mechanic’s shop, and that could be quite frustrating.

In some cases, the engine problem might be caused by a broken shaft sensor. If this happens, it will allow the hydraulic oil to freely move into the engine and cause problems.

In addition to the shaft sensor issue, the temperature sensor could also be another cause of engine problems. 

2. Frequent Breakdown of Transmission Gears

The Ultra Command full powershift transmission of the T9 series is fitted with 16 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. 

While this is a regular feature with the entire New Holland tractor family, the T9 series seems to have a hard time working with the power shift.

But to put things in a clearer perspective, the entire transmission looks tough and that’s a good thing. 

In fact, the new control system is operated by a command grip handle, which is positioned near the driver. 

This feature gives unrestricted access by using the fingertip access for a push button to control speed. 

However, the problem arises when the operator presses down on this button too hard that it starts to malfunction. 

This can generate increased friction between the gears – and that’s a mechanic’s nightmare!

3. Breakdown of the Hydraulic Valves 

The New T9 series come with standard flow pumps. The pumps deliver up to 159 Lpm and 216 Lpm, respectively.

The MegaFlow pump could become sluggish after many work hours. In many cases, the main issue with this sluggishness can be traced to the hydraulic compensator valve.

Typically, the models in the T9 series that tend to develop this problem are the tractors that have a loader attached.

And that’s because they need to work with the pump and valve as you use them on the farm. 

Other times, the line check valves in the load sense might be the issue and need minor repairs to correct the problem. 

Thankfully, many mechanics can quickly fish out the faults in the valves and fix them. 

But that’s usually a temporary solution. 

If the hydraulic valves are faulty and you continue to use the machine, it can lead to the complete breakdown of the hydraulic system altogether. 

4. Issues with the Power Take-Off Light

The failure of the tractor to pick up faults with the take-off light could result in the machine not starting up. 

This is a common problem with all models of New Holland tractors but can be more serious with the T9 series. 

The power take-off light displays most error codes, including a worn-out engine filter. If this happens, it means the hydraulic oil will leak into the engine. 

If there is a problem with the take-off light, you are less likely to notice that the oil gauge has reached a very low level. 

One of the reasons this can go unnoticed is the size of the indicator light. 

It is tiny on the dashboard, so you will hardly notice when the light doesn’t show up. 

Not quickly noticing the absence of this indicator light can easily lead to other issues with the tractor.

5. Inadequate Customer Support

While the New Holland tractor company is an international brand, there are still many improvements to be made in customer support. 

The reviews about this aspect of the company leave more to be desired. 

As a modern tractor, many farmers expect a notification with the update of a request, order, or complaint. 

Many customers complain of waiting hours before an agent speaks to them about a raised ticket. 

As it stands, getting your queries met satisfactorily seems to be a game of luck. 

Sometimes, you might get a speedy response from the company.  

At other times, you may have to join a frustratingly long queue where it takes almost forever to get a response from customer support. 

General Pros and Cons of the New Holland T9 Series

Here’s a quick look at some of the major advantages and disadvantages of the T9 Series.


  • The entire T9 series is set up for the modern-day farmer
  • Maximum traction under load thanks to the natural weight distribution
  • The engine delivers high torque with low revs and can easily climb hilly terrains
  • It comes with an excellent air condition system with extra space in the cab for the operator to feel relaxed


  • It is expensive 
  • The engine is sensitive and tends to breakdown rather quickly

General Review of the New Holland T9 Series

Although there are a few faults with the T9 series, many customers are content with the beast. After all, getting a perfect tractor model is nearly impossible.

Most users rate the tractor highly and will recommend it to their fellow farmers!

Some of the top models for the T9 series include:

  • New Holland T9.435
  • New Holland T9.480
  • New Holland T9.530
  • New Holland T9.565
  • New Holland T9.600
  • New Holland T9.645
  • New Holland T9.700

Each of these models features the same plan that creates a comfortable environment for the operator to have fun while operating the machines. 

When you compare the T9 series with other series from the same company, it offers better specifications, reviews, and pricing. 

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the T9 series from New Holland Agriculture Company is a good buy.

However, it is not without some problems. 

The good thing about the tractor series is that most of the problems can be easily fixed by experienced mechanics. 

If you are eyeing any model from the T9 series, now you have an honest review of what to expect from them. 


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