Goodman vs American Standard HVAC: 4 Tips to Help You Choose

Goodman vs American Standard HVAC

Winter and summer call for using special units to keep the house warm or cool. If it’s time to replace the HVAC system at home, you can consider Goodman or American Standard. 

Goodman and American Standard are quality HVAC brands in the market. However, American Standard makes more premium ACs and furnaces with better Energy Efficiency ratings than Goodman. But, in terms of warranty duration, Goodman beats American Standard. 

Learn more about the 2 brands before choosing. Know the SEER ratings, special features, and pricing, then place an order. 

4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right HVAC

Goodman and American Standard are not new companies in the HVAC industry. They’ve been making quality HVAC units like air conditioners for quite some time. 

But, when you want to buy a new unit, it’s important to learn about both and choose. 

1. What is their Energy Efficiency Rate?

It’s no secret that the world requires more energy-efficient eco-friendly units. That is why choosing a unit to buy goes beyond how it looks. Energy efficiency accounts for a huge percentage of people buying specific units and leaving others alone. 

Air conditioners come in handy during summer when the temperatures rise. Cooling requires energy. However, an energy-efficient unit won’t use a lot of energy. Therefore, whenever I head out to pick a unit, I want to know about its SEER rating. 

While Goodman does have affordable and quality units, American Standard has more to offer for Energy Efficiency. Some of the company’s air conditioners have quite a high SEER rating. 

At the moment, the most Energy Efficient unit from the company is the AccuComfort Platinum 20 Air Conditioner. Its SEER rating is up to 22 with variable cooling stages. 

American Standard also has equally efficient furnaces like the Platinum 95 Gas furnace. It has an AFUE rating of 97.3%, followed by the Gold S9V2-VS with 97%. 

Goodman has a lower range for customers to choose from when seeking air conditioners and furnaces. However, they too have an Energy Efficient AC, GVXC20, with a 24.5 SEER Rating. 

2. What is the Cost of ACs and Furnaces?

Pricing is tricky when comparing American Standard with Goodman. On the company website, both refrain from stating the price of the units. They sell to third parties who sell to consumers. 

While you might compare the energy efficiency of the two, pricing needs further investigation. The trick is to call your local AC vendor and get a quote. Some online platforms do stock the units, so this is also a great place to know the prices of ACs and Furnaces. 

An example is the American Standard Silver 14 Air Conditioner. It’s the best when it comes to budget-friendly, but pricing can range from $3580 to $6180. This usually includes the installation fee that technicians add to the quote. 

Goodman’s pricing can start from $2130 onwards, including installation fees. American Standard appears costly, but always get a quote that includes the installation fee before choosing. Some HVAC companies even have offers for their customers that cut the installation. 

3. What is the Warranty Term?

Buying a new air conditioner or furnace system means spending several thousand dollars. Often you can’t do the installation on your own, so this hikes the cost. It’s better to guarantee that the unit is effective when you buy it, so you need the warranty. 

There’s no doubt that American Standard and Goodman have a great reputation. Their longevity is thanks to the durable HVACs that they build. But, Goodman takes the lead when you take note of the warranty you receive after purchasing a new system. 

Goodman has specific HVACs that you can buy and get a lifetime warranty. Usually, these are costlier and require investing more money. However, American Standard only offers customers a maximum of 12 years per warranty. 

4. What is the Expected Lifespan?

Buying a new HVAC system is an investment. It’s always standard that a new unit needs to last more than a decade before replacing it. But, this always depends on how you take care of your ACs and furnaces. 

A good quality, well serviced American Standard unit can serve you for 15 to 20 years. In the past, older models would only work for about 10 to 12 years before buying a new one. But, better technology means an improved lifespan for American Standard HVACs. 

Goodman, on the other hand, only lasts 10 to 15 years. However, this can extend to 20 years with proper maintenance and repair.

Still, even with better technology, how you use a unit matters and will dictate how long it lasts. Plus, also go for proper professional installation to avoid any problems. 

Which Features are Worth Noting on Goodman HVACs?

Some special features to look forward to when using a Goodman HVAC are:

Cool and Warm Climate Units

Diversity is available when you get the Goodman HVACs. In warmer places that get hot summers, the best ACs are DSXC16 and DCSXC 18. The DCSXC 18 is the best if you live in a hot and arid climate. 

On the other hand, living in cooler climates, you can buy the GSX13 or GSX14. 

Two-Stage Units

Adjusting the thermostat will determine the functional capacity of the HVACs. At 65%, you can receive air conditioning with better balance and low noise levels. 

However, adjusting to 100% means the house gets cooler because it’s extremely hot outside. Luckily, the unit catches up fast. 

Easy Installation

Buying a new HVAC system is only the beginning. You must find someone with the skills to set it up. Goodman is a popular brand that many HVAC companies rely on to get ACs and furnace systems. Therefore, I found it easier to have my new AC set up when I upgraded. 

Which Features are Worth Noting on American Standard HVACs?

American Standard has some special features worth noting, such as:

Two-stage Compressors

The American Standard ACs have 2-stage compressors that have an easier time adjusting running speed. This is how the company manages to produce energy-efficient units with a top SEER rating.

These use up less energy, but you have to be patient when waiting for a space to get cool. 

Lower Noise Levels

The beauty of American Standard is that you don’t have to worry about noisy AC. The manufacturer ensures each unit has rubber and thermosetting plastic around the compressors. Having these insulating materials ends up reducing the noise leaking from the AC. 

Technological Advancements

American Standard is a brand that I enjoy since I like technology. One can do much, including controlling the unit using WIFI. This isn’t possible with the Goodman HVACs. 

Such technological advancements make it easier to work with a smart thermostat. 


American Standard takes the lead when you try to choose between it and Goodman. It has various premium HVACs that you can select from depending on your budget. 

Goodman does have plenty of merits, so it can also be a good choice, especially for a budget-friendly purchase. 

However, before making a choice, consider a few points. Check out the energy efficiency, price, warranty, and lifespan. Also, consider features like noise levels, technological advancements, and ease of installation.