Are Hurlimann Tractors Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Hurlimann Tractors Good

Hurlimann tractors are excellent tractors well-suited for the rugged and unforgiving Swiss terrain. The tractors have anti-drive and anti-roll systems, low center of gravity, continuous transmission, and front axle suspension. 

Other features include dynamic traction control and a hydraulic parking brake system to prevent the tractor from slipping down sloppy areas.

Assuming that the tractors won’t perform well in flat grounds would be misleading as they’re also suited for flat ground tillage. 

If Hurlimann tractors are that good, then why haven’t most people heard of them? Read on to find out.

The Quality of Hurlimann Tractors

Hurlimann tractors are high-quality, reliable tractors initially designed and produced with the Swiss farmer in mind. Switzerland is mainly occupied by mountains, a plateau of hills, large lakes, and plains. 

Not any other average tractor could perform well in such harsh terrain.

Therefore, Hurlimann invested resources in research and development to produce a strong, compact, aggressive, and agile tractor. Rigid tractors would have been difficult to control, given the terrain.

Hurlimann was among the first companies to adopt a 4-wheel drive mechanism for its production tractors. The 4-wheel drive coupled with tires that reduce compaction and slippage while maximizing traction makes the tractor good for hilly regions.

Hurlimann tractors fall in the same performance range as John Deere, Deutz-Fahr, Kubota, and New Holland.

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Who Makes Hurlimann Tractors?

Hurlimann tractors are made and sold by the SAME, Deutz-Fahr (SDF) Group. The company is located in Treviglio. 

Hurlimann is part of SDF’s agricultural machinery products, including SAME, Deutz-Fahr, Gregoire, and Lamborghini Trattori. The tractors have a wide range of engine capacities for every farm and turf task, with 25 hp to 440 hp engines.

Hurlimann was founded by Hans Hurlimann in 1929 and has undergone various mergers to stay relevant in the ever-evolving tractor industry. In 1979, it was acquired by SAME Group, and the group changed its name to SAME-Lamborghini-Hurlimann (SLH) group.

However, with the acquisition of German tractor giant Deutz-Fahr by SLH Group in 1995, Hurlimann was sidelined. The group changed its name to SAME, Deutz-Fahr (SDF) Group.

Pros and Cons of Hurlimann Tractors

Hurlimann tractors perform well in hilly locations and high-intensity tasks. That might seem eye-catching enough to tempt you to buy the tractor. But before you go on to buy, let’s look at some of its pros and cons so that you make a wiser move.


  • Hurlimann tractors have excellent power braking mechanisms. 

With better drives in sloppy grounds, Hurlimann developed well-calibrated power brakes for its tractors. 

The brakes’ hydraulic circuit is constantly pressured to respond immediately with minimal pressure on the brakes.

  • Hurlimann tractors use Deutz engines that are famous for their excellent fuel economy. 

Deutz engines’ fuel economy is the best amongst all tractor companies globally. 

A farming task that would have consumed 4 gallons in any other tractor takes approximately 2.5 gallons with a Deutz engine.

The SCR technology aids in reducing the number of Nitrogen oxides emitted to the atmosphere.

  • Hurlimann tractors have an excellent traction force. 

Working on sloppy grounds without sufficient traction is not a very wise move. 

Therefore, Hurlimann tractors are built to ensure that the tractor weight is well distributed to give all four wheels sufficient grip. 

Good traction enables the tractors to transport large loads with excellent maneuverability. 


  • Hurlimann spares are hard to come by. 

The SDF Group hasn’t actively put in the effort to distribute Hurlimann tractor spares in its dealerships. Instead, the company prefers SAME and Deutz-Fahr tractors.

You will find just one or two dealerships in each country outside of Switzerland or Germany.

  • Hurlimann tractors have a weak resale value. 

The availability of spares and aftersale services enhances a brand’s resale value. Unfortunately, Hurlimann suffers in this department. 

And given that you might get frustrated with the tractor in the future, it would be wise to find out if there’s a dealership in your region before buying one.

What is the Warranty on Hurlimann Tractors?

Hurlimann tractors have the same warranty offered by the SDF Group for all its tractors.

The SDF ExtraCare is a perfect customer-oriented cover that is customizable to suit your needs. It comes in two packages. 

A 3 years/3000 hours and five years/5000 hours warranties- whichever happens first between the hours and the years.

Some ExtraCare features include

●     Customized warranty terms

●     Access to original spare parts and lubricants

●     Better Hurlimann tractor reselling options

●     You’re guaranteed optimum power over the tractor’s operational costs

●     It is transferable if a new owner acquires a Hurlimann Tractor

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Hurlimann Tractors’ Reviews

Hurlimann tractors are highly rated tractors that perform exceptionally well in chilling mountain conditions. 

A look at and shows that the tractor receives many positive reviews from past and present owners. 

Some love its Lamborghini-like color, comfortable seat, good grip, and excellent stability on rough grounds even with bigger loads.

The tractor’s only negative has to do with the hard-to-find spares. SDF doesn’t seem interested in Hurlimann tractor sales outside Switzerland.

So Should You Buy One?

Depends. If there’s a good SDF dealership in your area, consult first if they stock Hurlimann spare parts. If they don’t stock the parts or there isn’t a dealership in your region, it’s better if you avoid the tractor at all costs.

The problem isn’t with the tractor but with the company’s refusal to market it more.

Prices of Common Hurlimann Tractors Models

Listed below are some common Hurlimann brands 

Prestige 488T$24,759
Hurlimann XB95$30,452
Hurlimann XT105$37,734
Hurlimann XT105T$37,734
Hurlimann XT110$29,128

My Take on Hurlimann Tractors

Hurlimann tractors are good tractors that will suit you well, especially from hilly regions. They’re durable, use the famed SAME/Deutz engines, are reliable, and have excellent operating efficiency.

If you live in Switzerland, or the surrounding areas like Germany or France, or anywhere close to an SDF dealership, you can buy the tractor. However, avoid the tractor at all costs if you live in areas that don’t have an SDF dealership network. Finding spare parts will be difficult at the minimum and impossible at the worst.

SDF withdrew Hurlimann and Lamborghini from the Irish and the UK markets to focus on SAME and Deutz-Fahr sales. That’s the situation in most SDF dealerships.

If you’re to go with the brand, then, at the very least, pick one that is a rebranded Deutz or SAME. Doing so will ensure better accessibility to parts and services if SDF decides to do away with the brand in your area.

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