Are RK Tractors Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

RK Tractors Good

TYM makes some of the best tractors when it comes to quality and affordability.

The manufacturer’s RK (Rural King) Tractors are made for leading US tractor brands and feature first-rate diesel engines.

RK Tractors are an excellent choice for users looking for affordable options without compromising performance and quality. Every RK Tractor comes with all the standard features you can expect from a fully-loaded farm machine.

Keep reading to learn more about one of the most reliable tractors for US farmers. 

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Who Manufactures the RK Tractors?

RK Tractors are produced by the Tong Yang Moolsan (TYM) Company in South Korea. However, the assembly is done in the United States. 

The final coupling before the tractors hit the market is done at the Rural King assembly plants in Ohio and Florida. 

Unlike some other manufacturers, RK tractors do not source their diesel engines from third parties. 

Instead, TYM produces all the engines used in the machines. 

This is one of the reasons RK tractors are priced considerably lower than many similar models from other manufacturers. 

Currently, TYM is one of the highest manufacturers of tractors with less than 60 horsepower sold in the United States, second only to Kubota. 

Types and Features of the RK Tractors

Now that you know who makes RK Tractors, let’s see why the machines are a farmer’s delight on the field. 

Sub-Compact (RK21 and RK24)

The Sub-Compact tractor class is built to last. 

Featuring a small body, this model is easy to operate and can move efficiently on the field. 

At first blush, users might be quick to think of the small-bodied tractor as a joke.

But it has a powerful Yanmar EPA Tier 4 certified 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled 24 hp diesel chamber. 

This tractor is definitely no child’s play!

The Sub-Compact tractor also has a foldable rollover protection structure (ROPS). 

This feature ensures the operator is safe and protected in case a rollover happens when the tractor tries to power out of mud or other sticky surfaces with less traction.

When it comes to transmission, the RK21 and RK24 series have hydraulic transmissions. They also feature easily operated 2-range hydrostatic transmission with an automatic throttle. 

Other notable features of the model include 48′ and 54′ mounted mowers at the front and rear. 

You will find the 4WD differential lock quite impressive. And you can choose between R3 turf and R4 industrial tires. 

The operator will also find the seat comfortable as the tractor is built with a suspension seat, head, and armrests. 

There is also a retractable seat belt attached for increased safety. 

The RK37 Series (RK37S, RK37H, RK37HC, and RK37SC)

With a dedicated 37 hp, the RK37 series will take care of virtually all heavy-duty farm operations, including scaling of landscapes, farm plots, or handling of hay bales. 

A quick comparison of the RK37 series with other large-bodied, more expensive tractors from other manufacturers shows that this option is your best bet for heavy lifting. 

Some of the standout features of this tractor class include:

  • Front and rear work lights with rear remotes are available on all the models.
  • All models have the powerful Yanmar EPA Tier 4 certified 3-cylinder with the outstanding 37-hp diesel engine.
  • Option of making the cab open-air or covered with a robust AC/heat system, audio system, and rear wiper for inclement weather.
  • Tires come with the standard R1, R3, Ag Turf, or the R4 industrial options.
  • All service points in the engine are easy to access for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Equipped with either a 12F/12R shuttle-shift or 3-range hydrostatic transmission. All transmissions come with an automatic throttle. 
  • A comfortable semi-suspension seat and a retractable seat belt and armrests. 

RK55 Series (RK55S, RK55SC, RK55H, and RK55HC)

One of my favorite things about the RK55 series is that they are full-featured straight from the factory!

In fact, the standard features on the RK55 series are only optionally available on some other tractor brands. 

As you may have guessed from the series name, this class is equipped with the 55 hp Yanmar EPA Tier 4-cylinder diesel engine.

You have two choices when it comes to transmission. 

You can go for a model with a 16F/16R shuttle-shift transmission. This also comes with creeper gear. 

If that doesn’t suit your purpose quite well, you can opt for the 3-range hydrostatic gear transmission. 

Whichever you choose, they will serve you alright with silent gear transmission. 

Other top features of the RK55 series include easy-to-use operator controls and work lights on the front and the rear.

Similar to the RK37 series, you can choose from R1 Ag, R3 Turf, or R4 industrial tires. 

You also get a 12V power cup and cell phone holder. 

No one says you can’t enjoy your favorite beverage or receive quick calls when operating a tractor, right? 

But there’s more!

You can listen to your favorite music or podcast, thanks to the Kenwood Audio system with Bluetooth. 

RK74 Series (RK74PSC)

TYM took things to a whole new level with the RK74 series, making it one of the most creative utility tractors from the manufacturer.

It is your best bet when it comes to handling dairy, hay, forage, and other field needs.

This class of the RK tractor family is equipped with a powerful 74 hp turbocharged Deutz 4-cylinder engine. 

It comes with just about everything a modern tractor should have. With this model, you get a premium cab AC/heat, Bluetooth, rear wiper, front and rear lights, and more. 

Other features include three sets of rear remotes, an easily accessible 24-gallon fuel tank, and a suspension seat, and armrests and backrest extension. 

If you think this model is designed to offer superior comfort, you’re right!

How Affordable Are the RK Tractors?

RK tractors are one of the most affordable tractors, considering the sheer number of modern accessories and extras available as standard features. 

You can get the Sub-compact tractor for as low as $12,699. The RK74 class (the highest in the lineup) is priced at $43,399. 

Despite these super-affordable prices, financing options are available for farmers.

What is the Warranty of the RK Tractors?

Here’s the best part of using the RK tractors. 

They all come with an 8-year, 3000-hour powertrain warranty (five years for the RK74 tractor). 

This is hard to come by in the industry. 

So far, there are no complaints about the warranty from farmers who already own RK tractors. 

General Reviews on RK Tractors 

You can expect optimum performance when you buy any RK tractor.

That’s why it is not very surprising to find many users having mostly positive things to say about the tractors. 

In addition to the powerful engines, transmissions, and tires, most users find the other bells and whistles very practical and convenient. 

Are RK Tractors Easy to Use?

It is normal for many people, especially older folks, to be concerned about too many accessories and features on a farm machine.

But RK tractors are pretty straightforward to use. 

There is nothing complicated about the machines, and definitely no steep learning curve, even if you’ve never used a modern tractor before.

And to simplify things even further, every tractor comes with a detailed user manual. 

Users will find easy-to-understand explanations of the various features and functions available. That’s in addition to the different use cases of each accessory. 

Besides, the company has developed a reliable system that makes it easy to modify the tractor to fit just about any farm task. 

Does the RK Tractor Last?

These machines are built to last for many years and offer great value for money. 

You are less likely to do any elaborate repair on the tractor besides essential routine maintenance.

In a nutshell, the tractors are durable.

What Are Some of the Flaws of RK Tractors?

Regardless of engineering prowess, no tractor is perfect. And RK tractors are no exception.

Thankfully, there are only a couple of downsides to these tractors. 

First, it can be a bit tricky to get spare parts. That’s because finding a reliable dealer network can be quite difficult. 

And while this might not be a flaw with the tractor itself, a few users wished the customer service could be better. 

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RK Tractors offer a combination of high-quality, performance, and competitive pricing. 

This makes the machines a preferred choice for many farmers. In addition to impressive performance, they are designed to take a lot of punishment without cringing.

To make the tractors even more attractive, just about anyone can leverage the financing options.

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