4 Problems with LS Tractors [Quick Answers!]

LS Tractors Problems

I do not know if you have to been looking forward to purchasing an LS tractor. The prices are just right, and there are so many other compelling reasons to get them. 

Before shelling out your money on the tractor, it is excellent to ponder on some of the tractor’s downsides.

Here are the four common problems associated with LS tractors.

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1. Faulty Filters or Brakes

Filters are designed to protect your engine cylinders from debris. Brakes, on the other hand, are for breaking. 

LS tractors seem to have the issue out of control with the filters or breaks and, at times, both problems simultaneously.

You must always be ready with filter replacement and brake repairs if you want to use your LS tractor for long.

2. Faulty Wiring

Wiring allows you to control most tractor features, from lighting, tillers, and other attachments on the tractor. 

A typical design flaw with an LS tractor causes the circuits to fail recurring service regularly.

3. Bolts Falling Out

Bolt is the most common fastener in a tractor. 

The use of soft steel in the tractor and not tightening the bolts often lead to the bolts falling out. 

Once the bolts fall out, it is a race against time, and the LS tractor faces some mechanical problems.

4. Poor Customer Support

Falling bolts, faulty wiring, fuel leakage, and faulty problems are one thing, but dealing with dealers and customer support for after-sale services is frustrating. 

Unfortunately, many customers have to deal with the mess while acquiring spare parts or warranty services.

General Pros and Cons of the LS tractor


  • Low acquisition cost per Horsepower
  • Come with standard equipment such as dual rear remotes, extendable rear work lights, draft control, loaded seat, cruise, etc. that are options in other brands
  • Smaller and heavier for better navigation and stability
  • 6-year warranty
  • Radio Included
  • 4 WD feature
  • Has a remote


  • No thumb option for backhoe
  • Not suitable for large pieces of land exceeding 30 acres due to low horsepower
  • Suffer mechanical issues

Use for LS Tractor

LS tractors are small and compact, with most of them having less horsepower than other models. 

They are, however, cheap and provide the functionality to small landowners.

Who Manufacture LS Tractors

LS tractors are manufactured by LS Mtron, a south Korean Manufacturing agricultural company. The company has its headquarters in Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea. 

The company is a spin-off from the world-famous LG. The tractor is assembled in North Carolina, the USA, ready for use. LS Tractor USA handles all the production to meet US standards.

What Do the Reviews Say?

LS tractors have mixed reviews online. 

In all fairness, there are a bit more negative reviews compared to positive reviews on the tractor brand. Nonetheless, positive studies on the tractor show that not all is bad.

Some customers loved how lightweight, navigable, and long-lasting, with some lasting as long as 15 years in service. It was suited for most tasks on a small farm without cranking up the power too much.  Unlike the competition, the tractor has a good painting and several standard attachments.

What’s the Resale Value on the LS Tractor?

Unfortunately, LS tractors have a poor reputation in the market; though some can have a service life of up to 10 years, many do not feel it is a good deal as a second-hand product. 

The result of the bad reputation is that the LS tractor has a lower resale value than other brands.

Ways To Improve LS Tractor Performance

LS tractor may have a few shortfalls here.  

But it is possible to improve them and reduce the hiccups that come with a few tips and tricks learned over the years.

Follow Regular Maintainance Pattern

Whatever tractor you have, you can be sure that it will get into bad shape without proper maintenance. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on tractor maintenance to ensure that you are on the safe side.  For instance, turn in the tractor for service after a certain period.

Diligent maintenance can be vital in boosting fuel efficiency and performance. Always clean off the debris and dust from the radiator screens. That is because dust accumulation can interfere with the airflow needed to call the radiator, leading to overheating the engine.

Staying on the engine of the LS tractor ensures that you change the filter regularly as they are one of the most common problems you are likely to face with your tractor. Replacing dirty fuel filters has been proven to boost engine output by 3.5 %.

Use Quality Products

Using substandard products can compromise the performance of an LS tractor. Choose only the best products to ensure that you do not end up damaging your machine. 

Begin by only using quality approved oils, lubricants, and fuels to boost the performance and fuels efficiency of the tractor and extend engine life.

Use and Maintain the Right Tires

Different environments and working conditions demand other tires. Consult with your dealer to determine if the tires fitted on the LS tractor are suited for the terrain, load, and soil type.

Keep in mind that tire sizes, inflation pressure are vital to good performance. Inspect the tire regularly and adjust accordingly for signs of premature wear or improperly fitted tires. Overinflating tires can often wear the tire treads, while underinflation makes the tire sides susceptible.

Reduce Idle Time

Save you fuel by limiting unnecessary idle time. Just three to five minutes is enough to circulate cooling oil. If you doubt what to do, consult the LS tractor manual.

Gear Up Throttle Down

Let’s face it; you will not overload your LS tractor all the time or have it at its load capacity. One of the most responsible things is to save fuel by using the Gear Up Throttle Down strategy whenever the tractor load capacity is less than 70%.

Service the Fuel Injectors

Dirty or impure fuel leads to incomplete combustion and reduced power. You can detect this once the tractor emits black smoke from the exhaust. Clean the fuel injector regularly for more energy and increase tractor service life.


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