Are LS Tractors Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

LS tractors good

If you are new to farming and need to prepare a large tract of land, chances are you will need a tractor. However, choosing the right tractor may be overwhelming because you have to consider several factors such as cost, reliability, durability, speed, horsepower, and ease of operation. 

These factors combined ensure that you get value for your money. 

LS tractors are the best in the industry. They are made of the highest quality materials. You have the option of choosing between manual and automatic LS tractors. So if you are looking for an LS tractor, you will switch gears manually or by pressing the peddle with your foot; LS got you covered.

LS tractors are pro on safety by installing the rollover protection; therefore, if the tractor happens to have an accident while on the farm, you will be safe. Also, they have hitches to ensure you can attach additional types of farming equipment to do your work. Don’t forget the tires and the headlights. 

If you are working on a farm, you will need premium tires which will cost you a pretty penny. LS tractors tires have enough traction allowing you to work on the farm with ease. Sometimes you will be required to work very early in the morning or late in the evening. 

Headlights will come in handy as they will light up your path. Don’t be afraid of consulting with experts so that you can get the best LS tractor with your budget.

What are LS Tractors?

LS is an abbreviation for Large Solutions. LS tractor manufacturers are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality farm equipment. 

LS tractors are machines to do heavy work on a farm, such as preparing land, harvesting, and even carrying heavy items like firewood. 

Where are they made?

LS tractors are assembled in various warehouses in the United States and other parts of the world, but the parts are manufactured in South Korea and shipped to America.

Are LS Tractors Reliable?

Yes. Before I purchase anything, Google is my friend. Like me, go online and search about the LS tractor you want to buy. You will find tons of positive reviews. Before that, ensure that you have an LS tractor dealer in your region – it’s helpful once you buy and need some mechanical assistance. 

LS Tractors have won several awards, making them a reputable and trustworthy company building the highest-quality tractors.

Types of LS Tractors

LS Tractors are classified into two: 

Sub-compact and Compact Tractors

These tractors are highly versatile. They are designed for landowners with a small land, horse stall owners, and commercial users. 

They have all the features you need to get your job done.

Utility Tractors

They are designed for people with decent-sized tracts of land. They are ideal for medium to large tracts of landowners who need help moving hay, firewood, other heavy tasks around the farm. 

Compared to other tractors in the market, utility tractors have more torque and uses less fuel.

Some of the LS Tractors Include:

1. LS Tractor XU6100 Series

This is the smallest tractor that LS makes. UX6100 Series is powered by an LS-4-cylinder turbocharged engine fueled with diesel, and its horsepower ranges between 58 and 68. It is manually operated with 16 forward and 816 reverse fully synchronized shuttle shift transmissions. 

Depending on your preference, this LS Tractor has an open or covered station. A covered station is better as it protects you from the rain and sun. 

It is equipped with an AC and heater. It is ideal for farmers and homeowners who need serious and heavy work done on their property.

2. LS Tractor MT3 Series

This is one of the largest premium compact tractors from LS Tractors. It has an LS-3-cylinder turbocharged by a diesel engine with a horsepower ranging from 42,47,52 and 57. MT3 Series comes with varying transmissions. These include:

  • 16 forward *16 reverse fully synchronized shuttle shift transmission
  • ROPS (open station) that comes with a three-range hydrostatic transmission
  • Cab station with a Servo HST and Pedal Link transmission. It also has AC and heat

This LS Tractor comes with a fitted front loader with a 72″ bucket. Some tractors come fitted with box blades, mowers, and backhoes. You can also use this tractor to remove snow.

LS tractor MT3 Series is perfect for farmers with many acreage or projects that need a heavy-duty tractor.

4. LS MT4 Series

This LS tractor comes with various features that make it easy to find the exact configuration that meets your needs. MT4 Series comes in a cab and open station. 

The seat is in an ergonomic design that provides you comfort as your go about your work. This tractor is a huge and high capacity, with the front loader lifting 2,981 lbs.

5. LS Tractor MT5 Series

This LS Tractor is ideal for farmers, and it is new in the market. The manufacturers designed it for the American farmer.

MT5 Series is a utility tractor with an LS 4-cylinder turbocharged by a diesel engine that produces 73 horsepower.  

The tractor is manually operated and has either a 16 forward * 16 reverse power shuttle transmission or a 20 forward * 20 reverse power shuttle transmission. It can lift a maximum of 6,614 lbs.

Are there Good Dealers for LS Tractors?

There are many dealers for LS Tractors in The United States; finding a good dealer is the challenge. 

A good dealer will take time to ensure that they understand your need and match with the right tractor. 

They will also ensure that you know all the features of the tractor, how it operates, and everything your need before leaving the warehouse. They also have an excellent customer service team that is always ready to offer advice.

Are LS Tractors Easy to Use?

Yes. They come with rollover protection that ensures that you are safe in the event of an accident. Some LS Tractors are also fitted with an ergonomic seat that provides comfort and helps you avoid back problems. 

Some are manually operated while others are automatic, so go for the tractors that suit your driving.

Reviews on LS Tractors

If you pop over on the internet and search for LS Tractor, you’ll find plenty of positive reviews.

The majority of farmers are happy with their purchases. 

They say that it’s a dream to drive and the horsepower is to die for.

Do they Have a Warranty?

The cost of the LS Tractor is a little bit on the higher side. However, you will get value for your money with their quality machinery. 

LS tractor comes with a 6-year warranty which includes parts and labor.

They also have two-year bumper-to-bumper protection for every tractor.

Some companies ask you to pay extra if you want your warranty extended.

Final Thoughts

There are many LS Tractors dealerships in the United States. So, ensure that there is a dealership in your area to offer you help in case of mechanical failure. 

It is also best to settle for a reputable dealer, which can be gotten from their reviews or friends and family recommendations. There are many types of LS Tractors; ensure that you understand their specification, uses, and warranty before your purchase.

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