Are Jinma Tractors Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

Jinma Tractors Good

I have been raised on a farm where tractors are essential for almost all tasks. We often need a tractor to plow, cultivate, apply fertilizer, haul some few things on the farm, and in extreme cases, for transport.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we replaced one of our old 60-horsepower tractors in 2016. While we were willing to repair it, it was difficult because the manufacturer serialized spare parts, making the repair process untenable

We had to replace the machine to meet the yearly planting goals. The replacement was the unlikely Jinma 600 due to its low cost and the dealer’s assurance of plenty of spare parts. The experience for the five years has been great.

Is It Hard or Easy to Use a Jinma Tractor?

There are at least 44 different Jinma Tractor models. 

All the tractor models of the brand are highly customizable to meet different needs, be it for transportation, haulage, or farm use. Most of them use the four-wheel-drive feature, making them easy to navigate in undulating terrains and slopes.

The feature works beautifully in wetlands reducing the need to fit cargo wheels. The Chinese manufacture has made an effort to comply with the EPA and EU rules that make them safe to sell in all 50 US states and the EU.  They are simple and easy to operate for anyone from the young to the old as everything is straightforward.

What are Jinma Tractors Four-Wheel Good For?

Jinma Tractors Wheel Good are powerful machines with significant traction, transmission efficiency, and ease of operation. The devices are economical to use and have an excellent utilization performance. 

The sleek performance of the machine is catapulted by the quality engine parts, a choice between single or double-clutch engines, a high-performance hydraulic system, and a perfect hydraulic suspension and steering system.

One advantage that I can hold up to a Jinma Tractors’ tack in my experiences is the repairability and high-performance longevity of the tractor underuse. Each tractor would come with a 12-month warranty if you bought from an EM and 24 months from an authorized dealer. 

The warranty includes the parts of the tractor and the service fee for the warranty period. It is easy to repair the tractor, which may be essential for continuing the farm.

Is Jinma 4WD 25HP Wheel Farm Tractor with E-MARK Certification Good for General Use?

A general-purpose tractor is the most sought-after tractor one could desire, especially on the farm. Not all tractors can be used as general-purpose tractors. Some are just better off as grass cutters, or tillers while some can handle a broad spectrum of needs.

Jinma understands the need to have general and specialized tractors for the consumers. They have made various tractors easy to modify to different commercial and agricultural markets. The tractors range from 16 HP to 125 HP.

General-purpose tractors need complementing parts availed cheaply, so the brand is available in over 100 countries on five continents. All the tractors are approved by the OECD and have an E-MARK Certificate.

Jinma 4WD 25HP Wheel Farm Tractor with E-MARK Certification is a powerful tractor with a wide array of features and the option to serve as a general-purpose tractor. It has power steering, cabin, rollover protection bar, 2WD/4WD option, and a canopy.

The comprehensive set of features sets it apart and is suited for various applications. You can get the tractor for transportation in hilly terrain, wet and dry applications, garden applications, and even hobby applications.  The utility agricultural vehicle is set apart by the matching implements. The implements include:

  • loaders 
  • snow blowers
  • Mowers
  • Snow chippers
  • Harrows
  • Tiller
  • Cultivator
  • Plow
  • Rotavator
  • Leveler
  • Scarper
  • Posthole digger
  • Backhoe

Whatever the issue you may face using the available tractor, feel free to visit the service centers with a trained workforce, spare parts, and support services at the nearest point within your country. Whatever your tractor needs, you can use them and feel satisfied.

How Long Do Jinma Tractors Service Last?

Jinma tractors are rugged machines that serve you for years without any hiccups. 

The manufacturer specifies that the tractor has a six-year service life to ten years. 

Service life in the wild can vary differently with some users into their 15th year of using the tractor. The actual service life will depend on how well you care for the tractor.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Most of the Jinma tractor reviews are positive. 

The clients are happy with its fuel-efficiency ability to pass through small spaces. The main complaint was the difficulty in accessing spare parts.

How Well Do Jinma Tractors Hold their Value?

Due to the longevity of the tractor and repairability, Jinma tractors can hold their value for a long. 

Many people are willing to get them among the second-hand tractors because they understand that they will still perform better than other brands. Another group of reviewers complained of the short want period.

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How Long Is the Warranty on Jinma Tractors?

Jinma tractor comes with two warranty options one year or two years. 

You can purchase the different warranties at the time of acquiring the tractor.

What Gear Do You Get with a Jinma Tractor?

Different tractors come with various attachments to be used on the tractor. You can organize with the dealer to help you get a customized fitting for the tractor. 

The most common implements you will get are a backhoe and front-end loader.

Popular Online Stores for Purchasing Jinma Tractors

Store NameTractorPrices*
Keno Tractors69 models (4 brands)$11,900.00-$36,600.00Visit store
Alibaba200 brands$985- $150,000.00Visit Store

Comparisons of the prices of tractors against the Jinma Tractors models show that its prices are a bit more moderate per category compared to American and European tractors. The low cost is not surprising considering most tractor parts are assembled in China, even by the US and EU manufacturers.

The company has dozens of models that you can acquire depending on your considerations, such as the acreage, type of work performed on the farm, land terrain, and types of roads. In fairness, Jinma also builds tractors for other manufacturers and allows private labeling of tractors purchased from them. The most popular Jinma tractor is a small Jinma 164Y (Jinma Mini Four-Wheel Garden Small Tractor with EPA Certification).