Are Belarus Tractors Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

Belarus Tractors

The Belarus name may bring to mind an old modeled tractor. 

But the manufacturer makes solid, specialized, and reliable tractors with affordability in mind. 

Belarus is the top choice for farmers seeking a rugged tractor that can navigate challenging landscapes. The tractors are super affordable and suitable for use on any soil type. Plus, they are easy to handle.

Brief History of the Belarus Tractors

Belarus Tractors is an agricultural machinery company established under the former Soviet Union. 

Headquartered in Minsk, Belarus, the manufacturer makes a wide variety of four-wheeled tractors. It is believed that the brand accounts for about 8 to 10% of the world’s market share of tractors. 

During the former Soviet Union, many farm areas were difficult to access by tractors. This often led to breakdowns and damages.

Belarus built its specialized tractors to solve this problem. The tractors are designed with a simple technology that farmers can easily repair themselves.

As the Soviet Union began exporting these tractors to other regions, the company chose the originating country as its name. 

This gave rise to the name “Belarus Tractors.” 

The tractors are certified under the ISO 9001 QA Standards. 

What Tractor Models Are Available?

You can find several Belarus tractor models, including some of the earlier models still in use today. 

The oldest models include: 

  • Belarus 1507
  • Belarus 115
  • Belarus 450
  • Belarus 952
  • Belarus 900, etc.

The newer models include the following:

  • Belarus 651
  • Belarus 900.3
  • Belarus 952.4
  • Belarus 1025.3
  • Belarus 1025.3

What Are the Types and Features of the Widely Used Belarus Tractors?

The Belarus tractors come fitted with a horsepower of between 50 HP to 110 HP.

Here are some of the commonly used models.

Belarus 450

This tractor is fitted with a balanced 50 HP and is widely known for its low fuel consumption and incredible engine reliability. 

The Belarus 450 has a low cost of purchase and maintenance, making it a top choice for many farmers.

It is powered by a 200-cc diesel engine unit with an RPM of 2000. 

It comes with a 24-speed gearbox for the best performance. Eight of these are for the reverse gears and the remaining 16 are for the forward gears. 

The gearbox delivers a total speed of 40 kmph in the forward gears and 21 kmph in reverse gears. 

The simple brake system consists of oil-immersed brakes and a four-wheel drive. It also has a balanced power steering setup. 

The tractor model has front tires measuring 9.5 x 20 inches and rear tires of 14.9 x 24 inches. It also comes with a 45-liter fuel tank, making it suitable for prolonged use.

Belarus 651

The Belarus 651 is one of the newer models in the market. 

Like the Belarus 450, it has low maintenance costs and is reliable, making it an easy choice for many farmers. 

Its setup makes it low on fuel consumption.

The model comes with a 62-HP engine connected to a 24-speed gearbox. Like the Belarus 450, it has 16 forward and 8 reverse gears, which is excellent for heavy-duty functions. 

This tractor can pull weights of up to 1700 kg and has an oil-immersed brake system with a 4-wheel drive power steering. 

The front tires are 9.5 x 20 inches while the rear tires are 14.9 x 24 inches. The fuel capacity is up to 45 liters for increased capacity. 

Some of its adaptive features for the modern farmer include powerful headlamps and adjustable operator seats with a USB charging port on the dashboard. 

It also comes with a complimentary toolbox and canopy. 

Belarus 952.4

This model is a popular choice because of its additional modern features. 

It is highly fuel-efficient and reliable for the modern farmer.

The Belarus 952.4 tractor is built with a 4750-cc diesel engine that delivers up to 95 HP. The engine is also rated 1800 RPM.

It is fitted with a 135-liter fuel capacity for long hours on the farm and can deliver loads up to 4000 KG. 

When it comes to modern designs, the Belarus 952.4 is well-fitted to meet the current trends of the international market. 

Additional features include a power-steering wheel and an oil-immersed brake system. 

The gear system has a total of 18 gears: 4 reverse and 14 forward gears. 

Belarus 1025.4

The Belarus 1025.4 tractor is currently the highest heavy-duty tractor from the manufacturer. 

For most farmers, this is one of the most sought-after models from Belarus owing to its low maintenance cost and high-quality engineering. 

This tractor comes with many modern fittings, including an air-conditioned cabin for the operator’s additional comfort. 

It features a synchromesh transmission attached to the diesel engine. This generates an output of 110 HP. 

Similar to the Belarus 450, the gearbox system comes with 24 total gears, consisting of 16 forward and 8 reverse gears. 

In reverse gears, the tractor can run up to a speed of 17.2 kmph, while the forward gear goes as high as 36.6 kmph. 

This tractor will not have a hard time lifting loads of up to 8000 kg. 

In addition to a powerful headlamp, Belarus equipped it with a USB charging port and adjustable seats.

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How Affordable Are Belarus Tractors?

Belarus makes some of the most affordable tractors you can get today, even with their remarkable quality. 

You could get one of these bad, rugged boys for as low as $4,500. This price point makes Belarus tractors some of the most sought-after models.

Warranty of Belarus Tractor

Over the years, Belarus has proven to be reliable. 

The entire tractor parts, including engine and transmission, are designed to be rugged and can provide years of optimum operation.

Users get to enjoy an extended powertrain warranty that covers up to 5 years or 5000 hours of usage, whichever comes first.

What’s the General Review for Belarus Tractors?

When you use a tractor as durable and reliable as a Belarus tractor, you can expect some strong points as well. 

As a result, it is not surprising to find generally overwhelming feedback from most users of Belarus tractors. Here are what some users have to say:

Fuel Economy

Lots of users were wowed by the terrific fuel economy of the Belarus tractor. In fact, many attested that the fuel economy was why they bought it.

The fuel consumption is much lower than most American Models of the same size, said one reviewer. 


This machine is indeed a beast that can handle almost everything thrown at it.

One user said it is a good tractor that can go through quite a bit of stuff. No matter how hard the ground, this bad boy will dig right through it without breaking a sweat.

The engine is strong and equipped to handle various complex jobs. Users can slow down the engine without reducing efficiency.


A tractor is not built for fashion, comfort, speed, or aesthetics. The idea is to pull equipment, and the Belarus tractors excel here. Everything you expect from a tractor – plowing, bush hogging, scraping, tilling, name it – the Belarus tractor can handle with ease.

Hardly will the tractor fail in any of its tasks. They are workhorses and can last for a pretty long time. Whatever you throw at this tractor, it handles easily without breaking a sweat.

Some Flaws to Expect…

However, a couple of reviewers had suggestions for improvements as well. 

For example, many users will prefer power steering with improved brakes. Also, adapting the parts to the US or Japanese component can be quite challenging in some cases. 

Also, some users don’t like the availability of too many levers. According to them, it makes driving complicated.

The company also needs to improve on the tractor’s ability to handle the muddy ground. 

Availability of local parts will also be a welcomed development. 

Thankfully, the company website provides locations of local dealers. 

Overall, the typical Belarus tractor is a beast that can accomplish many tasks. 

Although some users think the machines can make use of some improved aesthetics, a tractor is not built for fashion or beauty pageants.


The significant features of these tractors make them a top choice for farmers. They work great for tilling, cultivating, seed drill, rotavator, and more. 

Belarus lasting components, coupled with the affordable price range and warranty, make the tractors some of the top-selling models in the market. 

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