Are Case Tractors Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

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When the season approaches and farms need to be cultivated, plowed, or sowed, farmers can’t afford to gamble on reliability. Having reliable equipment every time it’s needed is, therefore, a must-have for every farmer. 

This is where Case tractors come in. These tractors are coupled to different implements and travel on the farm each day, ensuring that crops reach maturity in optimal conditions. 

It can only make sense that case tractors are reliable with such responsibility. The efficiency and results they have on the farms can be compared to none. 

Here, we consider why case tractors are a must-have on your farm. 

Case IH Tractors History

Case IH has been in the farming industry for over 175 years now. However, the company just started producing tractors recently. For instance, in 1984, the company produced some of the most reliable, powerful, and technologically advanced tractors to work in the fields globally. 

Case IH is responsible for the Case IH Steiger 620 Quadtrac that brings an insane amount of power to conquer any field. This is the most advanced farming tractor you’ll ever come across. 

The Quality of Case Tractors

It won’t whether you’re an estate owner, landscaper, grounds maintenance crew, or nursery, having a tractor that best suits your operation is very critical. 

Case tractors handle almost all kinds of work while ensuring that you don’t experience any mechanical challenges. Therefore, be ready to experience comfort and ease throughout the operation duration with these high-quality tractors. 

There is no denying that Case tractors are versatile tractors. 

Case Tractors Dealers

As we have seen, Case IH is among the top agricultural equipment manufacturers. It has a network of over 4,900 distributors and dealers operating in at least 160 countries. 

However, the company’s headquarters are in the United States. Case IH is a CNH brand that is a majority-owned Fiat Group subsidiary. 

How Easy or Hard Is It To Do Routine Maintenance?

Depending on the age of your Case IH tractor, routine maintenance is required. The good thing is that the routine maintenance schedules and requirements for the case tractors are easy, especially if you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Always start by reviewing the tractor’s operator’s manual. You can also check out other resources such as Red and Ready Productivity Hub for additional maintenance checklists, tips, and service information. 

Consider the tips below to keep your Case IH tractor in good shape:

Keep IT Clean

Dust, trash, and dust are enemies of all the moving parts in a Case tractor. Use a power washer, garden hose, or air compressor to clean the tightest crannies and nooks. 

Change Filters and Fluids

It helps to change the Case IH tractor’s filters and engine oil. You also need to top off the transmission and hydraulic fluids. 

You must examine your used oil. Here, a Case IH dealer can do an oil analysis for you to pinpoint contamination or wear before it leads to a bigger problem. 

Grease It

Use the operator’s manual to familiarize yourself with the grease fittings. Proper lubrication helps with protection against corrosion and moisture. It also keeps the parts operating smoothly. 

Inspect Thoroughly

Ensure that all the tires are inflated properly. Check hoses and belts and replace anything that looks cracked or damaged. Inspect for oil leaks that indicate damaged or worn seals. 

If you don’t have the skills and experience to perform maintenance tasks, you can always contact your dealer. 

It’s in your best interest and that of your Case IH tractor that it remains in good working conditions. 

Who Manufactures Case IH Tractor Engines?

Case IH has partnered with FPT Industrial, one of the industry’s most advanced and largest engine manufacturers. FPT Industrial is therefore responsible for the engines used to make Case IH tractors. 

Apart from Case IH FPT high-horsepower engines reducing fuel consumption by at least 10%, they also meet the Stage IV emissions standard. The engines combine with the SCR technology to provide high-quality horsepower stage IV engines. 

Case IH high-horsepower engines are available with an impeccable performance record. The designs have proven their value with billions of service hours, millions of acres, thousands of operators, and years of productivity. 

The high-horsepower engines have a four-valve-per-cylinder design that quicker throttle response and airflow. Having four valves means that the exhaust exits quickly and air intake is faster, thus increasing engine responsiveness. With four valves per cylinder, the fuel injector is positioned at the center of the cylinder, thus translating into higher fuel efficiency. 

Top Case IH Tractor Models

Case IH tractors are developed for fuel and power efficiency. Their models are meant for farming and agriculture, especially for loading, landscaping, and planting tasks. Check out some of the utility and multi-purpose Case tractors below:

AFS Connect Steiger Series

The AFS Connect Steiger Series is the most powerful 4WD tractor available on the market. It’s reputable for its record-setting fuel efficiency and industry-leading comfort. 

It’s also designed with the ability to manage your farm remotely. If you buy a new AFS Connect Steiger tractor, you’ll get a 5-year AFS Connect technology subscription.  


  • Rated engine power, rpm: 2000
  • Advertised engine power, hp (kW), Rated: 276 (370)
  • Power boost kW: 41
  • Fuel capacity: gal (L): 220 (829)

Steiger Series

The Steiger Series has a proven record of productivity and performance and a record-setting fuel efficiency. All the model year 2020 and model year 2019 come with a 2,000-hour and three-year factory warranty.


  • It has 370-620 HP
  • It has an 8.7/12.9 FPT engine
  • The engine has a 113 GPM hydraulic capacity
  • It has a CVXDrive or PowerDrive transmission

AFS Connect Magnum Series

The AFS Connect Magnum Series has a fully-integrated AFS connectivity. The productivity of this tractor takes your operations and functionality to the next efficiency level. 

All the AFS Connect Magnum tractors are available with a 5-year AFS Connect technology subscription. 


  • It has a 180-400 HP
  • Has up to 75-GPM hydraulic capacity
  • It has a CVXDrive or PowerDrive transmission
  • 6.7 / 8.7L FPT


As we have seen, you need a reliable tractor for efficient performance in your agriculture or farm work. One tractor that has supposed the expectations of many buyers is the Case IH tractor. 

The Case IH tractor is designed and developed with a high technology that guarantees effective performance. It’s also easy to maintain compared to other tractors on the market.

If you want to buy a Case IH tractor, you can select from any models we have recommended above. Feel free to approach a Case IH dealer for any assistance.

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