4 Problems With Branson Tractors (#2 and #4 Should Be Noted)

Branson Tractors problems

To get a good mowing result, you need your tractor in perfect condition. However, there are common problems that may interfere with the performance of your tractor no matter the brand.

For Branson tractor owners, I am here to walk you through the causes of these problems and how to solve them.

Branson tractor parts that are prone to these problems include the blade, fuel system, electrical system, and engine. While some problems can be a result of poor maintenance, some such as problems with the fuel system will just find you. 

For complicated issues, you may visit a dealership. For simple issues, we are going to show you how to go about it. 

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What are Some of the Most Common Tractor Problems and How do you Solve Them?

1. Dull Blade

A sharp tractor blade will not only save you time but ensure great mowing or plowing results. Branson tractors usually come with their blades sharp and in perfect condition.

However, their blades can go dull over time. This is most common if you frequently use your tractor. 

A dull blade can interfere with the tractor’s ability to accomplish a given task. 

Sharpening your blade is the solution to this problem. Ranson tractor blades are simple and easy to sharpen.

For their smaller model with a single mowing deck attached, there is no point hiring an expert to help you sharpen. For a larger and compact model, you may hire an expert or simply visit a tractor repair shop. 

Getting such large blades out may not be easy and only an expert can manage. The good news, they don’t charge a lot of money for sharpening a blade.

How often you sharpen your tractor blade will depend on how much you use it. In moderate use, you will be advised to sharpen your tractor blade two to three times a year. But if you frequently use your tractor, you can increase this rate to 4 or 5 times.

2. Problem with the Fuel System

If your tractor performance is rapidly reducing,  the fuel supply could be the problem. There are several issues that can interfere with the effective flow of fuel.

For instance, air can get trapped in your fuel line creating some “cracks.” Those living in very cold states like Wyoming have also complained of the fuel freezing in the fuel tank. The fuel crystal formed cannot go through the fuel line and this interferes with the fuel supply to the engine.

If it’s a case of trapped air or frozen fuel, you can easily solve it. For trapped air inside the fuel tube, you can use compressed air and block it back or you simply use a vacuum pump to remove the air.

If it’s the issue of frozen fuel in the tank, you only need to add gallons of gasoline in the tank. The gasoline will warm up the freezing temperature in the fuel tank thereby preventing the fuel from freezing.

The fuel line can also jam as a result of being squeezed by the heavy loading in the tractor. In this case, you will only need to ease the pressure. 

For a complicated fuel system problem, visit a dealership near you. 

3. Electrical Issues

Low battery power is always the first electric problem you should suspect. The battery power will obviously go down when the tractor runs. But if your tractor stays for one to two weeks without being used, it always results in a drained battery as well. 

In this case, all you need to do is to charge your tractor battery. However, it reaches a time when your battery will not hold power even when you charge it. This is common when your battery reaches its lifespan. Such batteries will require replacement. Just make sure you purchase the exact battery with technician precision for the replacement.

If everything is okay with your battery but you still suspect an electrical problem, then check the whole system. Inspect the posts and the cables since they are prone to wear and material deposit.

In case of material deposit on the posts and cable, you only need to clean them up. Ensure you keep them clean all the time afterward so that material deposits don’t happen again.

For electrical system issues, I think charging or changing the battery and cleaning the posts is the furthest you can go. If the problem persists, then you will have to see a professional.

4. Problem with the Engine

Tractors engines are prone to quite a number of problems, but we are going to address the two most common ones. 

The first one is the problem with the spark plug. The spark plug of a tractor engine can go bad or get damaged. The spark plug can get damaged as you work around the farm.

When this happens, your tractor may experience low fuel consumption and a hard start. So, when your Branson tractor has these symptoms, you should suspect a faulty engine plug.

Generally, to keep your tractor operating at its peak, you will be advised to replace your engine plug as indicated in the user manual.  In case you lost your manual, experts recommend replacing your engine plug after every 100 hours of your machine operation. 

Another common issue with the engine is the carburetor getting clogged. The carburetor is a very important part of the engine. It is responsible for blending air and fuel for the engine and it has to be very precise in its rationing. 

When it gets clogged, the rationing is interfered with. This in turn interferes with your engine performance.

If this problem is detected early enough, all you need to do is to clean it up. While you can clean a carburetor without necessarily removing it out,  I always recommend removing it for a better cleaning experience.

A failing tractor carburetor affects its fuel efficiency and therefore, you may end up spending more on fuel. 

Does Branson Tractor Come with a Warranty?

Branson tractors come with one of the best warranties you will find in the market. Generally, the products come with a 6 years engine and powertrain warranty covering parts and labor. This is backed by a 2 years warranty covering other parts and labor.  

This is great news since most of the problems addressed above are covered in these warranties. If the problem emerges before the warranty expires, you will have it corrected for free. 


Hopefully, our article has offered enough information to help you keep your tractor in perfect condition. For more information, please feel free to contact us on our helpline. 

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