Are Branson Tractors Any Good? Explained for Beginners

Branson Tractors

Purchasing a tractor is a lifetime investment that requires a lot of research. You definitely need a dependable tractor that will serve you for years.

After thorough research on various tractors, here is what we can say about the Branson brand. 

Branson offers a full selection of small and compact tractors known for diverse applications and scales. Their high level of performance and reliability has helped them establish a good reputation among the customers. 

Branson tractors seem to have unique performances from other brands that we tested. In this article, we will offer you everything you may want to know about these products right from the series offered, features, reliability, and much more. 

Popular Beginners Branson Series

Branson brand is known to produce small and compact tractors that meet the needs of their well-spread dealership across the U.S. and Canada.

Their tractors are available in a range of attachments such as flail mowers, backhoes, or loaders. For that reason they are designed to handle several tasks including mowing, loading, and plowing, arrowing among other tasks. 

Initially, they offered simple tractors with manual transmission. As the demands increased for productive techniques, Branson also advanced their technology, reliability, endurance, and power. 

As a result, they began to offer several series with a lot of innovative features. Their simplest and most affordable tractors are the 05 and 00 series. For a beginner or someone tight on budget, these can be ideal. However, they are not so powerful having only 19- 24 horsepower (hp). 

Their most selling tractors are the ones with 30 hp and above. Among these is the 15 series that features 30, 35, 40, and 48 hp models in either manual or hydrostatic transmission. 

The 20 series 35-55 hp tractors feature 12 models including their dependable ROPS and CAB. The ROPS and CAB come with a lot of options in terms of sizes and features. For instance, you can choose based on whether you want air conditioning or not.  

For more robust tractors from this brand, you may consider their 7845 series and 8050 series which are known for backhoes and loaders. The loaders specialize in 3D CAD model collections with a great 3D scanning ability. 

Are Branson Tractors Reliable?

Branson offers options without compromising on power and performance. Their engine power compares well in the industry with those of top brands. Even the ones with lower hp guarantee a great performance as long as you use them within the scope of their capability. 

But what I love most about these products over other brands is transmission and lift capacity. Their full-size compact tractors are 40 to 50 hp models that can lift over 2,000 lb with the loader. Meaning, their 7845 and 8050 loader models can lift a lot. 

Lawnmowers will love them for their small and compact sizes. They can easily maneuver between trees and other difficult work areas. Their small size is also advantageous when it comes to storage – they don’t consume a lot of space.

What are Some of the Great Features of the Branson Tractor?

Branson Tractors specialized in small and compact tractors with 19 to 80 hp. Despite their relatively small size, the tractors are equipped with innovative features that compare well with other top brands. 

Some of their best tractor features include:

  • Hydrostatic steering
  • Synchronized transmission
  • Independent power take-off (PTO) or Link
  • Wet disk brakes
  • True flat deck
  • Quick-attach accessory kit
  • 6 years warranty
  • Back up light
  • Powder-coated paneling

The list can be very long because Branson tractors come with several important features. If the feature you are looking for is not included in the list, you can check on Branson Tractors’ official site. From this site, you will learn what each feature is used for. 

Are Branson Tractors Durable?

Branson tractors enjoy a reputation for high high-quality machinery. The machines are not only designed to meet customer demand but also to last. 

As I mentioned before, they are small and compact, so they lack the necessity for high mileage as well as overuse and overloading. Those who get disappointed by these products are the ones who abuse them. 

If used correctly, Branson tractors can run forever. I realized some Branson tractors of the early 1980s are still running in a good condition today. 

Most of their parts are made of steel and that is a sign of long life. Some parts such as axles are made of cast iron while there are parts made of aluminum as well. These three metals guarantee quality and durability.

How Much Do Branson Tractors Cost?

Branson offers a wide range of tractors at affordable prices. Besides, their tractors’ price range widely varies so that they are affordable to anyone.

The Branson 05 and 00 series features simple tractors that cost less than $14,000. This price is hard to find in other brands.

The 8050 series tractors are their most expensive brand but still look cheaper than those from other brands. In general, it is hard to find tractors that cost more than $36,000.

I tried to compare their price list with that of Kubota tractors and I didn’t believe it. You can save a lot by going for Branson tractors while still getting the same performance as other brands. 

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How Long is the Warranty on Branson Tractors?

Branson tractors come with one of the best warranties you will find in the market. Their warranty duration varies depending on the series and type of warranty. 

  • 1905 and 2205 series come with 84 months or 1,000 hours (whichever comes first) engine and powertrain warranty that covers parts and labor.
  •  2505, 00, 10, 15, 20, 25 series come with 72 months engine and powertrain warranty that cover parts and labor.
  •  7845, 8050 series come with 48 months engine and powertrain warranty that cover parts and labor.
  •  For other parts, 1905, 2205, 2505 00, 10, 15, 20, 25, 7845 & 8050 come with a 24 months warranty that covers parts and labor. 
  • Replacement parts, Radio/Tires/Batteries, Backhoes/Loaders, and Mowers also have their warranty durations. Just check with your dealership to find out. 

What Do Reviews Say?

Branson tractors don’t have a lot of online reviews on third-party sites, which is a bit disappointing. However, we managed to get some user reviews on Facebook. On average, the customers on Facebook rate Branson tractors 4.3/5.

The majority of the reviewers pointed out their affordability and small compact size. But some users are also impressed by their lifting capability.

Final Thought

Generally, Branson tractors are a good investment that will serve you for a lifetime. With Branson, you are guaranteed a machine with outstanding performance. For more information, you can reach out to the Branson tractors dealership near you. 

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