Is Zetor A Good Tractor? (Helpful Tips)

Zetor Tractors Good Brand

When you’re a participant in the agriculture industry or are considering venturing into it, you need to consider the best agricultural brands when deciding which tractor you should purchase. Although there are many big-name tractor brands, you might not have heard about Zetor. 

I have been using a Zetor tractor for many years and can honestly say that I have enjoyed the experience. Since I have first-hand experience with this tractor brand, I felt it prudent to tell you more about it. The more you know about it, the easier your decision will be. 

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The Quality Of Zetor Tractors 

Zetor is a multi-award-winning tractor company that delivers reliably comprehensive solutions. Their tractors are easy to use and are backed by 75 years of continuous innovation and development research. This brand sells tractors in more than 136 countries. They are well known for their durability, cost-effectiveness, and long-lasting capabilities. 

Who Are Zetor Tractors?

Before we delve into the various aspects of the brand you need to be concerned with, you need to know more about who they are. Zetor is a Czech brand that has been in the industry since 1946. Zetor is an agricultural machinery manufacturer specializing in manufacturing tractors and tractor components, including engines and transmissions.

Interestingly, Zetor was the first agriculture manufacturer in the world to develop and launch the production of safety cabins inside tractors. Over more than 70 years in the business, Zetor has sold approximately 1.3 million units making them one of the most popular affordable tractor companies globally. 

What Are Zetor Tractors Meant For And How Hard Are They To Operate?

The Zetor tractor brand designs tractors that can provide agricultural solutions. Yet, they are also used in the municipal and forestry industries. These tractors are carefully engineered according to industry-leading technological practices. 

Every tractor manufactured by this brand also utilizes manufacturing processes and technologies that the company has honed for more than 75 years. 

According to many customers, Zetor tractors are not that difficult to operate. Although they lack a few comfort features, they are still relatively easy to maneuver, operate and drive. 

What Makes Zetor Tractors Standout?

Now that we know more about the Zetor brand, we can look at what makes them stand out against the competition. First, it’s important to note that this brand’s philosophy is loyalty to its customer base. 

That means they listen to every customer’s requirements. In this company, there are primarily three main pillars of the brand that represent who they are and help them stand out. We have briefly spoken about them below. 


The Zetor tractor brand has a particular focus on providing significant endurance capabilities. Zetor tractors combine simple, smart, and purposeful design elements to create tractors that can endure the elements and be reliable. 

Part of the reason these tractors can be so long-lasting is that they are easy to maintain with simple parts replacement procedures. They are also easy to service with many accessible dealerships. 

Additionally, Zetor tractors are known for having a long life because of the premium quality materials and workmanship that goes into the building of each of them. 

Performance Capabilities

Many tractor brands create inferior quality tractors that are not equipped with impressive performance capabilities. Unlike these brands, Zetor tractors mate their innovative structural designs with impressive engines. 

At present, their tractor range has a horsepower range of between 15 hp and 170 hp. Essentially, with this brand, you can find a tractor size to suit your task no matter how big or small, thanks to their engine horsepower range. 

The Total Cost Of Ownership

When you purchase a tractor, it’s best not to make the mistake of buying a cheap product made with inferior materials because it will cost you more in the long run.

Zetor tractors have one of the industry’s lowest total costs of ownership. Their tractors have low fuel consumption ratings, and they have reasonable pricing attached to their spare parts. 

Thus if something on your tractor breaks, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing it won’t end up costing you more to fix the tractor than you paid for it. 

What Is The Warranty On Zetor Tractors?

Having a tractor warranty is crucial. You never know when something could break. Zetor tractors come with a comprehensive tractor warranty that covers many things. Yet there are some things their warranty doesn’t cover. 

Below we have briefly given examples of what you can expect a Zetor tractor warranty to cover and not to cover. 

Some Of The Things The Zetor Tractor Warranty Covers

  • All internal components that are found within a transmission, including the transmission case itself. 
  • The hydraulic brake system. 
  • The thermostat, the radiator, the coolant temperature sensor, and the electric radiator fan. 
  • The driveshaft, carrier bearing, CV axle, and side carrier bearings. 
  • The electrical drive motor, accelerator, ECM, alternator, and speed sensor. 
  • The fuel system injectors, steering stem, and seals and gaskets. 

Some Of The Things The Zetor Tractor Warranty Doesn’t Cover

  • It does not cover losses that arise from neglect, theft, contamination, flooding, sludge, and collisions. 
  • It does not cover any repairs that arise due to racing or other commercial purposes.
  • It does not cover losses that are caused by overheating and freezing. 
  • It does not cover any repairs or replacements to a covered part that has not failed. 
  • It does not cover fluid seepage, maintenance of pre-existing conditions, wheels, tires, and mufflers. 

How Much Do Zetor Tractors Cost?

The cost of Zetor tractors depends on the model you choose. Some of the tractors they offer are smaller with lower horsepower offerings which is why they cost less than the larger tractors manufactured by the brand. However, on average, a Zetor tractor will set you back $34,400 for a Zetor Major 60 model and $107,000 for a Zetor Crystal 160 model.

What Are The Most Popular Zetor Tractors?

Numerous tractor models are favored by many with this brand. However, in recent years, there are a few Zetor tractor models that are preferred. You can have a look below at our brief detailing of the three most popular tractor models and their specifications and features. 

  • Zetor Crystal: One of the most popular tractor models manufactured by Zetor is their Crystal tractors. These tractors offer the highest horsepower rating with a maximum output rating of 170. The Crystal models are equipped with a six-cylinder engine, which allows them to undertake heavy-duty deployments. It also performs incredibly well in various weather conditions. 
  • Zetor Proxima: Arguably, the most popular Zetor tractors are the Proxima models. This model range can be used for agriculture, municipal services, and forestry. They have a maximum horsepower rating of 110 and are equipped with different gearboxes depending on the model chosen. 
  • Zetor Hortus: The Zetor Hortus has a horsepower rating of 67 with a common rail injection system. This system ensures it has a low fuel consumption rating. It also features four-speed settings and three ranges. This allows you to select the speed range you need for your work needs. 

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