Are Cosmo Range Hoods Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Cosmo Range Hoods

Kitchen time is far less stressful and more exciting with range hoods. Thanks to range hoods, the stress of removing the greasy oils and bearing the smoky air while cooking is gone. Of course, it is questionable to talk about the most renowned range hoods and not mention Cosmo hoods. But if you have not tried them out before, are Cosmos range hoods any good?

Cosmo range hoods are sturdy, made from durable stainless steel, and are overall easy to clean. These hoods have impressive suction power, with most of them ranging from 380 to 806 CFM. Furthermore, Cosmo range hoods are decked with advanced features like push-button control with multi-speed settings. Leveraging a carbon filter, Cosmo range hoods are readily convertible to ductless or recirculating installation models.

To better analyze the worthiness of Cosmo range hoods for your dollars, let us examine some vital aspects of this manufacturer.

Where are Cosmo range hoods made?

Cosmo is registered in the United States, with operations centrally run from California. That said, a significant amount of Cosmo range hoods’ material sourcing and assemblage is done in China. 

What type of range hoods does Cosmo make?

Cosmo range hoods – generally made from stainless steel – come in three categories: under cabinet, wall-mounted, and island range hoods. 

Cosmo under-cabinet range hoods, as is commonly obtainable, are screwed straight into the lower base of your kitchen cabinet. Alternatively, you can fasten Cosmo under-cabinet range hoods into your kitchen walls if you have studs.

Cosmo wall-mounted range hoods are commonly fitted with extended chimneys. A great feature of Cosmo range hoods is the extendability of their range hoods. This comes in handy for homeowners with tall ceilings. With Cosmo wall mount range hoods, you can extend your chimney up by a good height.

Lastly are the Cosmo island range hoods. As inferable from their name, this is best suited to people whose kitchens are stocked with islands. This Cosmo hood is installed on top of such islands.

The chimneys that come with Cosmo island hoods also extend to the ceiling. This chimney is firmly attached to the ceiling joints via metal brackets.

Which sizes of hoods does Cosmo have?

Cosmo range hoods come in a broad array of widths, spanning 30-48 inches. Cosmo range hoods whose widths are within 30-36 inches are best suited to domestic kitchens (say family use).

Cosmo range hoods with widths above this 36-inches margin are best suited to commercial kitchens. 

Picking a Cosmo range hood with the befitting width is no complicated job. Just ensure that the range hood is at least the width of your cooktop. It is even preferable for your range hood to be wider than your cooktop. 

How much suction power do Cosmo range hoods have?

We admit Cosmo range hoods are not the most powerful hoods we have seen. But then, with a CFM range of 380-806, Cosmo range hoods are still impressive at their ventilation duties.

For a home kitchen with a cooktop width of 36 inches, it makes sense to go for a Cosmo range hood of at least 350CFM. 

Should you opt for a Cosmo island hood, anywhere around 150CFM for each liner foot would do.

Which type of controls do Cosmo range hoods have?

The bulk of Cosmo range hoods we have seen either come with digital or push-button control. We have also seen Cosmo range hoods with a remote control that allow you to regulate the fan speed, even as far as putting on and off your hood from a distance.

Both digital and push-button controls are almost straightforward to use, given their remarkable user-friendliness. Such easy usage is particular to Cosmo range hoods with digital controls which have superior intuitiveness. 

Still comparing digital and push-control Cosmo range hoods, we say the former has a more effortless cleaning experience. But the easiest-to-clean Cosmo range hoods we have come across are models furnished with touchscreen functionalities.

Are Cosmo range hoods noisy?

Cosmo range hoods are neither the most silent nor noisiest. From our experience with other brands, we would place Cosmo range hoods in the middle category regarding their sound level. 

You barely see a Cosmo range hoods louder than 65dB. For context, this is the same sound level when two people discuss closely.

Which type of installation do Cosmo range hoods have?

Cosmo range hoods have both vented installation and ductless installation models. Yes, among Cosmo product lineup, the vented ones are more.

The ductless category among Cosmo hoods deploys replaceable filters. Given such replaceability, you wouldn’t bother cleaning them. After 3-5 months, you take them out and bring in fresh ones.

It is different for Cosmo range hoods with vented installation. This category uses just one filter through their lifespan. 

While cheap in the longer term, this type of range hoods requires more laborious cleaning to work properly. That said. Cosmo range hoods filters are dishwater safe.

Which fan speeds do Cosmo range hoods have?

Cosmo range hoods usually come with multi-speed settings. A considerable fraction of Cosmo range hoods we have investigated has 4-speed settings or 3-speed settings.

This allows you to pick the befitting fan speed for your cooking needs and desired kitchen environment. 

Which type of lighting do Cosmo range hoods have?

We are impressed with the quality of lighting Cosmo range hoods introduce to your kitchen space. These range hoods are usually fitted with double 1.5 watt LED lights.

This is brilliantly illuminating with impressive energy-saving capacity. Some Cosmo hoods like the Cosmo COS-QS75 30 in. allow you to regulate the LED lights via remote control.

Are Cosmo range hoods expensive?

No, we can confidently say Cosmo range hoods are among the most affordable you can get in the market. Depending on the stack of features you desire, size, or type (wall-mount, under-cabinet, or island), you can expect to spend $110-$650.

Under-cabinet and wall mount count among the cheapest you can get among Cosmo product lineup. Nonetheless, they rarely come with digital controls and don’t have the highest suction power either. 

What is Cosmo range hood’s warranty?

Cosmo offers a reliable 5-year manufacturer’s part warranty on all of its range hoods. What this means is within five years of you purchasing a Cosmo range hood, the manufacturer will bear all the cost of replacing defective parts.

However, it is worth noting that this 5-year warranty doesn’t apply to buyers outside Canada and the United States. Also, this warranty is only valid when you use the Cosmo range hood in the very country you bought it. 

Best Cosmo Range Hoods

Cosmo QS75 30 Inch. Range Hood

The range hood takes the prize for the best under-cabinet in Cosmo’s product lineup. Its durability is beyond question, coming with 18-gauge stainless steel of premium grade.

With a weight of 53.9lbs and a size of 22 x 29.5 x 10 inches, this range hood will not swallow much of your kitchen. In fact, your kitchen would be thankful for the glow this Cosmo’s 1.5W bright LED bulbs bring. 

This is an easy-to-use range hood with a remote control facility allowing you to regulate performance from across the room. This under-cabinet hood has a 3-speed setting.

Its suction power doesn’t disappoint. This Cosmo range hood offers you 500CFM. This would suffice for all domestic usage and yet perform pretty well for commercial use. 

It is not too noisy, with comfortable sound levels of 65dB. Maintaining the Cosmo QS75 30 Inch is almost a walk in the park. The filters are dishwater safe too.


It stands the test of time

It comes with remote control 


A bit on the heavy side

Cosmo COS-668AS750

The Cosmo COS-668AS750 is the best wall-mount range hood we have seen from Cosmo. This range hood is spoiled with cutting-edge technology.

If its seamless touch control panel doesn’t dazzle you, its superior filtration would. Yes, this is one of the very few hoods that generously feature double arc-flow stainless steel permanent filters.

Dishwater safe, these filters are easy to clean and excel at trapping all that oil and grease that notoriously mess up your cooking experience.

This is a durable hood girded with top-grade stainless steel construction. It has a three-speed setting with double energy-efficient of high lumen capacity. 

The suction power is just fine. The Cosmo COS-668AS750 is outfitted with 380CFM, and that would do just fine for a homely kitchen. At its peak speed, this range hood’s sound levels don’t shoot above 65dB.  

This Cosmo excels at user-friendliness with an intuitive design. This is well demonstrated in the responsiveness of its touch, making it seamless to control the hood.


Bright illumination

Solid construction

Double dishwater safe filters


Quite expensive

Cosmo 668ICS Island Range Hood

In the category of Cosmos island range hoods, the Cosmo 668ICS comes out top for us. This range hood swept us off our feet for how incredibly it fuses aesthetics and functionality.

Behind its stunning looks is a superior 430-grade stainless construction further enhanced with 20-gauge thickness. Its motor measures up to the ventilation task of a standard family kitchen, coming at a 380CFM suction power.

Its enchanting LED touch screen allows for an easy user experience, with the speed levels readily selectable from this screen. 

For dimension, you get 23.6 x 35.2 x 47 inches and weighs around 54lbs. This means it would fit perfectly well in medium-small kitchen spaces.


Looks really good 

LED touch screen

Equipped with auto shut-off 


Not suited to bigger kitchens

Slightly heavy

A bit noisy