Is Zephyr Range Hood A Good Brand? (Explained)

Zephyr Range Hoods

When Alex Siow founded Zephyr, he wanted to create a ventilation system for your oven that surpasses other brands in function and style. His philosophy is that your home offers a unique opportunity to express yourself, and Zephyr range hoods are designed to be a part of that.

Zephyr was launched in 1997, and the brand has built trust among consumers. They make excellent range hoods that are efficient, self-cleaning, and perform silently. Their range hoods are high quality and designed to look stylish while performing well.

The only real complaint that customers have is that they are expensive. However, the cost matches the quality that each hood has.

What Kind of Range Hoods Does Zephyr Sell?

The range hood is an important part of your kitchen because it removes particles from the air. It will eliminate odors, chemicals, smoke, and more. Ventilation is important, and Zephyr makes hoods that work well and add some style to your kitchen.

There are different types of range hoods. You can get an under-cabinet range hood if your stove is built into your cabinetry. It is installed under the cabinets overhead. A wall-mounted vent hood is installed against the wall above the range. It fits into the ductwork in the ceiling and connects to the ductwork above.

An island range hood hangs from the ceiling over the range on your island. They also make vent hood inserts that are less noticeable, and outdoor range hoods for your outdoor kitchen.

What Makes Zephyr Range Hoods Stand Out?

Zephyr range hoods stand out because the company pays attention to quality. They produce range hoods that perform well and add style to your kitchen. Their hoods are made using superior craftsmanship, and they consider every detail when they produce ranges.

In addition, they are known to be quiet. This is a huge benefit to many people because conversations won’t be drowned out by the ventilation. They offer a variety of power options so anyone can find what they need, and they have a multi-year warranty. They have become a trusted brand, and they stand behind their products.

Are Zephyr Range Hoods Easy to Clean?

Zephyr makes very attractive range hoods, so you will want to clean them. They will draw the attention of people because they are so stylish. Most homes produce around a gallon of cooking grease over the course of a year, and if you don’t have the ventilation you need, it appears on your cabinets, walls, and windows.

However, Zephyr hoods are able to draw out smells, grease, smoke, particles in the air, and steam. You need to keep them clean so that they can do their jobs effectively.

Zephyr hoods come with an automatic cleaning reminder that lets you know when you have used them for 30 hours. At this time, you need to clean it. If you use a lot of oil and high temperatures, you may need to clean it more frequently.

To clean your Zephyr range hood, you need a nonabrasive microfiber cloth, stainless steel cleaner, and degreaser or dish soap. It is important that all three items are non-abrasive. You can spray the stainless steel cleaner directly on the range hood, and rub it with the microfiber cloth.

Be sure to go in the direction of the grain when you wipe it. You can also use the degreaser or detergent to remove heavier grease build-up.

The range hood also has filters. You can usually wash them in the dishwasher on low heat. Don’t wash it with other items such as dishes. You can wash them by hand with warm water and a degreaser. You will just soak it for an hour or two and then rinse. If you clean them regularly, they will last longer.

Does Zephyr Have a Self-Cleaning Range Hood?

Zephyr has several models that do not use a filter, and they are self-cleaning. This includes the Typhoon, the Hurricane, and the Cyclone. These models have a centrifugal blower system that will liquify cooking residue.

All of their hoods have residue cups that will collect residue, and you can run self-cleaning mode to get rid of the residue in its internal housing. If you use your range hood one hour a day, you will need to clean it once a month.

Does Zephyr Make a Range to Go with the Range Hood?

Zephyr is based in San Francisco, where it has been since it was founded in 1997. They specialize in ventilation design, technology, and innovation. They have partnered with Fulgor in Milan, Italy.

This company has a complete line of professional cooking products, and Zephyr distributes these products in the southwest and the mountain states. Zephyr now offers a collection of high-end kitchen products that work well with their range hood.

Fulfor ranges have been made for more than 70 years in Milan, and they were popular in the Italian market. They offer personalization for their products, and you can choose colors.

They also incorporate technology and accessories to make cooking an unforgettable experience. Zephyr is the exclusive distributor for their products.

Are Zephyr Range Hoods Quiet?

One of the trends right now is appliances that are essentially silent. You will see it with dishwashers, refrigerators, and more, and range hoods are no different. Open kitchens that serve multiple purposes are common today, and people want to be able to have a conversation while they use their appliances.

Manufacturers pay attention to what consumers want, and Zephyr is no different. The range hood has historically been one of the louder appliances, but Zephyr makes them so that they are virtually silent.

Zephyr uses DCBL technology, which was pioneered by their engineers. It is an onboard computer that converts it from AC to DC energy. This allows the system to have excellent performance, energy efficiency, and it reduces the noise levels by 77%.

Where Can You Buy Zephyr Range Hoods?

You can buy Zephyr range hoods from authorized dealers all over the country. They provide a full list of authorized dealers on their website, so it is easy to find.

Do Zephyr Range Hoods Work on Wi-Fi?

Some Zephyr range hoods do use Wi-Fi. They offer an app called the Zephyr Connect App, and the app requires iOS 11.0 or later. There is also an Android version. You can only control the range hood with one account at a time.

Once connected, you can control the fan speed and lighting levels of the hood. You can also program a delay-off feature that keeps the range running for 10 minutes after you finish cooking. The app will alert you when it is time to clean your grease filters or replace the charcoal filters, and it will let you know if the range hood is running for more than three hours.

As an added bonus, it integrates with Alexa and Google Home, so you can use your voice to control hood functions.

Final Words

The Zephyr range hoods are good products. They combine style with function to create excellent hoods for your kitchen. They are quiet and attractive, and some models connect to their app for added convenience. These models also integrate with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so you get incredible convenience. Although they are expensive, they are quiet, attractive, and work great.