Are Zline Range Hoods Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Zline Range Hoods

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time cooking in the kitchen understands how unsettling the grease and smoke can be. This explains why range hoods are increasingly adopted, especially for their efficiency in eliminating all that greasy air and smell. Zline Range hoods easily find themselves in discussions on the best range hoods in the market today. But are Zline range goods really good or just overhyped?

Zline Range hoods are renowned for their simplicity and sleek design, with the manufacturers keen on functionality. These range hoods are outfitted with powerful (yet noiseless) motors, in-built lighting, and auto-shutoff functionality. Zline Range hoods are backed by a generous lifetime motor warranty, overall enhancing your kitchen space with a fusion of beauty and efficiency.  

Summarily declaring Zline range hoods as good is not enough. What specific aspects of their design, built, and functionality makes them worth the investment. Let us find out?

Where are Zline range hoods produced?

Zline range hoods emanate from ZLINE Kitchen and Bath, a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances. This manufacturer has its corporate headquarters situated in Ohio and Nevada.

Zline range hoods are designed by Andrew Zuro (the founder of Zline) and a specialized team of experts in culinary accessories. 

Zuro famously claims to draw unique design inspiration for Zline hoods from the artistic awe of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada.

While the design is American, parts are sourced from other European nations like Germany and Italy. Assemblage is spread across the United States and other facilities Zline runs in China. 

Are Zline range hoods easy to install?

Simplicity in design is a hallmark strength of Zline hoods. And such simplicity translates into ease of installation for Zline range hoods. 

Buyers we investigated are enthused at how readily they could set up their Zline hoods with minimal technical experience. Most Zline popular models deploy ductless or duct exhaust systems, introducing more versatility in their installation and overall functionality.

How well do Zline range hoods ventilate?

We all understand how discomfiting it is cooking in a kitchen laden with smoke and grease. This is why we appreciated the air circulation capacity of most Zline models we checked out.

Zline range hoods come with airflow rates commonly ranging from 280CFM-760CFM. More sophisticated models like the ZLINE 687-304-42 Outdoor Range Hood are furnished with motors as high as 1200CFM.

Zline range hoods perform best (regarding airflow circulation) when positioned within 30-36 inches above your cooktop.

Are Zline range hoods lightweight?

Zline range hoods are famous for many things, but not their lightweight design. We admit some of the best models we have seen from Zline count among the slightly heavy in the market today.

For example, the Zline 619-30 comes at a pretty significant weight of 61lbs. Such sturdiness can be attributed to the thickness of its gauge metallic body. 

One of the most powerful range hoods in the ZLine product lineup, the ZLine 355VV Wooden Range Hood, comes at a bit frightening weight of 80lbs. 

How do ZLine range hoods look?

While Zline got us drooling with the wealth of functionality of their range hoods, they didn’t let us down with their appearance. 

Zline is one of the very few kitchens and bath accessory manufacturers that remarkably combine aesthetics and functionality.

Depending on your style preferences and desired kitchen look, Zline range hoods offer various finishes cutting across stainless steel, black stainless steel, wood, copper, and Durasnow® Stainless Steel.

The Durasnow® Stainless Steel finish is stunning on the eyes, while the wooden shades (especially those enhanced by Zline’s Designer Series) add a lovely touch of countryside style and texture to your space. 

If you have got white kitchen cabinets, go for the Zline range hoods with copper finish, given how brilliantly they blend in.

Are Zline range hoods durable?

We can confidently list Zline range hoods among the most long-lasting range hoods we have seen. They boast a robust steel construction that stands the test of time.

The bulk of Zline hoods either come in standard stainless steel or Zline’s exclusive Durasnow® Stainless Steel. Durasnow® Stainless Steel is an upgrade on the standard stainless steel finish.

Specifically, Durasnow® Stainless Steel is a non-directional finish reputed for its resistance to corrosion, temperature, and even fingerprints.

More than this, Zline range hoods are dishwater safe, with the baffle filters equipped to withstand extensive usage.

How often will you replace your Zline hood charcoal filters?

Range hood users can attest to how important the durability of filters is. Zline hoods don’t disappoint. 

A typical Zline hood charcoal filter will work efficiently for at least three months, with some even lasting as long as six months, depending on how you cook. 

After this interval, it is advised that you replace the filter in your Zline range hood.

Are Zline range hoods noisy?

No, Zline range hoods have comfortable sound levels, and they are deliberately designed with motors that ensure noise-free kitchen operation. 

These hoods come with multi-speed settings, allowing you to operate your range hood at the most convenient sound levels for you.

The loudest we have seen among Zline range hood models came at a sound level of 56 decibels. These models are better suited to outdoor cooking. 

How good is Zline range hood lighting?

Zline range hood impressed us with the way their lighting transforms your cooking space. Zline range hoods commonly come with double 3-Watt LED Lights. 

Are Zline range hoods cheap?

No, Zline range hoods are not the cheapest you can get in the market. Zline range hoods can be rightly classed among medium-luxury kitchen appliances. 

Commonly, the more the range of functionalities, the steeper the price, with Zline hoods with advanced features like auto shutoff, button control, and the Durasnow® Stainless Steel tending to cost more.

Where can you buy Zline range hoods?

Zline range hoods are popular kitchen appliances in the United States and are readily available at major retailers like Home Depot, The Range Hood Store, Best Buy, and Lowes.

What is Zline range hood warranty policy?

Zline offers two noteworthy warranty policies for their range hoods. All range hoods from Zline are backed with a 3-year parts warranty and a lifetime motor warranty. 

This means that for the first thirty-six months after buying your Zline range hood, Zline will fully assume the financial responsibility of providing replacement parts for defective components.

Best Zline Range Hoods In The Market

Great, we have learned a lot about Zline range hoods. In this category, we will introduce you to the finest Zline range hoods we have laid our hands-on.

Zline KB-30 760 CFM Mounted Range Hood

It is hard not to fall in love with the Zline KB series. The Zline KB-30 was one that particularly caught our eyes. It is enchanting how this range hood brings together power, design sleekness, elegance, and durability in this hood.

This range hood is furnished with a 4-speed motor that can go up to 760CFM, further backed with a lifetime warranty. Its built-in LED light accentuates your kitchen, with the stainless steel baffle filters another testament of class from this hood.

As a hint of Zline’s generosity, the Z line KB-30 is typically supplied with additional accessories like the 8/9′ high ceilings and double telescope chimney pipes (each of 16 inches). 

And of course, it is worth noting that installing this range hood is simplified. Basically following the instructions in the manual that accompanies the packet should get your range hood set and work.


Lifetime motor warranty

Multi-speed setting motor with impressive performance

Robust stainless steel construction


Cleaning the baffle filters was a bit challenging.

ZLine 355VV Wooden Range Hood 

We loved this range hood for the intimidating amount of powering its packs. Stocked with a robust motor that can produce airflow rates as high as 1200CFM, this range hood makes kitchen ventilation a breeze.

Yes, you were not going to run at the peak 1200CFM all the time. Therefore this range hood is girded with a four-speed setting, allowing you to choose your comfortable ventilation rate and sound level. Fan speed is further controllable by push-button control, which also allows you to manage lighting intensity.

Power is not only where the ZLine 355VV dazzles. The beauty of its wooden texture will no doubt transform your kitchen interiors.

This range hood comes specially designed with lovely wooden textures (especially the Valencia-toned wooden finish) and shades, with the Zline Designer Series exhaust fan further raising the aesthetic tempo.

Note that this is a powerful range hood best suited to outdoor cooking and backyard BBQ get-togethers. 

If you must use a range hood as powerful as the ZLine 355VV inside your kitchen, you must have facilities for ventilation through your ceiling, wall, and cabinet.

Altogether, we will not advise you to get this range hood if you have a pretty small kitchen area.


Push-button control facility

The LED lighting is upgradable

Really powerful airflow


It is a bit too heavy