Are Vissani Range Hoods Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Kitchen with Vissani Range Hoods

Range hoods are very important appliances in our kitchens due to their wide range of benefits. The main one being, elimination of the hot and toxic gas from your kitchen and this helps keep you safe from suffocation. 

So, if you care about venting smoke fumes from your kitchen, a range hood is a must-have. However, not all brands produce products that will get the job effectively done.

During our research on the best range hood, we came across a lot of people inquiring about this little-known brand – Vissani range hood. We, therefore, decided to give it a test and came up with this conclusion. 

Generally speaking, are Vissani range hoods good?

If you are looking for an average-quality range hood, but you don’t want to lash out money on the overpriced popular brands, Vissani is an excellent option. It is a piece of artwork that offers a moderate performance blower that will eliminate smoke, steam, grease, and cooking odor from your kitchen with utmost efficiency. 

Vissani is not among the most popular brands you will hear many homeowners arguing about out there. From our experience with this product, we learned some exciting qualities about this brand that may shock you. 

Does Vissani Offer a Good CFM Rating for a Range Hood?

Among many factors that you should consider when purchasing a range hood is the CFM rating. Simply put, the higher the CFM, the more air the range hood will vent out of your kitchen. Vissani range hoods come with average CFM and therefore, don’t offer a very strong range hood.

However, if you ask me whether Vissani offers a good CFM rating for a range hood I will boldly say yes.

The Vissani that we tested had a CFM of 320. Generally, a regular gas would need a 300 CFM fan. Electric stove 30 inch wide requires around 250 CFM while 12 inch wide requires as low as 100 CFM. Therefore, Vissani range hoods CFM are within the range. 

That said, Vissani doesn’t offer a very strong range hood and I cannot recommend it to a homeowner with a big and busy kitchen or a restaurant cooking area. Their CFM is not strong enough to manage such large cooking areas. 

What are the Benefits of Having Vissani Range Hood Over Other Brands? 

Weak range hoods are never useless and are worth your penny. We inquired about some of the benefits users enjoy from Vissani range hoods and here is what we found out.

Less Noise

Vissani range hoods generally have a lower CFM rating and that means less noise. Noise from a range hood is caused by a blower that rotates hard to clean hot fumes and smoke produced during cooking. The more powerful the blower, the more noise it will produce. 

This quality makes Vissani one of the best for a home kitchen where such noise will be undesirable especially when you have visitors.

The strong range hoods that produce a lot of noise can be installed in restaurants. Areas like busy cities experience noise from traffic that would counter noise from such strong range hoods. 

Less Expensive

The price of a range hood depends on several factors with a CFM rating being one of them. The price tends to increase with an increase in CFM rating. 

Vissani range hoods are generally less expensive. The Vissani product that we found being sold on Walmart only cost $207.90. If you can undertake the project of installing them by yourself then you will save a lot from buying Vissani range hoods.

But if you have to hire someone to undertake the project, expect to spend around $300 service fee.

Easy to Install

Vissani is not very large and therefore has a small surface area. They are not meant to cover very large cooktops and are not very ideal for use in heavy-duty cooking. 

That said, they are very easy to install and if you are a serious DIY homeowner, it may take you only 30 minutes to get them up and running. Most of them come in manageable sizes and you won’t even need a helping hand to hold them in place.

However, the ease of installation will depend on the type you purchase. The ducted type will require ductwork that may need drilling some holes and wiring. This type may require an extra helping hand or simply hire an expert to do the installation.

If you are dealing with a ductless one, things may get a little easier as you will not need to create the holes. The other type is the convertible ones, which are typically ducted but can be converted to ductless. 

Low Energy Bills

Vissani range hood products don’t have strong blowers. Very strong range hoods from other brands have bigger and stronger blowers that consume a lot of electric power. While such range hoods may have the job effectively done, your monthly energy bills are likely to skyrocket. 

You can save from electric bills by opting for Vissani range hood products that don’t have very robust blowers. 

Easy to Maintain

Most Vissani range hoods don’t consume a lot of electricity. They are also likely to work less considering they are mostly used in home kitchens. For that reason, they may not require regular inspection and servicing. 

How Durable are the Finished Results from Vasini Products?

Range hoods are one of the most durable house appliances. But comparing Vissani brand durability to other brands, I can say it is more or less durable. By that I mean, it will depend on the care you give them. 

If well taken care of, the Vissani range hood can outlive any appliance you own in your home. Most users confess to having their Vissani range product in good shape for almost ten years. 


As much as range hoods are a must-have in our kitchen, we should be extra careful when choosing one. Your selection should not only revolve around the power of the range.

Other factors such as energy consumption, cost, maintenance, installation, and noise are also key considerations. So let your needs dictate your choice.

That said, if you are looking for a brand that offers reasonable pricing and is still effective in eliminating the hot toxic gases and smoke from your kitchen, consider the Vissani range hood brand.