Are Ancona Range Hoods Good? (Explained)

Ancona range hood

Choosing a new range hood for your kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated. That being said, it’s still a good idea to do a little due diligence so that you end up with the right one to meet your needs.

Ancona range hoods are top-quality hoods. The company helps with everything from the design of the hood to any service you’ll need after the sale. And if you’re wondering how good they are, consider this: Ancona hasn’t been around for 30+ years for nothing.

What Makes Ancona Different?

Ancona makes high-quality home hardware and accessories that include so much more than just range goods. This includes kitchen items such as cooktops, faucets, backsplashes, and sinks, as well as bathroom fixtures that include fans, accessories, faucets, and towel warmers.

Ancona products can be found all throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, and they can accommodate you whether you’re building a new home, renovating, or simply replacing appliances and fixtures.

Even if you’re unsure what type of range hood would look best in your kitchen, Ancona can help. They have design experts on staff who help all homeowners determine what would look best in their kitchens, and their products truly offer something for everyone.

What Types of Range Hoods Do They Offer?

The range hoods offered by Ancona include many different designs, finishes, and colors. The variety of range hoods they offer include the following features:

  • The right finish: stainless steel, black stainless steel, galvanized steel, matte black, white, and white stainless steel
  • The right size: 20, 24, 28, 30, 34, 36, and 38 inches
  • The right light: you can choose between halogen and LED lights
  • The right vent installation type: convertible, ducted, and ductless
  • The right style: choose between built-in, island, insert, wall-mount, and under-cabinet range hoods

And in case you’re wondering why you need a range hood in the first place, consider this: a good range hood will collect heat and condensation, grease, and even cooking smells so these things don’t accumulate on your ceiling or other locations in your kitchen.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Range Hood

If you’re new to range hoods, do not worry because they aren’t all that complicated. You’ll just need to learn a little bit about their features to decide which one is right for you.

One of the most important features is their airflow capacity, which refers to the amount of air that they remove from your kitchen in one minute. The number is expressed as CFM, or cubic feet per minute, and the higher the CFM, the more powerful the airflow is.

Keep in mind that gas stoves usually need range hoods with higher CFM numbers. In fact, gas stoves usually need range hoods that offer 600 to 1200 CFMs, while electric stoves can get by with 300 to 450 CFMs.

The size of your kitchen also matters. If your kitchen is larger, you’ll naturally need a bigger hood fan. If you need to know what size to look at, multiply the total cubic feet in your kitchen by 15, then divide that number by 60, since there are 60 minutes in an hour. This will give you the proper CFM number for your particular kitchen.

Also, if you cook every day or you like using multiple burners at the same time, a good strong fan is what you’ll need due to having more heat in the kitchen.

Finally, you have to consider the noise level of the range hood. The higher the CFMs, the noisier the hood will be. Some hoods have several speed settings and are quieter at lower speeds.

The loudest hoods get to about 56 or 57 decibels, which is about as loud as traffic. If this is too loud for you, you might want to look for some of the range hoods that offer a quiet mode. These are becoming more popular all the time.

Ancona Range Hoods: The Ones to Choose

If you’re curious about some of the best Ancona range hoods on the market, here are five of them for you to consider:

1. Inserta Plus AN-1364 36-Inch Built-In Range Hood

This 36-inch built-in range hood both looks great and works great, and it even has five-layer aluminum mesh filters that you can place in your dishwasher when they need to be cleaned. It is lightweight at roughly 22 pounds, and its sleek design can make any kitchen look a lot more modern.

Made for an electric stove, it provides a full 420 CFMs and is made out of super-sturdy 430 stainless steel. With a 6-inch round ventilation feature, it is made to fit all types of standard cabinetry, which means that it will fit yours. It also comes with three different speeds for convenience and is 35.4” x 11.5” x 10.13” in size.

2. Wall-Mounted Convertible Range Hood #WPPW430

Made out of 430 stainless steel, this convertible range hood is 30 inches in size and comes in a neutral, attractive white color. It also comes with two LED lights that are eco-friendly and last about ten times longer than a conventional light.

With dishwasher-safe aluminum filters and a 6-inch top venting system, this wall-mounted range hood is both sophisticated-looking and very affordable, costing just under $388. It has an eye-catching pyramid design and weighs just 27.5 pounds, so it is easy to install once you get it home.

3. Under-Cabinet Convertible 30-Inch Range Hood

With a very slim, sleek design made out of sturdy 430 stainless steel, this 30-inch convertible hood comes in both white and stainless steel colors. It provides 110 CFMs for your electric stove and comes with three easy-to-use controls. With this range hood, both internal and external air circulation is possible, making this a very versatile hood.

The hood comes with dishwasher-safe aluminum filters and fits all standard cabinetry. Its slim design also gives it a very subtle look, which means that it won’t stick out too much in your kitchen. It even comes with LED lights that are eco-friendly and last up to ten times longer than standard lights do.

4. AN-1507 GCL630 Wall-Mounted Range Hood with Night Light

This 30-inch wall-mounted range hood comes with a night light that automatically turns on whenever the room gets dark, making it more convenient for those midnight trips to the kitchen. It comes with two LED lights that last up to ten times longer than traditional lights and has a five-speed touch control panel for ease of use.

The hood also has an attractive glass canopy that gives it some ambiance, and the baffle filters are dishwasher-safe. Best of all, it provides a whopping 650 CFMs for your gas stove and comes with an ultra-quiet fan that is below 40 decibels.

5. AN-1324 BN636 Built-In Range Hood with Night Light

This is a 36-inch built-in range hood that has a night light that automatically turns on whenever the room gets dark. It is made out of 430 stainless steel and is perfect for ducted installations. It also comes with two LED lights that have multiple settings for convenience and lasts a very long time. It is also perfect for gas stoves because it offers 620 CFMs. It comes with decorative stainless steel panels that make it stand out, and it comes with dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh-core filters. Finally, it also has a 6-inch top round vent for convenience.