Are Broan Range Hoods Good? (Explained)

Broan Range Hoods

When you’re shopping for a new range hood, the sky is truly the limit because there are so many of them available. If you’re researching hoods made by Broan-NuTone, you can rest assured that they’ll provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

Broan range hoods are found in more than 110 million homes all across the U.S. Their emphasis is on quality products that are not only affordable but also look good and are good for the environment. They make a variety of ventilation products to suit every homeowner’s needs.

What Types of Products Do They Sell?

Broan products are products you can count on. They include forward-thinking products that improve the quality of your indoor air and include items such as:

  • Bathroom exhaust vent fans
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Fresh air systems
  • Doorbells
  • Specialty systems such as attic ventilation, garage ventilation, utility fans, in-line fans, heaters, through-wall fans, and many others

When it comes to having a well-ventilated and therefore safe home, you can utilize Broan’s products to keep your house looking good and functioning right. They have been around for decades and are continuously coming up with newer and better products to improve your home’s atmosphere and make your life easier.

Types of Range Hoods Offered by Broan

Broan sells products under both the Broan name and the NuTone name, but both brands sell high-quality products. Their range hoods include the following types:

  • Under-cabinet
  • Built-in
  • Island
  • Outdoor
  • Professional style
  • Wall-mounted
  • Downdraft

In addition, they sell all of the accessories that you’ll need for your range hood to operate properly year after year, including blowers, controls, light bulbs, filters, and backsplashes. When it comes to range hoods, they have everything you need to install and maintain the hood for many years to come.

What to Look for When Shopping for Range Hoods

One of the first things that you’ll need to look for when shopping for range hoods is the CFM number, which stands for the amount of air the device can remove from your kitchen in one minute (cubic feet per minute). While this number represents the power of the airflow, you won’t need as high a number for your electric stove as you do with a gas stove.

If you have an electric stove, you should choose a range hood that offers 300 to 450 CFMs. Gas stoves, on the other hand, need more force, so you should look for a range hood offering 600 to 1200 CFMs.

You’ll want a bigger hood for a bigger kitchen and a stronger fan if you cook a lot. You’ll also want to take a look at the decibel levels of each of these hoods because while some are set to below 40 decibels, others can get to 56 or 57 decibels, which is similar to the noise level of traffic.

Fortunately, if you want a hood with quiet operation, you can choose some of the ultra-quiet hoods that have taken their noise levels down a notch. And if you use your range hood a lot, this makes a big difference because it is easy to get tired of a very noisy hood.

In other words, you have to take a lot of things into consideration when you’re researching range hoods. You’ll also have to decide if you want them to be installed over an island, into the wall, or underneath a cabinet. The good news is that there are all types of installations possible with range hoods, so finding the right one for your kitchen is never difficult.

Some Great Broan Range Hoods to Consider

If you’re anxious to start researching some of Broan-NuTone’s best range hoods, here are a handful of them to start with.

1. BW5030SSL Convertible Wall-Mounted Range Hood

This 30-inch wall-mounted convertible range hood has a very modern European design and is made out of high-quality stainless steel. It is a chimney-style hood that should always be installed so that the bottom of it reaches 30 to 36 inches above your cooking surface.

Made for electric stoves, this 390 CFM range hood weighs just over 31 pounds and is therefore easy to install. And at a price of just under $256, it is very affordable as well.

Finally, the hood comes with a push-button three-speed design that enables you to get the exact speed you need for your cooking tasks.

2. 413004 Ductless Non-Ducted 30” Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Made out of stainless steel and built to go underneath your cabinet, this 30-inch range hood has a non-ducted filtration system that does a great job of removing smoke and odors. It works hard to keep your kitchen clean and fresh-smelling, and it is very easy to operate.

There is a set of switches that controls both the light and the two-speed fan, so if you’re cooking and you’re in a hurry, you can still keep up with what’s going on in the kitchen. The replaceable charcoal filters mean it is super easy to clean the hood, adding another great feature to this great product.

In addition to these things, it comes with incandescent lighting that accepts a light bulb of up to 75 watts, so you can decide for yourself how bright you want it to be. And at just below $79, this is one hood that is affordable for everyone.

3. BWT2304SSB Convertible Wall-Mounted Range Hood

The convertible wall-mounted range hood is a T-style chimney-like hood made out of stainless steel and offers 450 CFMs. It has a surface that is super easy to clean and attractive black glass to make the design even more appealing. In addition, the hybrid baffle filters are dishwasher safe and very simple to replace, even for people who aren’t tech-savvy.

While it can be considered a bit pricey at around $420, customers consider it worth it once they consider what they’re getting in return.

It also comes with three-speed capacitive touch controls that make changing its speed a piece of cake, and best of all, it can be set up as either a ducted or ductless system for your convenience. This is a high-quality, well-made range hood built to last for many years to come.

4. 464204 Under-Cabinet 42-Inch Stainless-Steel Range Hood

This is a huge 42-inch range hood that is made to be installed under your cabinet and can be set up either ductless or ducted, whichever is more convenient for you. It has adjustable speed controls for very easy operation, and it is made out of stainless steel and is therefore sturdy and built to last.

This range hood has aluminum grease filters that are super easy to clean because you can just wash them in your dishwasher, and the protective lamp lens produces even and efficient lighting. You can even control the amount of light you get by using a light bulb that is 75 watts or lower.

Best of all, it costs around $140 and is therefore very affordable.

5. PM390 390 CFM Stainless-Steel Range Hood

This range hood offers many features that homeowners look for, including 390 CFMs, a convenient fan and light combo that makes it easy to use, and a blower that automatically adjusts and pushes the fan up to high when it detects extra heat.

There is also a one-piece aluminum mesh filter that is washable and therefore helps keep the unit clean, and it accepts incandescent candelabra light bulbs up to 40 watts.