Are Victory Range Hoods Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

victory range hood

The popularity of Victory range hood is on the rise, not only in Canada but in the USA and European countries as well. The products only made their way to the market in 2007 and already offer more than 100 models to choose from.

But are they good?

Victory range hoods are definitely worth your money. Very few range hoods can rival the level of ventilation in the cooking area Victory will give to homeowners. Besides, they are strong, versatile, and easy to install and maintain. The customized victory range hoods are some of the innovations in the range hood industry.

Everyone is constantly searching for a product that combines quality and reasonable pricing. But from our research and experience, we realized Victory range hoods offer more than just that. 

Why are Victory Range Hoods Becoming So Popular? 

Amazed by how this brand has made a great impact within a short time, we decided to find out what could be their biggest strength. Here are the results we came up with. 


No one can question their desire for a high-performing range hood. The first thing you will find yourself asking a vendor when purchasing a range hood is the extraction rate. We have been testing several range hoods for some time and found that Victory brands are among the dominance of the top spot when it comes to extraction rates. 

Most victory range hoods feature multiple fans that give plenty of vent power. When running at maximum capacity, some can reach more than 1,000 CFM. 

Meaning, their fans can pull all fumes within the fan enclosure plus some fumes outside the perimeter of the fan enclosure. For a standard Victory range, the capture efficiency is in the range of 30-40 percent on the front burner and up to 90 percent on the back burner. 

Highly Customizable

One of the main reasons many homeowners fancy Victory range is because you can have them designed to what you want.

You can customize your victory range to add value to your chicken.

You can have a custom shape, decoration, or color of your choice. Here are some of the customized shapes and decorations. 

Unlike other products that you will buy and find a way of giving it a look that matches your kitchen, Victory offers different antique flare that you cannot miss on what you are looking for.

Besides, they are easy to take down into parts. Meaning, you can even have various parts customized before you take them out of the store.  Or if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can do that by yourself. 


Most of the products from this brand are made of stainless steel, including the filters, making them resistant to corrosion. For that reason, these products are very durable against chemical or physical damages. 

However, just like any other product, you will have to handle them with care. Victory range hoods require inspection regularly to ensure they are in perfect condition. If well taken care of and maintained, you are sure to use most of their product for more than 15 years.

Ease of Installation

You don’t have to be a range hood or HVAC expert to install a Victory range hood in your kitchen.

This brand offers several simple products that nearly any homeowner will handle. Besides, they come equipped with the accessories necessary for installation including the user manual. 

However, how easy or hard the victory range hoods are to install will depend on the Victory range hood you purchase. Generally, there are three types of range hoods, ducted, ductless, and convertible. 

Ducted model installation is quite involved since you will have to set up a vent for the kitchen which will cost you both time and money. Creating a vent will require drilling some holes and wiring. In this case, I always recommend seeking the help of an expert. 

However, if the kitchen is already vented or if you purchase a range hood that doesn’t require venting, things will get a little easier. You will not be drilling holes or doing the wiring. Most homeowners have shared that such Victory range hoods only take them not more than 30 minutes to mount and run. 

Convertible Victory range hoods are typically ducted but can be converted to ductless Victory range hoods using a recirculating kit. Once converted the ductless range hoods will vent the air through a charcoal filter and back to your home. 

That said, you can decide to install them as either ducted or duct-free. If you have to install it as ducted and don’t have a ready vent, then be prepared for more work. 

Reasonable Pricing

Range hoods are generally costly. The cost of a range hood will depend on a number of factors including CFM rating, special features included in the package, and where you purchase your product.

However, Victory products have a lot of reputation when it comes to combining quality and good price. Despite being durable and high-performing, you can find one for as low as $500 and only spend $300 on installation charges if you have existing ductwork. 

However, some victory range hoods may cost you up to $8,000 to buy and install.  This is true particularly if you purchase a top-quality customized ducted victory range and have a vent ready. But you will hardly find one that will cost more than $10,000. 

Does Victory Range Hood Add Value?

As mentioned before, you can have a victory range hood customized to your liking. Such customized range hoods add a lot of esthetic value to your kitchen. Besides, such hoods will fetch a lot of cash by the time you will be selling your house. They form part of your bargaining point. 

That said, you should consider installing a range hood in your kitchen prior to selling your house. It will help you sell your house at a more valuable price. 

What Do Customers Say About This Brand?

One good thing with Victory range hood is that they boast a lot of online reviews. The brand is popular and a lot of people use it, so we expected that.  

We found a lot of reviews on online stores such as Amazon, and victory range hoods as well as forums sites such as Yelp, HomeStars, and Houz. 

Quite a number of customers pointed out Victory range hood quality, and reasonable pricing. This is a good point to consider if you are looking for a quality range hood on a budget. 

Generally, people see Victory range hoods as a good investment that will serve you for a lifetime. Most of the negative reviews we came across were pointing at various stores’ customer support services – not Victory range hood as a product. 


From my own experience and research on this product, I concur that Victory range hood is a good investment.

If you are looking for a range hood that is easy to install, less expensive, less noisy, and easy to maintain but still gets the job well done, consider purchasing your next range hood from the Victory brand.