Are McCormick Tractors Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

McCormick tractors good

Of course, tractors are not chips. They cost quite a fortune. Therefore, it is natural to be skeptical when considering less popular tractor brands like McCormick tractors. Inevitably, you must have been curious about the quality of McCormick tractors. Are they any good?

For their relative affordability, McCormick tractors deliver outstanding performance. Typically provisioned with Perkins engine (and now more recently Deutz engines), these tractors can provide anywhere from 25hp to over 310hp, making them befitting for orchard, vineyard, and open-field deployments. McCormick tractors are comfortable with use, with impressive ergonomic design.

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Who makes McCormick tractors and where?

Here is something you would find interesting. Despite not being one of the most popular tractor brands around, McCormick has been around since 1841, esteemed for inventing the first agricultural harvester in 1831. 

Since then, McCormick has experienced significant transformation, going through a series of mergers. Today, most of the McCormick tractors distributed in the United States are made in Fabbrico, Italy. 

Are McCormick tractors comfortable?

Generally, it is enjoyable using McCormick tractors. McCormick adopted an ergonomic design for these tractors. Aside from this, several technologies also significantly ramped up user comfort.

The first is the innovative Semi-Active Cab technology we see in McCormick’s Semi-Active Cab technology. Anyone who has used tractors for a while can tell how discomfiting the vibrations from bumps and riding on uneven surfaces are. 

This Semi-Active cab suspension technology seen in most McCormick tractors excels at buffering the main tractor body from the pulsations from the wheel riding on uneven ground surfaces. This means more comfort and stability when riding.

The McCormick X5 range is, in our opinion, one of the most comfortable tractors McCormick has ever produced. This tractor range is spoiled with comfort-focused features like intuitive controls, a telescopic (and reclining) steering wheel, and an integrated hands-free microphone.

Let us briefly talk about the X5’s Total View Slim cab FACILITY. This gives you an encompassing glazed area. 

Consequently, the driver enjoys a 360° view, which can be game-changing when maneuvering through tight spaces or working in low visibility sites.

It would be unfair to leave out the X5’s Twin Lock system. This facility gives you maximal grip and traction, locking the rear and front differentials at once. 

This feature enhances the efficiency (while making life more enjoyable for the operator) by automatically engaging (or disengaging) the four-wheel drive and differential lock.

How is McCormick tractors’ ergonomics?

We have been raving quite a while about the ergonomics of McCormick tractors. Let us start with how lovable the positioning and the material build of the driver’s seat are. 

The operator’s job gets a lot easier as the driving position is kitted with a steering wheel that can be adjusted with a sprung seat.

We love how the controls are strategically arranged for ease of use when the tractor is in operation. To the left, you have your range lever readily accessible. 

On the right, there is your gear shift lever easily within reach. You can get a sun canopy on the double-post ROPs if you desire.

What type of engine do McCormick tractors have?

Direction-injection Perkins diesel engines predominantly power McCormick tractors. The commonest are the 1104c-44 models.  

That said, we saw that the latest McCormick X5 Series had substituted the Perkins engines for Deutz engines. The latter has some operational advantages. 

First, on the eco-friendly side, the Deutz engines have less complicated emissions control hardware. Contrary to the traditional diesel particulates filter (DPF) models, the Deutz engines deploy a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) facility. 

The DOC simplifies maintenance, reduces operator intervention, and requires almost zero fuel-burn cleanings.

These Deutz engines improve the fuel economy of McCormick’s X5 tractors as they are fitted with an innovative ‘Eco Forty’ installation. At 40kph speed, this feature minimizes engine revs, significantly chopping down fuel consumption. 

What type of transmission do McCormick tractors have?

The partial power shift is the commonest transmission system we saw in McCormick tractors. This was prevailing in the McCormick Intl CX, MTX, and XTX series.

Specifically, the McCormick Intl CX series features 24 forward and reverse gears with a wet disc clutch. The MTX series come with 16 forward and 12 reverse gears, while the XTX series are supplied with 32 forward and 24 reverse gears. 

We feel it critical to mention the cutting-edge Smart APS Auto Powershift transmission technology McCormick’s X range tractors are fortified with. 

Courtesy of this, it is easier for the operator to optimize his tractor performance and fuel economy, choosing the most befitting right gear in every range. 

How much do McCormick tractors cost?

We like how McCormick graduated the price range of their tractors. This ensures that there is a tractor for you regardless of your budget.

If you are keen on saving as much on your McCormick tractor purchase, then the C series may be your best bet. 

Indeed, they are among the cheapest McCormick offers. A 70hp and 100hp are the two most common models in the C series. They have a starting price of $24,200.

You can go for McCormick’s CX series if you have a bigger budget. These guys come with a 4-cylinder Perkins engine, with a power delivery range from 73hp to 102hp. They cost around $32,600-$48,900.

Are you passionate about compactness and willing to spare the extra bucks for it? Then it would help if you considered the McCormick MC Series. They are incredibly tough, maneuverable, compact, and fast. The MC Series cost between $54,400 to $66,000.

The McCormick MTX series are pricier. Models in the series are typically outfitted with six cylinders, boasting responsive hydraulics and seamless transmission. They cost around $69,700 to $85,000, depending on the retailer.

The McCormick X7 range is among the priciest tractors on McCormick’s roster. They could cost more than $90,000.   

Best McCormick Tractor Reviews

For a producer that has been in the tractor manufacturing business for over a century, McCormick has a long line of tractors. 

We went through the rigors of testing a handful, and we can confidently select the McCormick X7.6 tier 3 and the X8 range as the finest McCormick has to offer. 

Why did we pick these tractors?

McCormick X7.6 TIER3

The McCormick X7.6 Tier 3 encompasses five models. These are (counting down) the X7.690, X7.680, X7.670, X7.660, and X7.650.

The Tier 3’s power range spans 166hp-225hp. This bulky amount of power emanates from the new Betapower engines they are provided with. 

This is a 6.7-liter engine featuring six cylinders enhanced with a standard rail injection system. 

More interestingly, the Betapower engines seen in McCormick’s x7.6 Tier 3 engines are furnished with a “Power Plus” facility. 

When the PTO requirements increase, the “Power Plus” system automatically delivers more torque and power. 

Aside from the engine, we also love the efficiency of this tractor’s braking system. They are fitted with an engine brake pedal, simplifying driving, especially in transport applications.

This series deploys a unique P6-PowerShift transmission system. This transmission model presents a comprehensive accumulation of five ranges (all triggered robotically), with six powershift speed gears managed by a customized electronic controller.

McCormick X8 tractor

This is one of the toughest tractors McCormick has rolled out. It also retains the Betapower engine design, but the transmission system is distinctive.

The McCormick X8 comes with a revolutionary VT-Drive transmission system. This is a 4-stage continuous variable model that makes operation way simplified.

The hydraulic system is exquisite, delivering as much as 212 liters each minute. You may be excited to learn that the X8’s high-flow hydraulic design can deliver up to 140 liters every minute to as many as eleven electro-hydraulic remote valves.

The operator experience is sleek. It is worth commending the Premiere Cab design, giving you enough space and comfort on the interior. There is a luxurious 12-inch touch screen monitor to make operating the tractor even easier. 

Are you tired of bumping around when driving around? This tractor is the guy for you. This tractor’s balance and stability are fascinating, even on irregular ground surfaces.

This can be attributed to the BetaPower engine transferring the center of gravity forward.

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