Are Versatile Tractors any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

Versatile Tractor Good

Versatile is a division of Buhler Industries, the first company to mass-produce 4WD tractors in North America. 

Versatile tractors are a great choice for budget-conscious farmers. These high-horse row-crop tractors are ideal for massive farm tasks that use steering wheel holders. 

But should you consider getting one?

Keep reading to learn more.

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Are Versatile Tractors Good?

Unlike many manufacturers that focus on building aesthetically pleasing tractors, Versatile is mostly concerned about making tractors that deliver raw power.

These agricultural tractors are rugged yet simple to operate.

And even though they have simplicity at the core of their designs, they do offer some creature comforts.

Who Makes the Versatile Tractors?

Buhler Industries Inc. owns Versatile. It is the only Canadian company that produces agricultural tractors. 

The company was established in 1966 to mass-produce and market tractors. 

Its first models to hit the market were the old D100 and G100. Even with the specs on these models, they all came out with a horsepower of 100.

Interestingly, they still sold for under $10,000.

Types and Features of the Versatile Tractors

There are many models of these agricultural tractors. All of them are designed to last and come with some of the latest improvements in the industry.

Here are the models available and their noteworthy features. 

Nemesis (Models 175, 195, 210)

The Nemesis is one of the world’s oldest tractors to come out of the Versatile workshop. 

This workhorse features a fully adjustable air suspension seat for maximum comfort and a state-of-the-art hydraulic system.

The different models in this series are equipped with 175 hp, 195 hp, and 210 hp, respectively. This allows the machines to handle more complex front-loading tasks at no additional stress to the operator. 

When it comes to the engine, the Nemesis is equipped with a powerful Cummins 6.7L diesel engine. 

Overall, these models are designed for rugged operation. 

DeltaTrack (Models: 520DT, 570DT, 610DT)

This model is engineered to set a new standard in the agricultural tractor industry.

It is equipped with a suspended carriage combined with an undercarriage – something uncommon with most tractors. 

Thanks to the interlocking track lugs in the drive wheel, track slippage is a non-issue. 

In addition to this, the model uses a positive drive system that minimizes wear, heat, and most importantly, friction. 

DeltaTrack has a dedicated X15 Cummins Engine that produces a reliable pulling power and torque response. 

The horsepower of the models class is 520, 570, and 610 HP, respectively. 

For most people, the monster-like tractors in this series give off a rugged feel. Yet, they are surprisingly easy to operate. 

There is an 85-square foot wide cab window glass that gives you a broader aerial view of the fields. 

This model is also equipped with a heavy-duty CAT TA22 to powershift transmission that makes it easy to change the gear.

It can cover up to 20.4 mph, allowing you to move smoothly through the fields.

MFWD (Models: 275, 295, 315, 335, and 365)

All the models in this series are powered by a Cummins QSL9 engine with a powerful 16 x 9 powershift transmission that makes gear changing super easy.

The horsepower ratings are 275 hp, 295 hp, 310 hp, 335 hp, and 365 hp respectively. 

Like the previous series, the MFWD models offer a wide view of the fields with a 73-square foot cab window glass.

With this model, you won’t find most of the bells and whistles available in most modern tractors. 

However, it offers superior comfort with its adjustable suspension seat. 

Other remarkable features include LED lighting, power mirrors, and a suspended axle (this is optional on the 275 – 315 models). 

4WD (Models: 405, 460, 430,520, 610)

The 4WD tractors are made for the toughest and most demanding farm jobs and are my personal favorite. 

These have a combination of Cummins engine and CAT strong and powershift transmissions to make them some of the most rugged tractors in the Versatile lineup.

The horsepower available for this class includes 405 hp, 430 hp, 460 hp, 520 hp, 610 hp.

You can choose from the narrow frame with (405 – 460) and the large frame (520 – 610) models.

If you’re like most modern farmers, you’ll likely appreciate the high-resolution monitor. This allows you to program and quickly see the hydraulic settings at a glance.

And as if that’s not enough, the monitors can support up to two external cameras. 

How Affordable are the Versatile Tractors?

Considering the range of features and capabilities of the tractors, it is easy to see that Versatile currently has some of the most affordable tractors in the market. 

But that’s not to say they only make relatively inexpensive machines. 

Instead, the manufacturer offers agricultural tractors at a wide range of prices to suit different budgets.

The more affordable Versatile tractors are priced at around $180,000 while higher-end options can cost up to $600,000 or more. 

Thankfully, the company has financing plans available for farmers on a budget. So, you can choose a payment plan that works for you. 

What is the Warranty for the Versatile Tractors?

The company offers a 2000-hour/2-year warranty on the tractors. 

However, all 2020 models enjoy a 3000-hour warranty. The warranty covers hydraulic components and the powertrain. 

To claim the warranty, all you need to do is produce the details of the purchase and the company’s technicians will take care of your tractor’s maintenance needs. 

General Review of Versatile Tractors 

Overall, users think Versatile tractors are highly affordable compared to similar models from other brands. 

For example, a Versatile model with more functionality is about 30% cheaper than an equivalent Deere model.

Reviews show that most users find Versatile tractors generally simple and easy to use.

It is particularly a favorite among farmers who need a workhorse for massive operation at an affordable price. 

The field cruise is impressive, although you need to be ready for increased fuel consumption, especially with increased load. 

But this is not peculiar with Versatile tractors. 

Many users are happy with the spacious cab. Plus, the seats are comfortable and the sound system makes work a lot more fun. 

Are Versatile Tractors Reliable?

These tractors might have a few downsides but their reliability is never in doubt.

They are designed to be rugged and can handle most things thrown at them. Even the least Versatile tractor won’t break a sweat handling the toughest tasks. 

Some of the models can easily knock out almost 400 hectares of canola. Others can pull a 30-ton capacity chaser bin as if it’s nothing! 

How Durable Are Versatile Tractors?

Versatile did not sacrifice durability in the manufacture of its tractors

Every part can withstand rugged use with little maintenance. 

The suspensions are built to be durable and are less likely to disappoint even with continuous use. 

Most of the tractor models will likely knock out 800 hours in a year.

Now, that’s a lot to expect from an agricultural tractor in this price range. Yet, Versatile tractors will perform excellently every time. 

Are Versatile Tractors Easy to Use?

Versatile make four-wheel-drive tractors with high speed and incredible pulling power. This allows farmers to cover large acres in significantly less time. 

They may be beasts, but they are easy to use, even for first-time tractor users.

In addition to being easy to use, the various functions are positioned for quick and easy access. 

What Are Some of the Downsides of Versatile Tractors?

As efficient as Versatile tractors are, they are not perfect. Many users have experienced a few issues worth noting.

Although aesthetics are not the company’s strong suit, the finish of the tractors can be improved. 

However, this is not a big deal or even a deal-breaker for many people. That’s because the tractors are solely designed for rugged work and not aesthetics. 

Perhaps a more serious issue is with the controls. They are not intuitive so it takes a while to get used to.

Depending on where you live, you might not get a good resale value if you are interested in reselling the tractors. 

That’s mainly because they are not popular in some regions.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a tractor with a noiseless gear transmission, equipped with the best modern facilities but still got that rugged outlook, the Versatile tractor might be the right option for you. 

Buhler Industries is a respected name, so they’ll always stand by their warranty if you ever run into problems. 

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