Are Long Tractors Any Good? (Explained For Beginners)

long tractors good

Long tractors are quite an anomaly in the world of agricultural machinery. Yes, they are some of the oldest around but yet among the least popular. For a tractor manufacturer that started operation in 1948, you may wonder if long tractors are any good?

Long tractors are sturdy and efficient. For what they appear to lack in innovation, they make up for with sturdiness, presenting some of the toughest tractors in the market today. They are comfortable to use, standing out particularly for their lifting capacity. They are also versatile, with their unique affordability allowing you to enjoy the features of a premium tractor for far fewer dollars. 

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Who produces Long tractors and where?

Long tractors borrow their name from the founder of Long Agribusiness, William “Bill” R. Long. Founded in 1941 in North Carolina, this manufacturer rolled out its first tractor in 1948. 

Since then, much has changed. Most Long tractors are built in Romania these days. 

Are Long tractors comfortable to use?

We like how Long tractors hit that delicate balance between safety and comfort. The ergonomic design was optimized for minimal user exertion, with aspects like vibration and controls accessibility improved.

Well, we admit that the space between the fenders and pedals (in the Long tractors we inspected) wasn’t the best we have seen. But then the seats were reasonably adjustable when in use. 

Particularly, Long models like the Long 445 and 350 have impressive user comfort. The power take-off (PTO) facility in models like the Long 445 was vital in manipulating the tractor without your hands. 

Such live PTO functionality hails from the Long 445 fitted with a dual-stage organic plate clutch. The ease of track adjustment is another feature on the Long 445 that props up the user experience. 

The auto-locking shift feature on Long models like the Long 260-C was impressive in switching between transmissions. This feature makes managing the double-speed reverse and 2-range transmission systems easier. 

Are Long tractors compact?

Before now, many users complained about the handicaps they experienced using older Long models in limited spaces. To answer such a need for compactness, Long released the 260-C.

This is the best size-saving tractor in Long’s lineup. From the rear tires’ trailing edge to the front tires’ leading edge, this tractor is barely 9 feet.

This tractor’s width doesn’t exceed 64.4 inches at its most expansive tire configuration. When you keep the tire width setting really low, you can achieve as low as 54.4 inches. 

Several features delicately come together to achieve such compactness. First, the double cylinder engine is not as tall as you see from tractors generally.  

Compared to the eight-track width adjustments we see from its bigger Long siblings, the Long 260-C has just four.

Which type of engines do Long tractors have?

Most of the Long tractors we checked were fitted with Uzina engines. Two especially caught our eyes. These are the Long 460 engine and the Long 360 engine. 

For the 460, Long furnishes this model with a liquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel Uzina engine that deploys a 142.8-cubic-inch piston displacement system. The latter works at a 17:1 compression ratio.

The Long 360 was another utility tractor whose engine design impressed us. This tractor is supplied with a 2.3 L, 142.8 cu·in, 3-cylinder engine that works with naturally aspirated diesel. 

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What lift capacity do Long tractors have?

We couldn’t find fault with the hydraulic system Long tractors operate. Most of the hydraulics on these tractors were fitted with a 5.75 GPM pump.

We majorly saw such hydraulic configurations across the Long 260-C and the Long 460. On the Long 260-C, despite its relatively small build, it could lift as much as 2660 lbs on standard tools. 

This 3-point lift capacity accounted for over 70% of Long 260-C’s shipping weight. The same lift capacity was replicated on the Long 460 model.

What type of transmission do Long tractors have?

We see a notable departure in the transmission design of Long tractors from 1979 upwards. Long models produced before 1979 – specifically the Long 460 models – had two patterns.

They either had triple reverse gears and nine forward gears or double reverse gears and six forward gears. There was a commendable synchronization in shifting between gear 5 and 6 and between gear 2 and 3.

Long overhauled its transmission system design after 1979. After this interval, most of the models, say in the Long 460, had double reverse gears and eight forward gears.

Long models like the 260-Cm 445 and 350 were eminent exceptions to this rule. This category of tractors was fitted with double speed and six forward speed gears.

The synchronization system was also replicated between gears 6 and 5 and gears 3 and 2.

How much do Long tractors cost?

Long tractors feature in the low-to-middle-cost category of tractors in the market today. While the latest Long models can go around $5,000 to $14,000, relatively older models can be obtainable around $1,000 and even lesser.

Do Long tractors have warranty cover?

Long tractors are backed with a 1-year warranty that covers labor and parts. Therefore, for the first twelve months of purchasing your Long tractor, if you experience any malfunction resulting from a manufacturing or craftsmanship defect, you stand to enjoy zero-cost replacement or repairs.

Best Long Tractors Reviews

We tried out quite a few during our exhaustive investigation of Long tractors to have an in-person feel of the user experience. 

Across all units we tried out, we liked the Long 460 and the Long 260-C best. Let us tell you why.

Long 460 tractor

We found the Long 460’s power delivery exciting. This tractor features a 3-cylinder liquid-cooled Uzina engine. This engine is decked with a 142.8-cubic-inch piston displacement system that works at a 17:1 compression ratio.

The speed and torque were impressive. The Long 460 boasts a torque rating of 1500lb-ft while delivering up to 2400 engine rounds/minute. 

Being produced before 1979, this tractor’s transmission system features double reverse gears and six forward gears.

The fluid capacity also doesn’t disappoint. It could hold up to 4.5 lbs of hydraulic fluid, 13.5 lbs of radiator coolant, 8.25 lbs of oil, and 14.25 lbs of gasoline. 

This means you wouldn’t be interrupted with regular refilling breaks on extended operations. 

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Long 260-C tractor

We admit we strongly favor the Long 260-C for its spectacular compactness. This tractor works excellently despite how limited your space is. 

It retains the traditional 95mm x 110mm bore and stroke we see in bigger Long tractors. For the engine, you get a 2-cylinder water-cooled design enhanced with 95 cubic inch displacement. 

Undoubtedly, this is not the largest we have seen but is forgivable for a petite guy like the 260-C. 

The engine speed came at 2400rpm. That is not something we could lament over.

For the transmission system, the Long 260-C retains the build we saw on the 445 and the 350 models. It had two reverse gears and six forward gears. 

It operates a dual-range transmission mechanism, synchronizing gear 3 and 2 (downshifts) and gear 6 and 5.

We also loved the ease of stopping the Long 260-C. This exquisite braking functionality can be traced to the tractor’s dry contracting band brakes. These brakes were not wider than 50mm. 

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