Are White Tractors Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

White Tractors Good

White produced tractors include agricultural machineries such as lawn tractors, corn planters, and more.

These machines are highly competitive in the planter industry. 

White tractors are strong and versatile products from the AGCO brand. The brand’s machines are great for conservation and conventional planting. They are easy to use and attach easily to various pieces of farm equipment.

Who Makes White tractors?

The history of White Tractors is traceable to the White Motor Company. 

It ventured into the agriculture market in the early 1960s with the purchase of three companies, namely the Oliver, Cockshutt, and Minneapolis-Moline companies. 

Shortly after, it merged the three companies to form the White Farm Equipment, and eventually transformed into the White brand in 1975. 

In addition to tractors, White produced other farm equipment. 

In some cases, some of the machines were made by outside manufacturers. But they all complied with White’s specifications. 

White has had a long and enviable history, but it is now an AGCO brand.

Are White Tractors Reliable?

Here’s something to keep in mind. 

AGCO doesn’t make new White tractors anymore. Still, the available machines are quite reliable. 

The tractors all come with robust engines, and many of the models feature bullet-proof transmission.

You are less likely to spend too much money on diesel, thanks to the incredible fuel economy

Users who have used these tractors for a long time say the machines don’t disappoint. 

They are designed to be excellent pullers and can handle just about everything thrown at them without breaking a sweat. 

Many users who have about 2000 hours on their White tractor models say the machines are well worth the money.

In a nutshell, White tractors are as reliable as they come.

So you can be sure that these machines will serve you diligently for many years to come.

And when it comes time to make repairs, the parts are readily available.

Are White Tractors Easy to Use?

AGCO makes one of the most versatile and easy-to-use tractors. 

The various models are a top choice for farmers because they are compatible with a series of front and rear implements. 

It was a great puller that handled everything thrown at it with ease, affirmed a user. 

According to an excited user as well: I have 2000 hours on it, and it is well worth the money. 

Are White Tractors Expensive?

White is not an expensive brand. Most of the tractors are affordable, yet they are reliable and strong farm tractors

In fact, like most users, you will likely be wowed by the durability and ruggedness of these tractors, even though they are considerably cheaper.

You can get a used White 2-150 Tractor for about $28,000. This is a reasonable price considering the series of top features and impressive accessories packed in the model. 

And that’s not even the lowest price for these machines.

The White 2-135 is priced at $12,500. You might even be lucky and find models offered for less than $10,000. 

The best part is that you can get financing for many of these tractors. 

What is the Warranty of White Tractors?

The AGCO brand offers a warranty in the form of an ESC plan. In addition to this, all the products are backed by a two-year factory warranty. 

The ESC plan offers a range of benefits like flexible coverage. 

Besides, the plan covers both new and old equipment. 

General Review on White Tractor Series

White Tractors have been around for a long time, so it’s easy to get a near-accurate feel of what customers and users think about the machines.

Fortunately, most people had good things to say about White tractors. 

Users say the tractors don’t disappoint even when they put them to challenging tasks such as pulling minimum tillage and grain trucks.

Another strong point of the tractors is their fuel-saving capability. 

Although you are most likely to find used White tractors, they still have incredible fuel-saving. 

What Are the Downsides of White Tractors?

Like many other tractors brands, White produced tractors have a few pitfalls.

Although most of the products are impressive and highly rated, users have a handful of complaints. 

Notable among the issues raised is the steering feel of the White 145. 

In a few cases, users find that it doesn’t steer tightly. Thankfully, this is not a deal-breaker for most users. 

Other minor hiccups include a lack of air ride seats and occasional faulty air conditioning. 

Types and Features of White Tractors 

White tractors are available in various models. All the tractors come with an incredible horsepower rating and a giant cumin engine backing. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the features of a few popular models.

White 6810 Tractor

A solid turbocharged Cummins 5.9l diesel engine powers this model. As a result, it delivers up to 95.93 horsepower at an impressive speed of 2200 rpm.

The utility tractor features hydraulic wet brakes and power steering. With a weight of 9000 pounds, the machine is capable of performing various farm tasks effortlessly. 

White 6810 has a Quadrashift transmission with 32 reverse and forward gears. With a compression ratio of 17:4:1, you can expect nothing but optimum performance. 

Other tractors in the 6000 series are White 6145, White 6410, White 100, and White 6510 among others. 

White LT 1850 Lawn Tractor

This model is a good choice for people who want a tractor for simple, non-laborious work. 

It is engineered with a horsepower of 18 and is powered by a gasoline engine from Briggs & Stratton. 

This tractor features a 2-cylinder engine in the V-Twin vertical design. 

You get hydraulic transmission, disc brakes, and a four-by-two 2WD system. 

A belt-driven hydrostatic transmission gives infinite reverse and forward gears. 

It comes with attachments like a blade, snow blower, mid-mount mower deck, and more. 

Other tractors in the LT series include LT 1800, LT 1855, LT 1855H, LT 2150, LT 2200, and more.

White 2-60 Utility Tractor 

Built with a horsepower of 53.16, the White 2-60 Utility Tractor is one of the top models from the AGCO brand equipped with many impressive features. 

In other words, the tractor can handle almost everything you throw at it. 

The model features a Fiat diesel four-cylinder engine with power rated at 2400 pm. 

It has eight forward and two reverse gears. This makes it remarkably easy to operate on the field. 

The White 2-60 model comes with independent dry contracting brakes and a power assist steering. Maneuvering this machine is quite effortless.

White 1370 Utility Tractor 

The White 1370 is another strong and reliable tractor in the White Tractor lineup. 

It is a wise choice for farmers and light construction workers. 

This tractor can deliver up to 59 horsepower, thanks to the Fiat diesel, 4-cylinder engine.

The engine delivers 2400 rpm. 

When it comes to the wheel drive, you have two options: the 4-by-2 2WD or 4-by-4 4WD. 

Similar to the White 2-60 Utility Tractor, the White 1370 also has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.


If you need a reliable tractor at an affordable price, you might want to consider any of the White tractor models.

Although there are no new models on the market, these tractors are among the strongest and reliable farm machinery you can find. 

They are built to last for a long time. And to make them even more desirable, the warranty period is quite impressive.


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