4 Problems With Rural King Tractors (#2 is the Most Annoying)

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For more than five decades, Rural King Tractors have been supplying the public with products they can trust. If you have been looking for a new tractor, the Rural King Tractor brand has likely popped up on your radar. 

In our experience, these tractors are affordable, reliable, and made by a team with a strong commitment to excellence. Yet, as is the case with many things, Rural King Tractors have experienced their fair share of problems over the years. 

It’s crucial to identify what common problems are seen with Rural King Tractors so that you have a better understanding of the brand and if its tractors are suited to your needs and wants.

It won’t be beneficial to buy a tractor that gives you problems or that makes your life difficult. It’s our hope that this article will help you glean if Rural King Tractors meet your expectations. 

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Who Makes Rural King Tractors?

Rural King tractor is a product of TYM, one of the biggest tractor manufacturers located in South Korea. They also sell tractors in the United States under a different brand. 

The engines are made manufactured by Yanmar and Deutz, while the final assembly happens at Willston, Florida, and Waverly, Ohio. 

RK tractor from King Kutter 3-Pt has its equipment manufactured in Winfield. Titan International, a Midwest-based company, also makes wheels and tires.

4 Most Common Problems Seen With Rural King Tractors

Scouring the internet for problems with a tractor before you buy it can be tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating. 

To streamline the complex buying process for you, we have listed a few of the most common problems seen with Rural King Tractors. 

1. Failed Transmission Pumps

Problems with a tractor transmission pump can cause many mechanical issues. For example, if a tractor transmission pump fails, you will have problems changing gears as they will begin to slip. 

This means that while you’re driving your tractor, you will have difficulty keeping it in gear. For example, you could be driving in second gear, and then it will slip to third or fourth, which can disrupt your workflow and cause accidents. It can also cause other parts of your tractor’s transmission system to sustain damage. 

Additionally, if a transmission pump fails, a tractor’s sprockets and gears will not be properly lubricated, a check engine light can become illuminated, and fluid will stop circulating in the transmission properly. 

With Rural King tractors, a few models have experienced failed transmission systems. Some of the Rural King tractors have had their entire transmission system break, while others have had singular parts like the transmission pump fail. 

With a failed transmission pump, a tractor cannot be driven, and this has caused many problems for owners who need to use their tractors regularly. 

2. Problems With Corroded Wiring

When you own a tractor that experiences corroded wiring issues, you can encounter many problems that you likely want to avoid at all costs. For example, corroded wiring can lead to electrical fires, which can cause damage to your tractor and jeopardize your safety. 

Additionally, corroded wiring can lead to voltage and current flow degradation, which can cause sensors to detect faults that are non-existent. This can cost you large sums of money as you try to fix issues like system fault errors that are not real.

Unfortunately, a few Rural King Tractor owners have reported finding corroded wiring in the dash of their tractors. Others have stated that corroded wiring has caused their tractors to enter into regeneration and limp mode unnecessarily. 

Moreover, a few customers have complained that corroded wiring is a recurring issue that has kept happening even after a Rural King repairman has attended to the problem. 

3. Issues Sourcing Replacement Parts

Over the years, there have been many tractor brands that have not been popular enough to stay in business.

These tractor brands sold many different models, and once they closed down, the people who bought tractors from them could not find replacement parts when their tractors broke. 

One of the biggest concerns with Rural King Tractors is parts replacement. Although the company does not appear to be at risk of closing, they don’t have many readily available parts like other brands.

Many Rural King tractors that have broken are out of commission for a while, while customers and dealerships source parts that have to often be imported. 

Should Rural King Tractors ever go out of business, customers could find it incredibly difficult to source replacement parts as not many dealers will stock them or manufacture them.

Although unlikely, this could lead to a Rural Tractor becoming nothing more than a lawn ornament in the future. 

4. Construction problems

It’s unlikely that you want to purchase a tractor that experiences construction problems. Often tractors are an investment as not many have large sums of money to spend on a tractor that isn’t going to have a long lifespan. 

A few Rural King customers have encountered construction problems with a few tractor models. Specifically, a few Rural King Tractors have had their tillers broken after the first use, and some have had their steering completely fail while driving. 

What Do Rural King Tractors Do Right?

It’s only fair that since we had a look into the common problems seen with Rural King Tractors, we also have a look at what this brand does right. Fortunately, there are many things this brand does well that make them worth considering despite their problems. 

Yet, ultimately it is up to you to determine if the positives outweigh the negatives. Without further ado, let’s delve into what this brand has perfected in its more than five decades in business. 

  • Comes with many accessories: Unlike other tractor brands, Rural King offers customers many accessories as standard features that others will make you buy as additional equipment. For example, when you purchase a rural king tractor, you will receive work lights, draft control, rear remotes, and audio systems. 
  • Family-owned and operated: Not many tractor brands can still say they are still family-owned and operated, but Rural King Tractors can. This brand has a more committed approach to customer service and tractor design and manufacturing because they are family-owned and operated. 
  • Industry-leading warranties: It’s crucial to choose a brand that sells tractors with warranties. Rural King Tractors offers an industry-leading 8-year limited powertrain warranty and a 5-year limited powertrain (74HP) warranty. 
  • Affordable models: Not many can contest that Rural King tractors are incredibly affordable. This company manufactures tractors that are far more affordable than many competitor brands. It will cost you almost a fraction of the price you would pay for the more popular brands, but you won’t compromise quality in most instances. 

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What Do Reviewers Think Of Rural King Tractors?

Although there are many positive reviews surrounding Rural King Tractors, some customers have not been too pleased with their tractors. We searched the internet to provide you with a few reviews detailing some of the negative issues customers have had to contend with.

One customer stated that they had issues with obtaining parts for their Rural King tractor. They said:

“Rural King falsely advertises. I am approaching one month of my RK24 tractor being held at a store for repairs. The part took two weeks, not “days” as they falsely advertise, to source the parts needed. Additionally, it has taken the repair person seven days to install a simple transmission case.”

Another Rural Kings tractor client has found the repairs process tedious and disappointing. They had this to say about their experience: 

“Rural King took our tractor over three months ago to perform repairs that were under warranty. We have gotten every excuse. We were supposed to have it by today after making complaints about it being late for three months. I am beyond frustrated and tired of asking for updates on the tractor. It is like they stole it!”

How Much Do Rural King Tractors Cost?

YearModel Price
2021Rural King RK37S$22,999
2020Rural King RK24H$14,999
2019Rural King RK24$8,300
2018Rural King RK24$10,700

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