Are TYM Tractors Good Quality? (Explained)

TYM Tractors Good

From a tiny manufacturer that started operating in 1951, TYM (Tong Yang Moolsan) has grown into one of the largest international tractor producers today in the agricultural machinery space.

Meteoric would be the proper adjective for the rise of Tym tractors, but even at that, it is worth asking, “are TYM tractors any good?”

TYM tractors are impressively streamlined to the specific needs of mechanized farming. Their broad range of tractors – ranging from 25hp to 100hp – is flexible, sturdy, and loaded with innovative technologies that simplify operation. What is more, these tractors feature an eyecatching design, with TYM’s signature sharp red color distinguishing them.  

Who Makes TYM Tractors and where?

TYM tractors are manufactured in Seoul, South Korea, by Tong Yang Moolsan. This advanced engineering company has over 70 years of experience in the agricultural industry, rolling out tens of thousands of tractors annually.

While the company became operational in 1951, it was not until 2004 that it penetrated the American market. This manufacturer would consolidate its stake in the North American market with the acquisition of Branson tractors in 2016.

Even now, the majority of TYM tractors are produced and assembled in South Korean manufacturing plants spread across Gunsan and Yangpyeong-Dong. From there, they are distributed through the United States through an extensive network of dealers.

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What type of engines do TYM tractors have?

The latest TYM tractors are made from powerful Tier-4 certified 4-cylinder engines. These engines are specially optimized for reduced noisiness in operation, with an enhanced torque output, even with lesser revs. 

They boast a more environmentally friendly design, with well-reduced emissions. These engines satisfy internationally recognized emission standards like the EU Stage ll/lllA.

Simplified maintenance is a standout strength of TYM tractor engines. First, they don’t need particulate filters. Also, these tractors are specially constructed that if you need to check the engine, you only need to lift a one-piece bonnet, and there you are at the engine. 

What transmission type do TYM tractors have?

Most TYM tractors we checked out were fitted with hydrostatic or Synchro-Shift transmission. Comparatively, the hydrostatic transmission system was predominant. 

Such responsive hydrostatic provided an infinitely variable speed drive, greatly improving the smoothness of the drive for operators from the powered steering wheel to the reverse and forward pedal.

Models like TYM T1003 come with 32-speed reverse and 32-speed forward transmissions.

Each of these ranges is furnished with electronic speed control (high/low) and four synchro gears. Double electronic buttons stationed on the gear stick’s side trigger the high/low splitter option.

What type of hydraulics do TYM tractors have?

TYM tractors commonly have a pump capacity of 13.1/49.6, a steering pump output of 4.7/17.7, and an implement pump output of 8.4/31.9.

Our investigation shows that a dual gear pump powers these tractors’ hydraulic systems. This pump can deliver an oil flow up to 88L/min.

The linkage system in these tractors is also worth commending. Notably, we were impressed by the Category ll three-point linkage system most of these tractors have. 

Three critical components are deserving of mention in this 3-point linkage system. These are the soft ride, headland management model, and extra-low drop. 

The soft ride feature is a lovely hydraulic accumulator stationed on the linkage rams. This wonderfully cushions the ride, improving the operator experience, especially in uneven terrains.

Then comes the extra-low drop the linkage age is decked with. This improves picking up implements, especially tools at ground level.  

This linkage model is notably girded with hook-ends. This facilitates the process of hitching up equipment. What is more, the linkage can be externally operated (out of the cab) via the rear mudguard’s buttons. 

What type of PTO do TYM tractors have?

Most of the TYM tractors we came across had independent PTO systems. Consequently, the TYM tractors’ PTO shaft is controllable via a separate clutch. 

Like what is obtainable from a live clutch, the independent PTO in TYM tractors gives the operator overwhelming control, making the tractor easier to manipulate. 

How much do TYM tractors cost?

The cost of TYM tractors understandably varies with the sophistication and features it packs. On the lower end, you can get TYM tractors like the TYM T264 for around $13,650. 

Senior TYM models like the T39HST-TL, which can deliver up to 40hp, cost well above $20,000. Well, if you are looking for the latest Series 6 TYM tractors, you could be spending around $40-$50k, depending on the dealer.

What type of warranty do TYM tractors have?

It is easy falling in love with TYM’s warranty coverage. There is an attractive bumper-to-bumper warranty policy that covers TYM tractors. 

This lasts up to 3 years (varying with the unique dealer agreement you had and the site conditions where the tractor was used). 

After that third year, TYM dealers will cover labor and part replacement costs for your tractors up to the sixth year of purchase. 

But here is one more goody for you. TYM tractors are furnished with exclusive 3,000-hours warranty coverage for your powertrain. 

Best TYM Tractor Reviews

Here, we will tell you about the best TYM tractors we tried out. For us, the T474C Series 3 and the T224 Series 1 tractors stood out. Here is why. 

T474C Series 3 

Let us start talking about our admiration for this tractor from its engine design. This tractor features a 4-cylinder Kukje engine with exceptional output (for a diesel-powered compact model). 

We must also commend the efficiency and durable build of the engine body. This made it absolutely befitting for medium-intensity deployments.

The hitch lift capacity was also impressive. Boasting as much as 2688.8 lb, we couldn’t complain about this compact tractor not carrying enough.

When we used this tractor on rugged terrains, our operation was smooth. Aside from the vibrations being suppressed, this tractor was elevated from the ground. Such clearance was critical to our user experience in such terrains. 

And to further bolster versatility, TYM equipped this tractor with a foldable ROPS. This means you have a tractor eager to drive out and work in all seasons of the year.

And yes, it was durable. It is generally built from lasting cast iron linkages. The sturdy design of such linkages made operating the hydrostatic controls easier while amplifying productivity.

T224 Series 1

This is one of the best sub-compact tractors we came across in TYM’s collection. We admired this tractor’s flexibility, yet it doesn’t sacrifice sturdiness or functionality. 

We loved how maneuverable this tractor was. Its seamless hydrostatic steering controls ensured that the operator needed minimal technical experience to maximize engine speed and tractor direction.

Unlike many others, this tractor comes with a dedicated PTO lever. This was handy in managing speed while giving us improved reign over the direction of our accessories. 

We also appreciated the ergonomic design of this tractor. If you are keen on visibility, then you would drool about the spacious operator cabin this sub-compact tractor brandishes. 

Aside from giving you an expansive view, such spaciousness allows you to comfortably position your legs and more freedom for body movement in the tractor.

We didn’t have to stretch too far to reach the necessary controls. Most of them (particularly the dial) were readily reachable with our arms. 

This made it easier to manage the mid-mount accessories, especially determining our preferred cutting height.

On the cabin floor, we didn’t have issues reaching the parking brake, differential lock, brake pedal, or accelerator. 


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