6 Problems with Deutz Tractors (#1 is the Most Annoying)

Deutz Fahr tractors problems

A farmer requires an effective tractor like a bus driver needs a bus. Without a proper tractor, it can be quite hard to get work done on a medium or large farm. Even small farms need a small tractor to carry out specific operations. 

Deutz tractors are on a comeback, and farmers like me are quite thrilled about this outcome. However, like any other piece of machinery, specific problems plague the Deutz tractors. For example, faulty fuel sensors, failing 4W Switch, bad front diff, and other issues. 

Let’s look at some of the common Deutz tractor problems that you should know.

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1. Faulty Fuel Sensors

I know of a fellow farmer who bought a brand new Deutz Fahr 5115.4G tractor. He began experiencing issues with a faulty fuel sensor from the first day. This made it quite hard for him because the gauge kept changing positions. 

Another issue was wrong readings because of the faulty fuel gauge. Most of the time, he’d be cursing hard out in the fields, having run out of fuel while the gauge reads its half full. The faulty fuel sensors are one of his biggest frustrations with Deutz tractors. 

2. Failing 4W Switch

Another problem with Deutz tractors is a failing 4W switch. This causes the front drive shaft of the new tractor to bind up. The problem is the bound shaft smashing the sump on the engine. Its nuts set on the right-hand front planetary may come loose. 

As a result, the tractor can dump the oil in the field. Such a leak can have severe effects on the crops or soil and impact the tractor’s function. 

3. Bad Front Diff

Every tractor has a front diff that works with the wheels. It guides the front wheels to move faster than the rear ones. But, in areas with low traction, the same front diff allows one of the wheels to slip to lower traction. 

If the front diff fails, the wheel mechanism can’t operate as smoothly on the field or road. Movement between the front and rear wheels gets affected, so you have to ground the tractor. Also, it becomes an issue in low traction areas when you can’t allow one of the wheels to slip. 

4. Failed Transmission

Another issue that Deutz tractors face is a failing transmission. Even before the time to service the tractor comes, the transmission can cease to work. 

It’s not quite right to start changing oils and air filters for the tractor before it’s time for service. But, in some Deutz tractors, this is an issue that farmers face. They find themselves requiring transmission repairs at times when they need to be out in the field. 

5. Fuel System

Imagine facing a failing fuel system in the middle of planting season if all the issues above aren’t enough. After some time, the Deutz tractors experience poor performance due to failing fuel systems.  

When this happens, it hinders the tractor’s effectiveness. If not resolved, the tractor will start moving slower than a tortoise. Poor performance can impact deadlines on a farm. 

6. Drained Battery

Imagine charging your car battery every time you want to use it. I understand the battery draining because the car doesn’t move for some time. But, each time I want to use the tractor, I have to charge the battery. 

I’ve been experiencing the electrical issue with the Deutz tractor for some time now. My main issue is material build-up on the battery, meaning I have to check and clean the posts almost daily.

Thankfully, I want the manufacturer to handle some of these issues with the warranty. 

With these faults, it’s clear there are some points one must consider before purchasing a Deutz tractor. 

Are Deutz Tractors Any Good?

Despite experiencing some issues, the Deutz tractors are ideal for a farm. Deutz Fahr 6140, for example, is a heavy-duty engine tractor. It’s quite ideal for a large-scale farmer with much ground to cover, which demands power and efficiency.

Thanks to the new steel crankshafts and extendable liners, the tractor has a better balance. The outcome is a general increase in performance, especially when operating a front-end loader. The tractor is quite well-designed and suited for these front-end loaders. 

It has a power shift transmission, making the changes between the 5-speed gearbox smooth even when the tractor is new. I get a low/med/high speed, which benefits tractor performance in terms of speed.  I have 30 front gears, and 30 reverse since the tractor comes with two ranges. 

Who Makes Deutz Tractors?

Deutz AG is in charge of making the tractor engines. The company originated back in 1864. It was founded by Eugen Langen and Nicolaus Otto. Otto is the inventor of the four-stroke combustion engine. 

Instead of making the entire tractor, Deutz AG only concentrated on making the engine. This has been the case since 2007 when they sold their ‘Deutz Power Systems’ division to 3i. The company makes 4 to 500 kW power engines that use water, air, and oil cooling. 

The engines have a life expectancy of 20000 to 30000 running hours and can fit on new or refurbished tractors. The best among them are oil-cooled engines that work in many environments. These won’t freeze or boil over easily as the tractor operates.

What Do I Need to Know before Buying a Deutz Tractor?

Before taking the plunge and purchasing that first tractor for the farm, it’s best to keep a few things in mind. 

The Size

Do you need a large tractor or a smaller one? The size of the tractor means its weight and horsepower.

These features affect its ability to perform effectively and give you the desired results. Also, keep in mind the work you intend to do with the tractor. Deutz tractors come in all sizes, from the Agroplus series to the 9 Series (Tier 3A). 

The Transmission

Before purchasing a tractor, I always consider the transmission I need at that time.

With most Deutz tractors, one can get two transmission types: shuttle shift and hydrostatic. The hydrostatic is quite efficient in speeding since it allows the engine to adapt. As for the shuttle shift, it helps the tractor maintain a constant speed. 


Do you intent to connect a piece of machinery to the tractor? Well, you need a hitch. One of the best that I like is the three-point hitch. It comes with a hydraulic lift that makes it easy to lift or lower attached machinery on the Deutz tractor.

Final Takeaway

Deutz tractors are pretty effective and can serve a farmer for a long time. But, it would be quite naïve to think they came without any faults. I experienced issues with my new tractor on day one at the farm. 

That’s why it’s better to note the problems one might face when they get a Deutz tractor. Above are six main problems that can affect this brand. 

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